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By | May 6, 2016

Herman Cain Mitt Romney Enriching Themselves with Campaign Funds

Welcome back to the david adventure public members of the throughout the day the package of douglas high is the encounter naqvi welcome to both of you brill that you are now david package of members also on what you know we have still going for one more week david patten dot com slash secret it's a package offer free oneyear david patten show membership and one of our one one hundredpercent recycled materials tshirts david packing dot com slash secret we're getting a ton of these orders and this is going through the last day of october so make sure to get that now.

Herman cain and mit romney both appear to be using campaign funds to enrich themselves and their associates and the way they're doing it would be genius if it wasn't incredibly shady did you hear about the sterile no actually i did not i don't know about different this is the method that they're using what what's going on is herman cain is spending tens of thousands of dollars allegedly i have to say of course always everything's always just alleged tens of thousands of his own dollars in campaign cash on his on books and.

Pamphlets according to multiple outlet so the idea is if you take the campaign money and you buy your book with it to their then have act box nineteen center and of course you're being paid for the books that are sold it's geniuses in david is absolutely break like starting an offset company and in purchasing all of your campaign supply from yourself it's exactly the same thing and mit romney also doing uh. similar type of thing and you would think that this would be it could be argued and some are arguing.

Including the public campaign action fund that this is a federal election commission violation since you you're personally profiting by for example if you herman cain driving yearbook up the bestseller list by buying copies of it with campaign money uh. will anything come of of this uh. call for an investigation who knows you know that this we saw christine o'donnell living for who knows how long and using campaign money for personal expenses for apa appears to be so it's not clear at all that anything will ever come of these investigations.

Patent probably not a time we are on the stage into because i don't really care actually i think it's funny and i don't think it's got a call to be if i'm going to be honest i wish it were not against the law i'm really curious about how far people would go interest in my little yell if if this didn't violate the law of the i can't even imagine how far people without the did it we i think we know i think wall street suggest how far people.

Would go with in with lack of regulation the thing is that the next question is are the people who were donating the campaign funding being bamboozle that's really the question right at you donate a hundred bucks to herman cain and sixty of that has been stood by three copies of his booker two copies of his book from which he derives personal royalty regardless of what the result of the election is i would be pretty angry if i donated money that the herman cain fifty that's why don't donate money to political campaigns period community.

LMFAO Sexy and I Know It Parody Sexy and Im Homeless

Yeah Yeah When I walk on by I smell like shit and I come in fly I pimp to the beat in front the garbage on the street YEAAH This is how I roll, paper pag pants out of control You can find me in the glory hole lean into the wall for a quick free blow Girl look at my body! Girl look at my body! Girl look at my body! I eat trash Please give me some money Please give me some money Please give me some money I eat trash.

When I walk in the spot This is what they see An old dirty man that drinks his own pee Got a disaster in my pants and I aint scared to show it Show it show it show it Im sexy and Im homeless Im sexy and Im homeless When Im at the mall Im in the bathroom trying to clean my balls When Im at the beach Im in the bombay trying to tie my chicks This is how I roll I got a carbon box that I call home.

I keep a semen in the jar, baby, dont be jelous No shoes no shirt cause Im fucking homeless Girl look at my body! Girl look at my body! Girl look at my body! I eat trash Please give me some money Please give me some money Please give me some money I eat trash When i walk at the spot This is what they see An old dirty man that drinks his own pee Got a disaster in my pants and I aint scared to show it Im sexy and Im homeless.

Short HELP Talk Healing Psyche How the Mind Influences Cancer

There's a lot being discussed about cancer and effects on emotional facts and beliefs on the progression of the disease. This is one of the books that can save your life ! The basic premises of what you can do to actually work with your mind and in all my research during the last 12 years there are 3 main killers that you need to be aware of 1. Whenever you have a serious disease or diagnosis the most importantant part is to take control. You decide what you're going.

