Tarot Spreads Major Arcana

By | January 12, 2017

Hi i’m suzanne diamond i’m a psychic and representing expertvillage . in this segment we go into the major arcana, what it is verses the minor arcana. What are going to go into the first ten major arcana. The major arcana is important and when you see major arcana in more particularly when you see a number of major arcana in your reading it is like a sign to you to pay attention to what is going to happen in your reading. Whether you are reading two weeks into the future or you are reading two months into the future because the major arcana encompass.

Everything that each of the minor arcana represents that being your emotion, your material aspects of your light, the battles that you might have the world and the your spiritually all of those in a nut shell. All the major arcana represents and now we would go into the first ten major arcana’s. Your first card which starts off as you notice on zero is the fool it has to do with exuberance, starting off on a journey, general youth. Your second card which is number one is the magician card has to do traditionally with as above so below.

Your second high priestess has to do with intellectual matters. the empress which has to do with all aspects of motherhood, mother earth, and motherhood in general. The emperor card which has to do with ruling and dominance. The hierophant card which has do with religious interchangings. Your six card is the lovers card traditionally having to do with relationships in particularly love relationship and everything that encompasses. Then we have the chariot card which has to do with just that it is movement card. Moving from one aspects of.