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By | April 11, 2016

Tom Harkin Endorses Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 Hillary Clinton

She's a fighter. She's a fighter for our families, for our kids to make sure that we have a good future for those other Tom Harkin's that are out there running around someplace whose parents don't have very much, but who have dreams and who want to be a part of America, and America's future. So that's why I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president. She has the experience she has the values she knows how to fight and she knows how to work with other people to get the job done.

Psychic Career Information Psychics Qualifications

You know how you become a psychic I guess everybody is psychic, it's extra natural sense of perception. When you feel something is going to happen, don't throw it away. Being aware. You can make yourself more and more aware. There are some people that do hand writing. Astrology. I can't even do my own wheel, I can't even read my own wheel but if you have that extra natural sense when you think I'm going to turn left and you turn right. Go by your first instinct, it's a gut feeling. Use your gut, God gave you.

The gift and its a gift for everybody. You can sense when something is going to happen. Children are amazing. They sit and talk to people that aren't there and then will bring up a name and a mother will say to me oh my gosh, she was talking to my grandmother or my grandfather in her room, are there ghosts There are not ghosts. Heaven is not in the sky, heaven is one step away from you according to my friend Brian Weiss and me. I was watching t.v. and there are three men there and I would love to find them. They were quantum physics.

People and they kept saying that for 25 years they kept studying where heaven is. Now, quantum physics, I can't add two and two. And, they've decided that heaven is just a dimension away from you and they are always with us. 25 years. They are always, they are always taking care. I've heard it from other children too. I talked to my grandpa , I talked to my grandmother , my grandmother's gone but she isn't, she comes to see me at night. So, everybody has it, just be aware . Just open up your heart and be aware. That's it.

Psychic Career Information Psychic Tools

We all use different tools how we work. With me it is birthdays or eyes and pictures. I can look at a picture and see if there is something wrong with the body. My daughter uses nothing. She just comes right out with what is going to happen. It was very embarrassing when she was a child, she just pops up. A lot of psychics use numerology. They use astrology. There are so many ways but you know something I believe that they are using it as a catalyst like I do. I can't do my own wheel and yet I use an ephemeras to look at a birthday and.

It is very rarely wrong, according to Duke University many years ago 98.2 were right. According to Edgar Casey's son, he used to call, Hugh Casey, and say she's the closest thing to my father that I've ever known which was a great compliment but people, just different psychics use different things. Sometimes when they are talking to people that aren't there any more I think they are pushing it in asking questions but there is Connie Vogby who is an amazing, amazing astrologer. I have my own astrologer so people are out there and.

They use what is comfortable with them if it be psychometry, Jill was able to split a table when she was 12 years old with Cybil Leak who is a dear friend of mine. I just feel that you use what is going to happen. Many times you will say don't go there and you don't know why you have said it, you know but 9 times out of 10 you are right. Some more tools would be like the telephone. The telephone with me is just that the voice comes.

Psychic Career Information Psychic Pros Cons

You know, it's nice being a psychic because there are so many yes es with it. I have found people. And the pros are I'll give you an example. A guy from what's that pill that the fellows take now Viagra And the company that makes it Pfizer! I had a call from Santo Domingo. The head of Pfizer from South America had taken a boat to an island with everybody else in Australia. Now, that's across the country from me. Across the world! And he was missing, the head of Pfizer from South America and she was hysterical.

Micki! Micki! Please help us! And I said, Whoa, whoa, whoa. Eleven days he's on the island. No food or no water. I said, He's fine. He's fine. She said, What do you mean He's my brotherinlaw's brother. I said, He's under a tree near a mound. The water is right near him and you can't drink it. His eye is scratched and he hurt his leg. But, he'll be found tomorrow. She had her brotherinlaw call me and again, I went through the whole thing. He's getting helicopters. I said, Don't get helicopters. Go over near.

The mound. There's a big tree and his eye is scratched from the tree. Well, in about ten minutes later, I had a call. They found him. And they never even said, Thank you. But, that's OK. At least they found Mr. Pfizer from South America. The cons of being a psychic are when you feel somebody is gone and I'll get a call, you know, or I'll feel something coming. Like, we had a whirlpool in my back when that last horrible hurricane and I kept saying to everybody, Stay away from the South side. It's like a gut feeling that comes.

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