The Law of Karma, Karmic Healing and Karma Cleansing Technique

Law of Karma, Definition and Meaning of Good and Bad Karma What is the law of Karma and what does karma really mean We all heard about the golden rule at one point of our life. Do to others, as you would have them do to you. A similar concept is expressed in Eastern religions as the law of karma. It basically means that your intent actions today have an effect on your future. A simple definition of karma is what goes around comes around. So what's new here You probably heard all of that before.

Here is an interesting model of our karmic body. This model is based on the laws of torsion physics and together with certain techniques it can be used to analyze a karmic body of a person. There are also certain visualization and meditation techniques that can help to correct your karma and get back all the energy that have been lost in the past. This model gives a pretty good definition to what is karma. Karmic or causal body is one of the higher consciousness bodies of a person. It can be.

Pictured as a sphere with our body of memory moving on its surface. As we know, human life has 7 year cycles. Our causal body the body of cause and effect also has 7 year cycles. There is even proof in science that all cells in our physical body change every 7 years. Our body of memory or mental body has all the information about events in our life gt thus using a certain technique we can analyze our body of memory and say when we earned ourselves bad or good karma. The bumps and holes on the surface of our karmic body that are created.

By our brain activity and the experience that we have represent good and bad karma respectively. Stress from breaking the laws of Nature creates the holes on the karmic body and positive events create the bumps of positive energy. If you broke certain laws of Nature in the past or even in your previous lives it will catch up with you sooner or later. Any violation of the laws of Nature leads to sickness or major problems in life. Using this model and certain techniques allows to identify the time in your life when you broke the laws.

Of Nature and in a sense rewrite your past. Our Nature intended for us to be happy. So as long as you have a positive look on life towards everything, and I mean everything that happens in your life you are straitening the surface of your karmic body and making some good karma for yourself in the future. To learn techniques and laws of Nature that can help you improve your karma, health, personal and professional life please follow the links. Thank you for watching and don't forget to share and like using the links below.

Useful Geometry Definitions Whats a Pentagram

A pentagram is a 5pointed star. On the outside of the star are 5 triangles. But in the center, there's a pentagon. If you have ever lived with a loud clock, then you know that after awhile you become so used to the ticking that you no longer hear it. But once someone reminds you of the clock, you can't help but hear the ticktock.ticktock. This is similar to the pentagon in the middle of a star. You may not have noticed it before, but now that I have told you about it, you'll always see it there.

The Fibonacci Sequence Natures Code

Math wasn't made up to harass English majors. It was invented by a little something called, nature, and it's everywhere you look. In fact, there are specific numbers that we see in nature all the time. Together, they're called The Fibonacci Sequence and it goes something like this 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 You may know this pattern. The first and second add up to the third, and the second and the third add up to the fourth, the fourth and the fifth add up to the sixth,.

And so on. The sequence was first described by mathematicians in India about 1300 years ago, and it was introduced to the west in 1202 by Leonardo of Pisa, aka Fibonacci, who was also responsible for introducing Arabic numerals to Europe, which, yeah, if hadn't done that we'd still be counting in Roman numerals which would be terrible. Fibonacci was a mathematician and in his book, Liber Abaci, he described the sequence with a thought experiments about a family of incestuous bunnies. If you put one boy bunny and one girl bunny together,.

That's two. And those two together will make a third, and those three when they're done, you know, taking turns will make five. Et cetera. But, the easiest place to find these numbers in nature isn't in bunnies. It's in plants. If you cut a banana into slices, you'll see it has three distinct sections an apple has five. No matter what kind of flower you're looking at, chances are it has three, five, eight, thirteen, or twenty one petals. Rows of seeds in sunflowers and pine cones always add up to Fibonacci numbers.

Our plants don't grow this way because they're receiving some kind of mysterious, cosmic mandate. They're doing it because it's the most efficient way to pack as many seeds as possible into a small space, and if you want to see why that is, you can go watch Vi Hart's tutorial, which is linked in the description and it's awesome. But in addition to the numbers themselves, you also see the same ratio between Fibonacci numbers showing up. When you divide almost any Fibonacci number by the one before it in the sequence,.

