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By | March 20, 2016

Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Ah, Virgo and Capricorn in love. These two Earth signs can make a really good match, and definitely a longterm, committed one, since neither of these is really the type for a fling, and they might take their time about falling in love and deciding to take the relationship to the next level. These are both somewhat traditional signs, a bit reserved, and they just aren't the type to jump into something heartfirst. Passion just isn't what defines these signs. They're more about being grounded, and hardworking, and dependable. And you might think that sounds a little bit dull, and maybe it is, but it's.

Perfect for a marriage or coparenting or any other committed relationship. Besides, there are some good sexual sparks that come with this pairing. Earth signs are very physical, very tactile, so they're sensualists even Capricorn, which has the reputation of being too busy and careeroriented to make much time for lovemaking. And Virgo, too that prudish reputation that comes from being the sign of the Virgin, it isn't entirely deserved! In a loving, committed relationship built on trust, Virgo can definitely let its hair down. Just think of the movie The Graduate Dustin Hoffman was the nave, inexperienced.

Kid, the recent college grad, so he was the Virgo character, and Mrs. Robinson was the Capricorn character you know, since Capricorns get better with age. Need I say more Yeah, these two are going to be very traditional together they'll make a fiveyear plan for buying their starter home together, they'll have children and raise them in a strict but loving household, they'll have rules and routines that they both stick to no matter what. A very structured lifestyle. And it works for both of them. Capricorn is kind of the.

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Ah, one of my alltime favorite AquariusPisces couples is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. What an incredible couple! And what a love story! So Paul was a true Aquarian he founded his Newman's Own company and gave all its profits to charities, and he also founded a center for the prevention of drug abuse after his son died tragically of a drug overdose in the '70s. And he and Joanne started a camp where kids who are seriously ill can go for free so he was a true philanthropist, which is a really Aquarian trait. And Joanne,.

She's a Pisces, so it's no wonder she wanted to help sick children, too Pisces is a really compassionate sign, and really just wants to help others and heal others and make life better and easier for people who are disadvantaged in any way. I'm sure this is a quality that Paul Newman was really attracted to in Joanne, because it's a trait that goes really well with that Aquarian philanthropy. Both of these signs want to make the world a better place, they just come at it from different angles. Pisces is the much more.

Feeling, intuitive, nurturing one of these two signs, while Aquarius is the more innovative, progressive one the one who really takes action. And Aquarius may not be nearly as emotionally expressive or attuned as Pisces, but it's a very loyal, devoted sign in love, which is very important for sensitive Pisces. Plus, these two signs are right next to each other in the Zodiac, so they tend to have a strong sexual connection and that's always a good thing in romance! So these two actually do make a pretty good couple in a.

Free Daily Oracle Card Reading for Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey beautiful souls! I'm Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes and this is your daily oracle for Wednesday June 11th 2014. I'm using the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck written and illustrated by Kim Dreyer and published by US Game Systems Incorporated. So let's see what your card has to say. Okay, and the card we have says, At days rest. Pretty selfexplanatory, right Today's been a rough day. It's been a rough week. Your kids have gotten out of school. Many of them have graduated. Now they're home all the time,.

And you may be home all the time. So you're finding that you're being stretched in different areas of your life right now. This card is telling you that you're working hard. There's a lot of changes going on and tonight is a time for you to simply rest. Resting simply means that you're not working as much. So instead of putting a lot of time into dinner for the family, maybe you want to order a pizza tonight. Keep it simple. Instead a doing a lot of chores when you get home,.

Maybe it's good to just put the family together in the living area and watch TV together. Maybe watch a Disney movie or something that makes ya feel good. So leave your problems at the door. Do not bring them into your area this evening. Because your mind needs a break from from problemsolving. Apparently my mouth needs a break from talking, right giggle I couldn't even say that right. But anyhow your mind needs a break from problemsolving. And your body needs a break from running around. So tonight is a night of rest. So make sure that you.

Reward yourself and your family for all your hard work with a night of rest. The affirmation on the bottom of this card says, I find peace in nature and rest my body and mind in order to connect to Spirit. So there's another idea for you. Maybe you and your family can go outside and look at the stars. Maybe could spend time in nature. Have a picnic. Ride your bikes. Do something fun. So that is your daily oracle for Wednesday, June 11th 2014. If you found this tutorial helpful please remember to LIKE it,.

Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Okay, the number one GeminiSagittarius couple in my book is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. What a fascinating couple am I right I mean, love them or hate them, they're just really interesting. Angelina, the Gemini she used to be such a wild child. I mean, remember when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton And they supposedly kept, like, vials of each other's blood on chains around their necks ugh. Such dramatics. Ridiculous. But that's very Gemini, to dabble in a variety of things, try on lots of different personas to see what.

Fits. And then she supposedly stole Brad away from Jennifer Aniston also very Gemini they sometimes just.toss the rules out the window, you know They're playful and flirtatious, and they don't necessarily have a lot of respect for other people's rules or boundaries even the boundary of he was married to Jennifer Aniston. Yeah. So anyway Brad's the Sag in this pairing, and he is such a Sag he seems so idealistic and optimistic and adventurous, and he probably saw falling in love with this gorgeous, fascinating, strange woman as the.

