Virtual Tarot Reading Online Free

By | October 15, 2016

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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Welcome to Top10Archive! Are you tired of the 9to5 routine? Did our Worst Jobs tutorial do nothing to makeyou feel better about your current employment? We may be able to help you, as always, withanother great installment! This time, we’re tackling the top ten realways you can make money online! These may not replace your fulltime job immediately,but with a little time, patience and imagination, you could go create a career out of the comfortof your own home! 10.

Online Psychic and Tarot ReadingsRegardless of what you believe, there are those out there that swear by astrologicalreadings, tarot cards, and psychics. That also means there are people out therethat would pay others to provide said services, turning what some would consider ludicrousinto a viable business. Via websites like Kasamba , alleged psychicscan sign themselves up for paid live chat sessions and charge a specific amount perminute. Tarot readings are a bit more complicatedto get started in, mostly because there are so many free services offered, but Craigslisthas proved a viable starting point before

moving onto your own online tarot readingservice. 9. Online SurveysEver wonder how some companies make the decisions they do? Sometimes it’s an internal decision basedoff of figures and estimations, but consumer opinion can be a big part of change; but wherewould those opinions come from and how do they coax people to take the time to do asurvey? Well, with online surveys and cash money,of course!

There are plenty of websites that offer compensationfor surveys, so much that the market is getting pretty saturated, but some sites are a bitmore generous than others. If you aim to make some extra cash throughonline surveys, recommended sites include SwagBucks , OpinionOutpost , and Toluna ,or for Android users, the app Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn a few buckstowards your Google Credit account. 8. Online Focus GroupsLike online surveys, online focus groups allow for convenient consumer and political research,but they require a bit more from the participants

than clicking a few radio buttons. Rather than gathering a group of people inone location, though, everything is done in an online forum. As there isn’t much of an inconvenienceto participants, not every online focus group pays, but if you’re looking for a quickbuck, FocusGroup is a valuable resource. A moderator will steer the discussion, whichis held over a webbased technology like WebEx and GoToMeeting, and you won’t have to dealwith the awkwardness of facetoface discussion. 7.

EtsyFeeling crafty and don’t know what to do with those 25 scarves you crocheted? You can try your luck at an arts and craftsshow, spend the money to secure a table, and enjoy the blistering heat, or you can simplyopen an Etsy shop and sell your handmade product from the comfort of your own home. Members of the eCommerce site specialize inhandcrafting unique items, leading to a community of over 1.6 million sellers and $2.’ billionin annual sales in 2015 alone. Additional to arts and crafts, Etsy also allowsshops to carry vintage and antique items that