Especially the larger ones, you get the same number 1.618. lots of numbers. The Greeks discovered this long before Fibonacci, and they called it Phi. Today, it's sometimes known as the Golden Ratio. Phi was purportedly used by the ancient Greek sculptor Phidias to illustrate the idea of physical perfection. He is said to have used Phi as a ratio between the statue's total height and the distance from the bottom of its feet to its navel, for instance. And also the length of a face divided by its width. There's a whole other set of patterns in nature that are based on what's called the Golden Rectangle.

A rectangle whose sides lengths are successive Fibonacci numbers, like 8x13. This rectangle can be divided up into a series of squares whose lengths are also successive Fibonacci numbers, in this case 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 5x5, and 8x8. When you draw an arc from one corner of each square to the other, they join to form a spiral that resembles many of the spirals we observe in nature in the unfolding leaves of a desert succulent, the arrangement of those pine cone lobes and sunflower seeds, in the shells of some snails.

TSA Agent Full Body Scanners Didnt Work, But Let Him See You Naked

TSA agent says that the full body porno scanners didn't work but they did let him see you see you naked I haven't gone through one of those porno scanners I'm very glad I made that decision it's questionable how much radiation you get and it is now very questionable whether it has any Security benefit at all there's been so much discussion over there and this and Politico has a story from a former TSA agent who reveals much of what you suspect is true they were able to see you naked they weren't very easily able to find.

Firearms particularly if they were turned to be parallel or rather perpendicular to the angle that the scanner is viewing you they would deliberately let each other know if attractive women were about to enter the scanners in order to look at them naked and that they I really really really provided tons of money to the former Department of Homeland Security boss Michael chaired of who was involved in the company that produced the machines so yeah not much security benefit certainly a lot of fun for TSA agents basically.

100 percent of what we imagine yeah pretty much and not not really shocking news to me i i avoided them I of course mostly just because the FBI radiation concerns but they are yeah I mean in hindsight not surprising at all he also talked about ones having to confiscate I a young from a young decorated soldier who had lost both his legs some champagne because you can't the you can't do that you can't bring that on and that he said was just completely absurd that it was abundantly clear.

How to Write Chinese Symbols for Airports How to Write First Class in Chinese Symbols

First class in Chinese is tou deng cang. Tou, here it means first and deng is for class. Cang of course, like in the words business class it means cabin. So tou in Chinese it means first or the best, because tou is also the Chinese word for head. You can know that tou is the top, the top most of our body. Tou deng first class and tou deng cang also is first class. Here in this character you need to be careful that this horizon or the middle is the longest.

Several Catholic End Time Prophecies

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. On this program I would like to respond to a letter I received from Jeff in New York, and Jeff writes Dear Mister Tapley, I stumbled upon your postings recently on YouTube, and was quite interested in your insights on the current state of America, as well as the world during these darkening days. I was rather surprised that you were a Catholic, as such I would imagine that you have some familiarity with Marian prophecy over the past 100 years, particularly from Fatima and Medjugorje, but it is not the final Apocalypse.

Mentioned in Daniel and Revelation. Well, I admit, the final Apocalypse will come at the end of the Millennium, but the two punishments which we are facing very soon, are mentioned in both Daniel and Revelation. And Jeff continues Furthermore, Padre Pio stated that the final judgement would not come until around the year 2500. What are your comments on this matter, and which of the two punishments do you think are upon us For sure, there is one coming, of that there is no doubt. Well, I agree with you Jeff,.

There are punishments coming, but actually there are 3 punishments upon mankind, as described in the Book of Revelation. The last punishment is at Judgement which comes a 1000 years after Armageddon. I am sure that is the judgement which Padre Pio is talking about, although I think it will occur closer to the year 3000, rather than 2500. The second punishment we are facing will be Armageddon, which occurs in the year 2017. Now I have calculated that on other programs as being 70 years from the date that Israel was proclaimed a state.

By the United Nations in November 1947. This coincides with a date from Revelation where the great star which falls from heaven unleashes a plague of locusts which lasts for 5 months Rev. 9111 The great star is Martin Luther. The date he posted his theses on October 31st, 1517, marked the beginning of the plague of locusts. And the 5 month plague is actually 5 centuries. So again, we are coming up to a date of November 2017 for Armageddon. This is also verified by the Blessed Mother at Fatima.