Ultimate adventure. And of course they haven't yet married, even after, what, six kids together Or wait have they married I've heard both. They definitely love keeping everyone guessing. It's probably all a big joke to them. Plus, they've said several times in interviews that they wouldn't get married until gay marriage was legalized and I'm guessing that came from Brad, since Sagittarians have very strong principles. They're all about what's fair and right and true. But I'm guessing there's a good bit of friction between these two behind the scenes, since Gemini and Sag are opposite signs in the Zodiac. That means.

They have a lot of complementary qualities to offer each other, but that's if they can appreciate their differences and make some real compromises. But, we all know opposites definitely attract. So with this pairing, you know, when it's good, it's really good, but when it's not, it can be just awful. But it really does seem like Brangelina have made it work. I mean, both Gemini and Sagittarius love to travel they love variety and they both love kids. These are two very youngatheart signs. And these are exactly the things this.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Two Pisces in love okay, this is kind of a funny one. Let me tell you about my cousin Jan she's a surfer, and she's actually always reminded me of a mermaid for some reason and her husband Walter, who's a fisherman. I mean, what could be more perfect Pisces is a Water sign and it's the sign of two fish, so most Pisces are happiest if they can live near water. And Jenny and Walt, they pretty much live in the water. Of course, they do eat a lot of fish, so, I don't know does that make them cannibals I'm not sure about.

That one. Probably best not to look too deeply into it! Also, Pisces is known as the sign of drugs, and don't tell my aunt and uncle, but I'm pretty sure they were on something at their wedding. I mean, oh my gosh they were both just in lalaland! Of course, that's the way Pisces is a lot of the time, no drugs required. This sign just lives in an alternate reality a pretty, frilly, romantic, filmy, hazy reality of their own creation. So you can see why two Pisces in love would make a really incredible emotional connection,.

But as far as a longterm, daytoday relationship goes not so much, you know what I mean I mean, someone has to pay the bills! Someone has to make sure the sweet little fishies in the aquarium get fed! Two Pisces together just aren't very practical, which makes the daily stresses of a longterm relationship pretty tough to manage. And this sign is all about escapism, so two Pisces together are a lot more likely to escape into whatever hours of TV watching or lovemaking or, I don't know how Jenny and Walt spend their.

Astrology forecasts for Capricorn in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Capricorn and Capricorn rising. Let's analyze how the energies in 2015 will influence your love life and your relationships. Yes, when looking at the year, we could see that some periods will be especially significant for you. In January, the full moon occurring in your opposite sign will lead you to take radical decisions in your relationships. Between January 5th and 20th, especially pull our focus. The strong angle between Uranus and Pluto cause you to experience pressure emotionally. However, if you have had irreconcilable differences, or problematic relationships that make you unhappy, you may be decisive in bringing change during.

This full moon. Of course, when discussing new relationships and new introductions, you may experience sudden progress during this period. Between March 17th and April 12th, Venus will continue in Taurus, supporting you with your love life. While your social life is enlivening, exciting meetings may take place. Romance may increase in existing relationships, intensifying emotional exchange. Thus, you may be quite satisfied from life and be happy. Especially March 22nd, 23rd 24th are special days for you. April 1st 2nd and April 11th 12th are also special dates. You may show.

Affection to a person of interest, you may face a proposal, you may open up your feelings. October 9th and November 9th is a monthlong period in which Venus will be in Virgo, and Jupiter will make a smooth angle in between them, creating pleasant developments in your emotional life. You may take advantage of the period between October 23rd and 28th in this field, and alongside this, November also withholds positive energies. The first week of November and the last week or November are specifically special. Alongside this, end of December towards New years, the full moon.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope 1521 April 2013

Horoscope Created by Connie Morris and Provided by Astrology Genius you're feeling rather appetite and angry knots grades for your lover all around them of little kaylene problems by making it known you're willing to compromise otherwise things must come to a had far sooner than you would wish if you're single it's time for you to rethink the way he flirts newark really approaches like a full honest songs rather than being subjected to delay thank you for attention Find out full version of horoscope. by visiting our website AstrologyGenius!.

Astrology forecasts for Pisces in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Pisces and Pisces rising. Dear Pisces, you will experience 2015's significant influences in Love and Relationships especially after the period following August, as Jupiter will enter Virgo after August 11th, supporting you greatly with relationships. Yet, of course, the first half of the year holds positive energies as well. Especially this year from the end of January and during February, the presence of Venus and Mars in your sign will indeed enliven your love life. During this period, especially during the last day of January on the 31st, Romance may increase in longterm relationships. You may gear your energy towards.

This especially. And the month of March is significant, as the Full Moon rising in your opposite sign between March 5th and 20th will lead you to make important decisions in your relationships. For instance, you may experience a sudden Romance followed by a decision in marriage. Or you may experience change within an existing relationship. If you've had certain problematic relationships that have been bothering you, you may end these during this period, or you may go the other way and decide on marriage. Yes, during the summer period between May 8th and June 6th,.

