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By | January 9, 2017

Hi! with you i, korney. In life there are inexplicable things. We don’t understand much. But this misunderstanding can be divided into two categories. We haven’t reached some understanding. But we feel that it is on our way. Also time is just necessary to reach. But there are other things. They as if are away from this way. Also there is a feeling that we will never be able to understand it. I want to explain it on one example. These are tarot cards. These are the senior cards. There are still younger cards. But pictures on younger cards rather new. Younger cards were evolved by a modern playing pack.

But images on the senior cards have no relation to playing cards. and they are very ancient. It is considered that they have arisen in the Middle Ages. But most likely it not so. Most likely they is much more ancient. Because not all historical evidences have remained. Some innuendoes specify that antiquity of these cards much more. I want to compare tarot cards to the Russian alphabet. This similarity was found by the Russian occultist Felix Eldemurov. I to it have extremely been surprised. It is absolutely inexplicable how Russian alphabet corresponds to tarot cards. You probably have noticed that at me not everything is all right with voice. It is cold. Now fall and I have got sick.

I am treated. by the russian traditional method. It is vodka with pepper. For cold it helps better than antibiotics. The Russian people know it. And for my foreign friends, it perhaps will be useful knowledge. It is necessary to take black pepper. About a half of a teaspoon. To add a little vodka. As you see, I am treated for a long time. Also I can notice that my health has improved. It really well helps. To stir. And to drink. As speak in Russia, for health.

And so. there is a surprising and inexplicable compliance of tarot cards and the russian alphabet. Each separate compliance can seem unconvincing. But you don’t hurry with conclusions. There is a lot of compliances. Each separate compliance is doubtful. But everything together doesn’t raise doubts. I will follow an order of tarot cards. And they are numbered. They are 22. Also I will observe an order of the Russian alphabet. It is not special selection of couples. It is a natural order. The first tarot card, is Magician. The person with widely placed legs is represented. He faces a table.

The first russian letter in the alphabet, is a letter a (). the general contours really coincide. In the image of a letter A, it is possible to present the person before a table. With widely placed legs. The second card, is Priestess. This is the woman sitting on a throne. In this case on a cube. She holds a torch, a flower or a scroll in hand. The second Russian letter, is (B). She is represented so. There is some basis. And horizontal line. This line can be considered the hand given forward. As well as on the card. Following Empress card. She is similar to previous. But in this case, in a hand at the woman a shield. The third letter of the Russian alphabet, is similar to the previous letter too. Just the same lower part. And the top part has such form. That is it is possible to tell that it is a shield. It is a letter B (V).

Fourth emperor card. here he is represented by sitting. but as a rule he is drawn in the standing situation. This is the man with a scepter in hand. The hand holds a scepter. Fourth letter (G). We see approximate compliance again. Once again I want to repeat. Analogies are approximate course. But you don’t hurry with conclusions. When you learn as far as them there is a lot of, you will be surprised. Fifth tarot card Priest or Iyerofant. We see the person sitting on a throne. Near his legs two more persons settle down. He will judge them, or crowns. There are different options.

Russian letter (d). this part is similar to a certain throne. and two lines in a bottom, it are similar to two people. We go further. Beloved. On the road there is a person. Two women try to take away him. Everyone tries to take away him in the party. In clouds there is an angel or Cupid. He is sometimes represented, and sometimes not. And it is sometimes represented by hiding. To this card there correspond two similar letters E () and (Yo). But these letters should be treated with a twist. This line is similar to the road.

On her three persons. the first, second and third. And letter Yo. Same image. But two points are added. These two points symbolize that someone can hide. Someone can observe. So Felix Eldemurov writes. Following Chariot card. We see the person going by the chariot. In the chariot two sphinxes are harnessed. And the following letter in the Russian alphabet, is a letter (Zh). The vertical line corresponds to the person. And from two parties there are two symmetric parts. Let’s consider one part. I will draw her here separately. It reminds some winged being.

Voodoo Universe Interview wMonroe Rodriguez Singh creator of Vudu Tarot

Can you just give us your name and i wanted to talk a little bit about your project Your tarot project Ok so my name is Monroe Rodriguez Singh I want to talk a bit about the Vudu Tarot project and another deck called the Espiritismo tarot So they are two seperate decks There is one Vudu Tarot deck that specifically Haitian and Dominican Vudu, and the second deck is the Espiritismo deck.Santeria, Candomble, Palo, Umbanda, Hinduism, and couple.

Of some paganism as well. interesting, i notice you have images for Marie Laveau, Maria Lionza, and women like that. Where did you choose the particular images that you were going to portray. Umm, Marie Laveau was popular. while I was working on the project since about May 2015 and when I first put out Marie Laveau kept coming up. I put her in, as an alternative picture card.and Maria Lionza tradition just kind of popped in and out,.

My awareness for the past couple of years. it’s a little aggressive in the mediumship, but I don’t really practice it but I think it’s interesting. So What do you practice? So I am of very mixed ancestry and It’s kind of like I inherited a lot of different things. I didn’t get a manual, a rulebook, or training, from my family. been through a lot of different traditions to kind of sort my spiritual court out to .

Be aware of different spirits and experiences i have seen .so I started out actually going to Yorubans a lot.initially. then I went into Haitian Vudu. had a Lave Tet, because I was kind of in New Orleans a lot I was called to the intricacies of Santeria.A fair bit of Lucumi.I was scratched in Palo. Initiated into Palo. I am a Tata Nganga. I was scratched in two different.I’ve also had experience/practice with Umbanda.I was loosing interest about 2012 and It kept kinda coming back for me.

I was in palo practices and mediumship, influences. and that’s about it. i mean hinduism, more, I was initiated into Sikhism. So That’s a lot of different things you have going on there yeah it’s mainly because I tried to stick to one tradition and then even whether in Ifa, or a reading in Palo, I had all these different spirits that come in to play, I had to pay attention to them. So the more I started paying attention to them and to my spiritual court.and how.

It branched out into more interests and influence. and different other traditions. i’m not trying to ever. trying. Like for Palo I didn’t know anything about Palo when I was scratched. Right. I went there mostly for because it came up. I didn’t know anything about Sikhism until I came up. No matter what tradition I am working with some of the things kept coming in. What do you practice on a daily basis? These offerings to mainly Spiritism, . or to all of them? I guess Palo I can’t really get away from.

I actually kind of tried it once or twice. didn’t work. so.(audio issue).for two or three years I really honed on practice in Palo. I think it occurred like awhile ago either your first tradition you start with is usually your main one. I started out with Vudu first. and no matter whether it was Lucumi or Palo that it kept coming back in. And even after I got scratched, for awhile I was becoming posessed. When I.

Was around haitian practitioners. it was even i was trying to focus on one tradition and hey Don’t forget about us kind of thing. If you do forget, we really not . I mean I was getting possessed. I got possessed in a shop in New Orleans. Who’s Shop? Voodoo Authentica, Oh Brandi’s store, Yeah. But I got a reading there and just went into a trance and the first time I went almost completely gone,.