If you add 100 years to October 13, 1917, when Mary appeared to the three shepherd children, again, you come up with a date of November, 2017, for Armageddon. Now, the first punishment is World War 3, which occurs 7 years, at least, before Armageddon, In other words, within the next 15 or 20 months. World War 3 is also described in Daniel as a battle between a ram and a hegoat, and in the Book of Revelation as between Babylon and the scarlet beast which she rides. That we are getting very close.

Emergency Landing! 153 Passengers! All Survive!

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of the End Times. Now today I received a message from a YouTuber by the name of Michael who goes by the user handle of techroman8100 and he sent me this message Have you heard about the near plane crash in North Carolina It had 153 passengers. Now as you may recall last month, there were three plane crashes involving 153 passengers and as I explained the reason for this is because Satan is attacking the number.

153. 153 is the number of Hail Marys in a Rosary. In fact if you reverse those numbers you get 315 which is the chapter and verse in Genesis which explains how Mary will crush the head of Satan. Now this most recent incident occurred on Sunday August 9th when a Northwest flight 1546 evidently ingested some birds and had to make return to Raleigh, North Carolina Airport and make an emergency landing. As I warned you in the last tutorial on these plane crashes, do not get on any airplane associated with the number 153.

Because Satan is attacking these airplanes. A little over a month ago a Yemeni plane crashed with a 153 passengers. All but one were killed. A short time later, a Caspian airliner with 153 passengers crashed and all were killed. And just recently, an Iranian airplane with a 153 passengers also crashed and I believe there were 18 fatalities in that wreck. Now I know some people will say, Well, these planes were all the same, but they were not. The Yemeni plane was an Airbus 310, the Caspian airliner was a Tubolev,.

The Iranian plane was an Ilyushin, and this most recent incident involved an Airbus 320. So I don't know how many more plane crashes or incidents of this kind must occur before people wake up. Now you won't hear about this in the news media. No one has made this connection yet on any other program that I am aware of, not in the media, not on YouTube, not on the Internet. If you want to see how much Mary is hated in these End Times, simply go on YouTube and do a search for Virgin Mary. Just on the first page alone.

You will see at least 5 hate tutorials. No other woman in history is treated to such a degradation as the Blessed Virgin Mary. The reason Satan hates the Blessed Virgin Mary and the number 153 is because he knows that the Rosary is what will defeat him and his Antichrist in these End Times. In conclusion, I want to make one comment I am confident that at least one person on this plane that was saved yesterday was praying the Rosary perhaps even the pilot, but this information will not be made known to you.

Start Your Success Story Partnering with The Cat Hospital of Palm Harbor

I think we love coming to work because we all have a passion for this field. We all love what we do. For The Cat Hospital at Palm Harbor I do the hiring, the training, the firing, the payroll, the bookside of everything, I'm kind of everywhere. We're a full service practice, we see felines only, but we do everything a normal practice would do, so we do dentals, we do surgeries, we have digital Xrays here, we have a full pharmacy here as well. People that haven't gone to school for it versus people that have gone to the St. Petersburg program.

Definitely have that gap. I do believe that the graduates from St. Petersburg College fill that skills gap. Definitely bookwise they have the knowledge, and they also have the handson skills we look for. Our doctor usually does teach over at St. Petersburg College, so I know he has a lot of knowledge from the students that are in the program as well. We use all the same techniques that St. Pete College uses over in our clinic. For restraining cats we use the taping method here which I know they teach over at the school.

How to Write Chinese Symbols for Accessories How to Write Gloves in Chinese Symbols

Glove's in Chinese it is shou tao, shou tao, shou is hand. This is the word for hand and tao it means cover so literally understand this, a word a as hand cover. So this is gloves shou tao, you need to pay attention to this stroke. It is written like this not the absolute vertical hook. This part is a little bit complicated so you when you come to write this part you need to pay attention to the stroke orders. Ok follow me to write this word again, shou tao, gloves.

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