Venus continuing in Cancer will bring you important opportunities with Love and flirting. Attend as much invitations as possible, attending social activities, engaging with the crowd, increasing the chances of meeting special individuals. Especially for you, Special Lucky Dates are May 12th, 13th, May 21st 22nd, May 30th 31st and June 1st are all days to mark in your agenda. These may be special dates you open up to your loved ones. You may make a proposal, you may become engaged, you may get married or experience a special occasion. These are truly lovely days.

Yes, as of August 11th, once Jupiter enters Virgo, will in fact be the time in which your longterm relationships will be most supported. Jupiter supports such topics of marriage. In fact from this time until 2016, a lot of Pisces will get married during this period. You may meet your ideal partner, meet your significant other and get married. Especially between October 9th and November 9th when Venus enters Virgo and makes a smooth interaction with Jupiter, you may take advantage of these dates for special occasions. the Last week of October, the beginning of.

Astrology forecasts for Gemini in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Gemini and Gemini rising. Dear Gemini, 2015 will be quite an active and social year for you. Thus you may face great luck with relationships. When analyzing the year overall, especially during the first period of the year between February 21st and March 20th, social energies seem to be increasing. During this period, friends, and group works such as organizations may keep you busy in your daily life. Thus, in such environments you may show yourself much more and attract more attention, attracting meeting with important persons. Such introductions may blossom.

Into great Romance. Mark your agendas for this year March 2nd 3rd 4th 5th are seriously important days for you. Relationships formed during this period may prove to be very happy and longlasting. During April, between April 12th and May 8th, Venus will be in your Sign. Thus, the planet of Love, Beauty, and Relationships being in your sign will support you especially with longterm relationships, bringing you forth topics of marriage. If you've had plans for engagement or marriage during this period, ideal dates are April 21st, 22nd, 26th 27th, as the sky will specially be supporting you here, promising you happiness. June.

6th and July 19th Venus in Leo will make a smooth interaction with Jupiter, strengthening your communicative side. Thus, during any vacation or travel, or within a work environment you will be much luckier with new romantic introductions and instances. This period especially your relationships with friends will strengthen, in fact flirting between friends may occur as well. Between November 9th and December 6th, with Venus entering Libra, Venus will be supporting you with topics of Love, and Children. If married, you may consider becoming a parent towards the end of the year. Alongside this, if you are single, there is.

A high possibility that someone may enter your life. November 13th and 14th are valuable days for you. 5th and 6th of December are also significant dates, especially for new beginnings in relationships. For instance, if you've have admired someone, you may consider a proposal during this time. You will have an increase of luck if desiring marriage, in fact you may take advantage of these dates for organizing special occasions, dear Gemini. Yes, for more details on money and career forecasts, and to mark down the lucky dates of 2015, please follow the tutorials. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Stay well.


Aloha and welcome Capricorn to your 2014 Money Prosperity Forecast. On today's show you'll find out the astrology highlights for your money and the flow of prosperity in your life in 2014 and how to make the most of your opportunities and increase the flow of good fortune in your life. I'm your host Metaphysican and intuitive astrologer KG Stiles. Your Money Forecast is sponsored by PurePlant Essentials organic aromatherapy and Health Mastery Systems the place to go for your transformational health care needs, including astrology sessions with me. Please.

Visit these websites today! In 2014 dear Capricorn if you play cards right there is much wealth and power that may accrue for you. To amass the potential fortune available to you in 2014 requires a great deal of maturity and wisdom. You must exercise a great deal of self restraint in some circumstances that you will be faced with and be willing to mine the depths of your feelings of self worth to uncover any faults of character that may be undermining you. You have some strong favourable influences indicating success in your endeavours this.

Year, including favour and good fortune from your partnerships in business and in your personal affairs. Your emotional needs for security will be met this year though your personal feelings of self worth are continuing to undergo profound healing. There has been disruption and innovation in your personal finances. Your desire for financial and personal freedom has grown in importance for you. You desire to develop your social skills and get along better with others. You now have more of an interest in seeing other's point of view. As you balance your needs with the.

Needs of others more wealth and value for your skills and services will be forthcoming. There can be sudden unexpected gains and the realization of dreams through your social contacts and friends. Your unconscious habits are being regenerated, so that you can choose new behaviours. The more you can free your mind the more prosperous you will become. CAPRICORN You are over lighted by the Healing Angel Raphael this year. Raphael's name means 'God Heals.' Raphael will help you to heal your body, mind and emotions and create new healthy habits that will nourish you at the.

Deepest level. Your health is your greatest wealth and a priceless asset. Raphael is the angel of love and will bring more joy and laughter into your life. If you are suffering from addictions of any kind call upon Raphael for assistance. Your affirmation for 2014 is I can do it! This has been a general money and prosperity forecast for all of you with strong Capricorn influence in your astrology chart. For a more personal forecast book a private astrology session with me. Wishing you all the very best dear Capricorn! Thanks so much for joining me! Until next.

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