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By | September 15, 2016

How to Read Tarot Cards Shuffling Tips for Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and I'm with expertvillage. In this segment we would go into how to shuffle the cards and prepare for the Celtic cross. Whether you are reading for your self or reaading for a client you want to shuffle the deck. When you start to give a reading, whether it would be for yourself or for a client you would want to shuffle the deck. If you are reading for a client you will ask them the general area that you want to focus on so whether your are reading for your self or whether.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards How to Do a Tarot Card Reading

Hi. I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. Now I'll be talking about how to read the cards. It's very important that you give to the other person the deck of cards and let him shuffle it. Once he is comfortable with the cards, take them back and then spread the cards. It is a very important segment of reading the cards because you have to pull out cards according to the person's questions. Give him time to just think about it, just give him one minute probably to think about his particular question. For instance if that.

Person is really worried about how the relationship will end or is there any future to this particular relationship, ask him to close his eyes and then just pull out the cards. Once the person pulls out the card, there is a Faith card coming out. So as you can see in the Faith card and as we talked earlier also, that this card says that you have to trust the person. There is going to be a lot of trust required. There has to be a lot of patience, which this.

Relationship will be requiring. So better be very particular once this card is coming out, then you have to be very patient. For instance there can be other questions as when can I conceive or will I be able to conceive or not, and then there's a Magician card comes. That means that it happens instantly. You'll not expect it and the results come positive. Everything has to be a magicians trick kinds. That means a person has to be very lucky, the kid will be very lucky. Everything will happen automatically, you don't have to undergo.

Any surgeries or any kind of trouble. This is the way you can easily do predictions for others and for yourself. But make sure you are doing it on a Friday because Friday is a day which is ruled by Venus which is the God of love. So if you're doing on a particular Friday, or Thursday, because Thursday is supposed to be God of commitment of a particular relationship. So choose either of the days once you are doing the readings and the reading will go really well and without any problems.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card Tips for Understanding the Tarot Deck

And we're back here with Arts and Crafts and Everything Fun with Marybeth Murphy, our spiritual coach, and she's going to summarize everything we've learned about the Minor and the Major Arcana cards. Right, okay, and as I said Tarot is, some people think of it as very negative and it's not. I hope, after watching this information you don't feel that it's that dark. We went through the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana were the four groups, which were the Wands, the Swords, the Cups and the Coins, and each of those.

Four sets had Ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten, as well as a Page, Knight, Queen and King card. Those are the four sets, each of those that I went through before, were in the four sets and those are the Minor Arcana. And then you have 22 of the Major Arcana. So all those cards combined to compose a deck of about 78 cards. Then, I know later on we'll be doing some readings in other shows and we'll see how all these cards work together. Don't forget, when you use these, I've given you some literal.

Definitions of these cards and how they're all used, but be aware that your intuition plays a huge factor when you do give someone a reading or when someone gives you a reading, so please keep that in mind. Great. Thank you, thank you for teaching us about all this, this is fascinating. It is isn't it It really is exciting. I know, it's awesome and that was it for learning how to use the Tarot cards with my guest Marybeth Murphy. If you want to contact Marybeth you can email her at mmurphysmileyahoo, and she can do a reading for you. Sure, I.

Can do phone readings, I can do, if you want to meet in person, if you're local. So they don't need to be present No, they can be in another part of the country. Contact me through email and we can set that up, and yea, definitely, I do phone readings all the time. Fabulous, that mmurphysmileyahoo. And that was it for today. I'm your host Grace Fraga with Arts and Crafts and Everything Fun and my business is Fraga Framing and Art Gallery. You can check me out at Fragaframeart, and I'm also a comedian so you can check me.

How to Read Tarot Cards The First Two Cards in the Celtic Cross Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and I'm with expertvillage. Now we are going into the first two cards and there placement in the Celtic cross. Whether you read for yourself or whether you have a client you are reading for you want the first card to represent that person. The first card in this instance being the king of pentacles the king of pentacles is good to draw if you are dealing with in need of some money, a accounting if you will whatever, or a earth sign such as a Taurus, a Virgo, a Capricorn. Pentacles having to.

Do with material things but also having to do with earth material. Okay so the first card always represents either you if you are reading your self or your client. The first position being the question. Then we would go into the second card that you shuffle from the deck. In this instance it is the devil card. The second card is always card or your immediate environment. The immediate environment in any reading can mean what is going on in the immediate present. In general the medium present for a beginning reader is the time.

Cards Against Humanity!

