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By | March 20, 2016

How to Read Tarot Cards The Meaning of the Knights of Cups Tarot Card

Hi. This is Anubha Gupta and on behalf of Expert Village I'll be talking about the Knight of Cups. As you can see there is a horse again. The horse always shows travelling. This person is sitting there. He is a very good looking, charming person and he has emotion in his hand. That shows that there is some emotion entering in your life. If you are not married, there is some kind of a person who come into your life who makes you enjoy and see every aspect of life. The delusion level is there in the water, so you are not sure whether.

You want to commit or not. Married or unmarried, there can be a friendship entering in your life, but again this person has to travel and come back to you. It just doesn't mean that there's somebody that you already know comes back in your life, that doesn't happen. This card is related to your finances. If you are questioning the card whether you are going to be getting the finance or not, this will only say that there can be some win fall gain that comes but that win fall gain is of emotions and not of money.

How to Read Tarot Cards Where To Buy Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and representing expertvillage. In this section we would go into finding a tarot deck. If you live in the Hollywood area there are a number there are a number of psychics shops and in do way shops that you could go to such as the Psychic Eye and Panpipes here in Hollywood. If you do not live in the major metropolitan areas perhaps the best idea for you is go through a catalogs or do a Internet search. Some Internet sites which also have catalogs are as you as you green. Com which has a number of different.

Tarot Cards the Golden Age Church The Voyager Tarot Deck Part 2

My name is Arianah Bialon. I'm a minister. I'm a healer. I'm a channel. I'm an animal communicator and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Again in worlds youre working in manifesting your life situation currently. We have chosen the Eight of Worlds. The Eight of Worlds is, eight is always as above so below. It is that connection to your higher self to what your higher self wants to manifest here on the earth plane. This particular speaks of change. It also shows the planet earth. It also shows Jupiter and Saturn in this one.

Tarot Cards the Golden Age Church What is Animal Whispering

My name is Arianah Bialon. I'm a minister, I'm a healer, I'm a channel, and an animal communicator, and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Animal communication came to me, kind of sought me out, my first experience was with an Orca whale, which really is the largest dolphin in the world, in SeaWorld in Florida. And this particular Orca had lost its mate and was grieving, and was very, very sad, and started telepathically communicating with me. I was really surprised to receive the communicationI wasn't expecting it at.

All, and I lingered there as long as I could, trying to communicate to this beautiful, beautiful Orca thatall the love and all the abundance of the universe that it would be brought another mate that it could be within its enclosure. Normally, dolphins and whales don't have as long of a lifetime when they're kept in an enclosure, or in a cement tank, as they do out in nature and in the wild, so their lifespan shortens considerably. But that was the first event that drew me into animal communication. From there, I began to work with dolphins.

On a regular basis, and Brookfield Zoo, and SeaWorld in California, SeaWorld in Florida, and it developed into more and more communication with the dolphins to a point where I finally went on a journey to the Bahamas, so that I could go to a research facility and see dolphins in the wild, and communicate with them there. I continued receiving messages for over fifteen years or more I continued working just with dolphins and whales, and in the last several years have brought in to help people with their horses, their dogs,.

And sometimes even their birds. Many different animals are communicating with me, and it's been very helpful to the owners, especially of pets that they have difficulties with, or challenges with. And it's been very rewarding to work with both the people and their animals, because I find there is a direct connection between the two of them. The animals usually take on a lot of the emotional healing for the people that they have as their owners, and they try to transmute as much of that emotional healing as they can for these people,.

OSHO Zennis MV

OSHO OSHO Zennis So, tennis is a competitive game in the world and mostly what happens is that there is a lot of focus on the winning. And the winning feels good and if we go deeper behind why this winning feels good, we discover that this is an ego gratification. And it just feels good, there is a expansion in one sense..may be not in a real sense, but, that sense of who we are gets bigger. When we win, we have control over somebody else. So..I think there is some intrinsic shortterm gratification in that.

And, so that's what tennis is.and people have a lovehate relationship with this concept, because, the love side is this expansion feels so good, at least on a shortterm. And, then the downside is that when we lose, it's a very painful experience. So, to me.I call this a.this lovehate relationship, that I see with competition in tennis, let alone competition in general. and tennis in particular. And so, how do we make this transition to Zennis, for me, is that. somehow there's some awareness that this winning and losing is very temporary.

It gives really no.it is something greater. The joy of winning. which is together with the pain of defeat. that there is something beyond that, that is really more valuable. It's almost like in the spiritual journey where no one really stops in the journey.and this is some dissatisfaction with the outer. with the outer. Right, so.there has to be some pain, some awareness of pain and so, to me this is where Zennis begins. And, you know what. everybody feels pain. We are in a competition.I, very rarely, find players who are.

Who don't feel the pain of losing ore failure.of this tension and tightness in the body. So, that fear is there. So, once that awareness is there, to me, they are ready to play Zennis. So, what Zennis becomes then, is the pursuit.or not the pursuit, but, perhaps. the exploration of something a lot deeper that can give something more valuable. And, what is more valuable The ability to live life without fear.the ability to play without fear. That's what ultimately relaxation is. to play relaxed. So, if you say that the goal of tennis is to win, then I'd like to say that the goal of Zennis is to play without fear.

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