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By | July 12, 2016

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Namaste and welcome to SANJEEV'S ASTROLOGY in Australia life can be stressful financial hardships trouble at work relationship and family pressures and sometimes we need help pandit sanjeev is an Indian astrologer who has deep spiritual healing and psychic abilities and he's dedicated his life to providing guidance and comfort to others maybe you were devastated from a broken relationship or just want to get your partner or spouse or stop the divorce maybe you're trying to get a new job had legal troubles or a desperately trying to get a PR VISA Sanjeev use.

This deep prayers palmistry analysis spiritual rituals and astrological readings to help you to get out of financial legal difficulties to turn your life around even if you think a partner is gone forever he's powerful traditional Indian prayers will clear all your problems within 9 11 days with 100 guaranteed results if you think someone is sending you bad energy or even doing black magic Sanjeev can help remove all of that negative energy Sanjeev works personally and powerfully with you your life will be attached in a profound and significant way don't use kind com.

Vedic Astrology Helps Fix Relationships How To Repair Mars Venus Problems in Your Horoscope Chart

Relationship is a complicated problem. There is no easy answer to a relationship. People want relationship, but once they are in relationship, there are problems. There are so many reasons, why relationships are, in the first place, it's difficult to take place because, of various reasons. Why people are not able to attract for reasons like they are obese, they are not beautiful or not having money. There are so many mundane concerns attracting a relationship. Age is also another concern. I am not going to go into any of that, nor I am going to.

Go into compatibility problems. Well we like each other but we fight all the time together or there are issues of control, I want to control, I give orders to control. These issues are there. My solution to this relationship problem is spiritual. Astrology is a very important factor to be looked into. Two planets control relationship Mars and Venus. If Mars becomes bad or afflicted in one's horoscope then this creates a lot of issues in relationship. They are fighting all the time or difficult to attract relationship. Venus creates problems like incompatibility, emotions, excessive emotions or no emotions.

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Namaste Welcome to SANJEEV'S ASTROLOGY when we going through a difficult time or reaching a turning point if someone had to see things clearly and make the best decision at these times it's reassuring to know that there is someone with a broader view and greatest spiritual perspective that someone SANJEEV a vedic astrologer love psychic and spiritual healer who is a true support in times of trouble he's been practicing vedic astrology psychic reading since he was very young carrying on the tradition from his father and grandfather obviously learned.

His craft well as everyone he hopes comments on his kind and charming energy wheather you need help with the person who all professional problem he can help his services are completely confidential and they carried out on a 1 to 1 basis either over the final or via email so absolute discretion is assured this means you can communicate freely about you personal family relationships financial issues for work situation SANJEEV can help you maind and restore personal bonds and even bring back your husband wife lover or partner his healing creates a deeper.

Understanding restores trust in strength any areas of weakness or indecision so if you're suffering from a broken marriage or broken heart just call SANJJEV 07535102210 07535102210 SANJEEV spiritual practices can also help relieve the course is a illness and disease and restore the suffer to good health maybe you'll have work and needing some direction or have a problem flick send you can provide clear to the point insight into the situation effacing negativity sadness in your heart he can send you to energized Yantra or protections for protecting you and your house.

You will then get a solution to any problem with the 911 days SANJEEV is also an experienced vedic tantric practitioner can perform rituals to remove he the effects of BLACKMAGIC VOODOO WITCH CRAFT no matter what the issue if things just aren't going well in your life consult SANJEEV he can provide a psychic in astrological reading for you way everywhere in the world and he is only a phone call away call him directly 07535 10 22 10 07535 10 22 10 or to learn more about the full range of services offered by.


Hiii in this tutorial i am going to talk about. the prominence of eighth house in astrology What is the karaka of eighth house What can we understand from the eighth house. Body part associated with it. And the most important thing about eighth house. Before jumping into the discussion, Let me introduce myself I am astro hominis. Welcome to my astrology YouTube channel. watch the tutorial and rate it in the comments section, along With your suggestions. And if you are new to my channel, subscribe and stay notified. And now. Let's get into the point of discussion.

The eighth house of the birth chart. Scorpio is the eighth ZODIAC sign. A Scorpio has to go through transformations at different stages of life before becoming matured. And If u missed my tutorial on Scorpio sign. U can find the link in the description section. The prominence of the eighth house is transformation. Transforming from our experiences into a better individual is the lesson a person learns from the eighth house. Eighth house is associated with insecurities, death, regeneration, humiliation, fear, everything a person is afraid to face comes under the eighth house, humiliation, defeat, death.

And Everything a person is afraid to show in the public is eighth house. The dark side of a person. Secrets, addictions, scandals, deceptions fall under eighth house. Inheritance is also associated with the eighth house. Reproduction, regeneration, accidents,Near death experiences, also fall under the eighth house. Eighth house in a person is hidden in the deepest layers of life, and strongly connected with a person. Eighth house is the house of psychology, astrology,and intuition. Saturn is the karaka of eighth house. The most important thing one has to understand abt the eighth house is it is a moksha house.

Showing ones path to spiritual liberation. If u want to escape frm the eighth house crises, the best way is to take the path of spirituality. For more tutorials you can simply go through the description section. I pasted all my tutorial links below. Hope this helps you all. If you want a PDF text file of this tutorial, leave your email id in the comments section. Probably i will mail you in my free time. Hope you all give me a five star rating!! I will be looking forward for your responses Thank you in advance.

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