How many have played the game Cards Against Humanity Do you know the game cheers and applause Popular game. We're gonna try it right now with Derek and Julianne and Nicole. And so here I pick the category. And you're gonna pick the card. And then I'll turn my back and I'll figure out who picks the best, funniest card. You see if you're gonna match what I'm gonna say, okay Yeah. All right, so the first one is. What never fails to liven up the party I will turn around and not look.

Okay. Okay. Okay We're done, yeah. All right. Uh. Oh, then I turn them over. I see, I see. But you probably mixed them up so that you're not in order like that. Yeah. Extremely tight pants. My humps. The miracle of childbirth. laughter You know what They're all good. But I'm gonna go with The miracle of childbirth. Yeah! cheers and applause I think you said tight pants. I did actually. Yeah And I know about your humps 'cause we've danced together at a party.

Yeah. All right. So do I move these All right, let's see the next one. I drink to forget. Oh, shoot. Okay. Okay. Ready Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. Yeah. I drink to forget. Your weird brother. Daddy issues. Lumberjack fantasies. I'm gonna have to go with lumberjack fantasies. I love it. Oh. I'm gonna say your weird brother was you. No, daddy issues was mine. That was me. They're the same. Yeah, yeah. All right, it kinda is the same.

All right, let's see the next one. A romantic candlelit dinner would be incomplete without. All right. Okay Yeah. All right. Without a can of whoopass. Without puberty. laughing Without puberty. Full frontal nudity. cheers and applause Agreed. Hmm. It's kinda down to these two right here. Uh, I'm gonna say Full frontal nudity. cheers and applause Good choice. Wildly inappropriate. All right. You win. Look what you won. You win, Julianne. I win Whoohoo! Yeah, a blender. Oh, I have, like, five.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Death Tarot Card

Hi. I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. I'll be talking about the next card which is the death card. As you can see there is a skeleton in this card which shows that everything is very dissatisfactory. You just don't know what to do now next. This relationship has never showed any kind of happiness, or any kind of smile. But then at the same time, the sun is rising. So that means there can be another relationship coming back into your life. If you have been in a past relationship, that relationship comes back or there is another.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Hermit Tarot Card

Hi. I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. Now I will be talking about the Hermit card. As you can see there is an old man. This person is not very happy he's at all satisfied from his life. That means that your relationship is getting into problems, you are not happy with it. There has to be some kind of lovehate relationship that is because of the snake. You like this person, you love this person a lot but at the same time you're very insecure with that person because you don't see that kind of commitment from his side. As was as.

There is a lamp which shows that you are planning to get into more relationships, you are planning to enter into more things. So if you are talking about your spouse or any person that you love, that person, if he has this kind of character sketch, I'll say that you shouldn't get into this kind of relationship because it doesn't head anywhere. But at the same time, if you are talking about just the relationship, that means that there can be some kind of isolation that you get into. So you better be very cautious when this card is out.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card All About the Devil, Tower Star Tarot Cards

Hi, welcome back to learning how to use the Tarot Cards, and we have three more Major Arcana cards that we need to learn about. Yes we do. Cool. Now, the card I'm going to start off with, I hope you're all sitting down, if you're on the computer you are, is the Devil. Ah, I know, take it easy, its okay, everyone looks at the Devil going Ah, and this is where the feeling with Tarot that it's the Occult, it's of the Devil and it's all negative and it's not. The Devil is making you look at your own demons. Making you look.

At yourself. And this is a card that I'm definitely going to read from the book about. It's time to confront your demons. Hell is our own creation. We do, we create our own Hell. We can not move forward in our lives without facing that which torments us. That can be negative emotions such as anger, such as fear, such as resentment, vengeance, jealousy. These are all demons, negative emotions which most of us have and actually we all have because we're human, but these are emotions that you can look at in relation to whomever you are dealing with,.

And heal yourself so that you can move forward. The Devil is a great card because it reminds you to look at yourself and look at the fear, look at the Hell that you're creating for yourself. It's a time for healing really, that's what it means. Okay, the next card is the Tower, and this is a pretty interesting card because everyone thinks, how great is that I'm going to be up on a tower. What it's telling you is that if you have a lot of material success in your life don't get smug and don't get compliant. Complacency is not a good thing.

Because sometimes people can ride high on their material successes that they have and feel very confident about it and that happens a lot when we look at history stock market crashes and things like that, I'm very wealthy. Well whatever you can have canned also crumble and that's what the Tower is, it can fall. Treasure everything you have, it's as fragile as a house of cards. It really is, so treasure it and don't be smug about it share your wealth, whatever you have. It's a check about where you are in life and am I happy with.

