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By | October 28, 2016

Astrology Compatibility

astrologysignscompatibility Carol Allen is the nation’s leading Vedicastrologer. With thousands of readings, her insight andexperience in helping couples communicate better andchoose a proactive path to a relationship is legendary. With astrology signs compatibility your horoscopecontains more details than you’ve ever experienced. Astrology is full of math.

Now, I don’t know about you, but math wasnot my favorite subject in school. And I LOVED school. Math problems had a way of quot;thunkingquot;my brain shut (or was it quot;clunking?quot;) in mere moments. It didn’t matter what kind Algebra withits Xs and Ys since when did letters become numbers, anyway? Geometry with its quot;planesquot; and funny triangles. And Calculus and Trigonometry with their.uh, you know, their. um, give me a sec.

Oh who can remember what the heck wasin Calculus and Trigonometry? I sure can’t! (I spent a whole summer doingnothing BUT Calculus and Trig and I forgot it the minute I passed the final exam andto this day, it’s one of the great accomplishments of my life that I passed that exam!). But I digress. When I first began studying astrology almostnobody had personal computers. (Yes, Grandma Moses and I used to hang out.) We had to do all the calculations by hand.Fun, fun.

Soon one of my teachers got a computer andwould run charts for me for $5 a chart. (Let’s just say you had to be a really good friendfor me to get your chart for you.) Whew that made things MUCH easier andmore fun. You see, astrology is hard enough withouthaving to do the astronomy or calculation side of things. Just interpreting what planets mean in whatzodiac signs, and in what quot;housesquot; of the chart, and in what combinations, is headyenough stuff to make my brain thunk and clunk. Almost.

quot;There are eight aspects of compatibilitythat are each given a number, and the overall number is a very important indication of thepower of the relationship to be effortless, or not.quot; Luckily I LOVE psychology, and understandingbehavior, and learning about how people connect and disconnect, and watching events unfoldin harmony with what the charts indicated. This stuff is fascinating enough to hold myinterest, and make my brain come alive. And, once a computer and the gods of softwaredo the computing for me, I LOVE looking to the data of astrology.

I truly appreciate the math. Seriously it’s sooooooo endlessly fascinating. For example, your chart is divided into twelvesections (called houses) and each quot;housequot; has a certain amount of energy or power, whichis reflected by a number. A quot;highquot; number means that the part ofthe life that house represents will go well and come together easily. While a quot;lowquot; number means you guessedit that the part of the life that house represents will NOT go as well and NOT cometogether as easily.