Who I am and am I okay with all that I have. And remember, true abundance comes from within and if you have a lot of material wealth it's always good to, it's kind of reminding you to share it all because when you give out you get more back, it's just the way the universe works. Okay, and now we're going to look at the Star. The Star means go for it. Reach for the stars, go for it, and look for the stars. And I'm going to read to you a little.

How to Read Tarot Cards Minor Arcana on Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and I'm with expertvillage. Now we are going into an overview of the minor arcana. The minor arcana differ from the major arcana in that each of the four sub groups that I have here have to do with different aspects of your life. A lot of the time when people are at first are trying to get the timing to when something is going to happen the minor arcana is useful because traditionally when somebody starts to learn how to read from a timing aspects we could read from the pentacles having.

To do with spring. The cups having to do with summer. The swords having to do with winter. Swords having to do with the bomb. If you notice I have them in four rows and I have separated them. The first we are going to go into are the pentacles. The pentacles having to do with the material things, your outcome, your equalizations, your land if you will. Above that we have the cups the cups have to do with relationships, they have to with feelings and emotions. Above that we have the swords have to with battles, outer battles,.

Battles with other people, and in other situations, and on top of that some what similar to the swords are the steps or in other decks they may be called the wands. The steps has to do with moral battles, or more help from the universe or karma that we need to overcome. Also you would notice difference between the major arcana and minor arcana is that the minor arcana has a lot to do with your regular plain deck. You have pages which has to do with messages. The knights has to do with actually taking action. You have queens and.

How to Read Tarot Cards Tips on Reading Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and I'm with expertvillage. Now lets go into taking all of the components of your reading and given a hypothetical as to what this means if you take all the number position and put them together. If you recall we started off with king of pentacles that being the card the questioner whether it would be yourself or your client. The medium environment indicated that he could have been a little bit confused over what direction to go in his career. In his goal card or the best outcome it could.

Be accomplish under the circumstances. Perhaps there was some business people in his environment that he need to watch out for and in his for past his main concern about was about just making money and building that economic foundation. In his recent past the lovers card while in other readings it might indicate a lover in this instance I'm indicating someone who enjoys there work. That is recent past going into his future because he enjoys his work so much he wanted to be like the 2 of steps of warrior. He wanted to get into a better position and.

A position where maybe he could supervise or be mentoring some of his coworkers or subordinates. Your next card your number 7 card having to do with this gentlemen state of mind is that he wants to do something new, something that he never tried before. In his immediate environment this is his own stress over his situation that is what he is what he is working against. In intuition card queen of pentacles is despite his own concerns and his own stress he knows deep inside that he has the skills, that he has the people skills.

And the mathematical skills to prepare over his environment. then we have the final outcome card which is the hermit card that indicates that he needs to do some looking up stairs or the very least he needs to go to his boss the person who is ahead of him and say this is the position that I want or I want to have a position created for me. As you could see each cards builds on the other card. Each position builds on the next postilion forming a complete reading your Celtic cross hypothetical reading.

How to Read Tarot Cards Major Arcana in Tarot Cards Part 2

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and I'm with expertvillage. We are going to continue on with the last nine of these major arcana. Starting with the hermit card the hermit card is based on the jewda premises of that one man of the oil lamp looking for a honesty and truth. Next to it we have the wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune spin the wheel just like the game show the wheel of fortune has to do with good or bad luck depending on where the card started off in your reading. The wheel of fortune changes to the good or.

The bad. Next we have the justice card. The justice card is similar to the hermit card. The justice card basically has to do with fairness, justice, equatable balance. Next to that we have a card which is somewhat controversial you see in the movies when somebody has a death card, the assumption is that the character is going to die. The death card has noting to do 9 times out of ten with death it has to do with natural progression and change. Next to that is another controversial card is the devil card. The devil card having 9.

Times out of 10 nothing to do with the devil or being possessed. It has to do with the seven deadly sins or any one of them depending on your situation of the reading. Next to that we have my unfavorite card but it is a necessary one the tower card has to do with sudden change, inspected change, root shocks, things you are not prepare for. Next to that we have the moon card and the moon card is interesting card it has to do with hidden meanings, ties of time, wildness in general, so it is kind of a interesting card. Next.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Lovers Tarot Card

Hi, I'm Anubha Gupta, on behalf of Expert Village, I'll be talking about the next card, which is the Lovers card. As this card says that there is only love, there is only emotions. If it si coming for your marriage relationship, you are very commited to that person, but then there has to be somebody interfering and trying to ruin your relationship, so you have to be very careful once this card is coming. And if you are not married that means there has to be somebody entering into your life and that person will be a soulmate. As.

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