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By | May 14, 2016

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Psychic Txt Free Online Tarot Reading for the week of 52515 By Bethany

Hi Guys, this is Bethany with Psychic Txt and I am here to provide you with a weekly Tarot Card reading. I have been reading Tarot cards for the last twenty years and I am so grateful to be here and provide you with a bit of insight into your week. I am using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and here is your general reading for the week of May 25th through May 31st, 2015. If you would like to contact me for a personal reading, please feel free to contact me through.

The Psychic Txt app, through the Google store. Thank you. So, I have here the Knight of Pentacles and when he appears in a reading, he is saying that a long term condition will suddenly change. The focus being especially on travel, promotions, real estate, and investments. You may be surprised this week by a new opportunity that will allow you the chance to travel to that destination that you have been longing for or to sell that property that you have been trying to sell for some time. People may run hot and.

Cold when it comes to plans, but don't let that deter you. The Knight is telling you that this going to change and that it will change fast. I have also got The Sun here. And, the Sun is saying that this person you have been thinking about or that you have been in need of will finally make contact with you. This person may have been putting on a facade or keeping up an illusion of happiness. You'll soon discover that things aren't nearly as perfect as what they have appeared to be. Soon you will see.

That they have missed you and that their heart's desire matches that of your own. I've also got the Eight of Cups here. And, let me kind of pull it up here so you can see my layout. When the Eight of Cups appears it reminds you that if you have moved on from a relationship such as this person here that has made a call to you or has decided that they are ready to come forward, make sure that you search your heart. If you feel like this relationship is no longer serving you, let it go. You may not completely understand.

The situation or why things are the way that they are, but you know there is something missing. Don't let those feelings pass you. Those are red flags. What they are trying to tell you is that it's time to do what is best for you. All in all, I see that things are going to end on a positive note by the end of the week. You'll find yourself moving in a new direction. And, if you would like to contact me, please do. We can always look a bit further and I will be more than happy to look into your.

Tarot Cards the Golden Age Church What is Animal Whispering

My name is Arianah Bialon. I'm a minister, I'm a healer, I'm a channel, and an animal communicator, and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Animal communication came to me, kind of sought me out, my first experience was with an Orca whale, which really is the largest dolphin in the world, in SeaWorld in Florida. And this particular Orca had lost its mate and was grieving, and was very, very sad, and started telepathically communicating with me. I was really surprised to receive the communicationI wasn't expecting it at.

All, and I lingered there as long as I could, trying to communicate to this beautiful, beautiful Orca thatall the love and all the abundance of the universe that it would be brought another mate that it could be within its enclosure. Normally, dolphins and whales don't have as long of a lifetime when they're kept in an enclosure, or in a cement tank, as they do out in nature and in the wild, so their lifespan shortens considerably. But that was the first event that drew me into animal communication. From there, I began to work with dolphins.

On a regular basis, and Brookfield Zoo, and SeaWorld in California, SeaWorld in Florida, and it developed into more and more communication with the dolphins to a point where I finally went on a journey to the Bahamas, so that I could go to a research facility and see dolphins in the wild, and communicate with them there. I continued receiving messages for over fifteen years or more I continued working just with dolphins and whales, and in the last several years have brought in to help people with their horses, their dogs,.

And sometimes even their birds. Many different animals are communicating with me, and it's been very helpful to the owners, especially of pets that they have difficulties with, or challenges with. And it's been very rewarding to work with both the people and their animals, because I find there is a direct connection between the two of them. The animals usually take on a lot of the emotional healing for the people that they have as their owners, and they try to transmute as much of that emotional healing as they can for these people,.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Taurus Compatibility

We discussed Taurus a previously. Taurus are very good mates. Taurus people make very good mates because of their reliability and because its a fixed sign. Taurus also can be very loyal. In the sexual department Taurus people don't like to be experimental. It would behoove someone who has Taurus in them to try to be a little more experimental and find someone who has Cancer or maybe someone who has Sagittarius and someone that has Scorpio and Pisces. The Taurus and Pisces get along extremely well because a Taurus person can create that reliability.

That the Pisces need. The Pisces tend to drift around a lot. Not meaning in society they just drift with thought, they drift with emotion, and they drift with sensitivity. The Taurus acts as a grounding force. It's like a balloon, not that Piscean people are filled with hot air, its just that float around. Taurus will always yank them down to the yard to let them know you are still on this planet. The passion that develops between a Pisces and Taurus are very, very high because it's almost like a Yin Yang. Its a perfect balance. A Taurus.

Promotional tutorial Magik Earth

Hello everybody, my name is Mary Thornton Smith. I'm making this short tutorial today, to promote the shop. It's a bit too grown up for me, but let's give it a shot anyway. Okay, now Magik Earth is a very small shop in Shirley, which is in Southampton. I sell all the normal things you'd expect to find in a new age shop. I sell, ooh let me see, candles, clothing dreamcatchers, crystals, loads of incense, beautiful clothing that's actually under the fair trade association so you know your doing ok if you buy something from here.

I sell greetings cards, allsorts of bits and pieces, pop in and have a look round, it would be great to see you. Now the services I offer the shop actually has a beautiful lady called Laura whos my Tarot Reader shes amazingly accurate, a woman not to be crossed, she really knows her stuff, amazing. I often give out crystal readings, and also I'm a counselor so if you've got any problems, you wanna perhaps have a session with me, yer, pop along, give me a call anyway, lets make contact.

Now the shops got a really nice community feel about it, and lots of people come in and they say how relaxed and chilled out they are just to be here, and thats such a lovely thing for people to say and they really mean it. So once again welcome to Magik Earth. I've been coming to Magik Earth for years, Marys a good friend of mine. I like coming in here for a natter and a cup of tea, to look through her clothes, most of my wardrobe consists of stuff from Marys shop.

Guide to Mystical Numerology What Are Numerological Blueprints

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. In this speaking about mystical numerology, the one thing that's very important to remember is that in now way, shape, or form do I undermine the way a person feels. But, what I'm trying to bring out that's very important for you to understand is that we don't exist as separated, single entities. That we all have a vibrational flow through us that comes from the Cosmos, that comes through the planets. Since we all.

Have that, it knits us together in a oneness. So, within the oneness there's a blueprint. Within our psychospiritual selves, there is a blueprint. And, what I would ask for you to do is to really look inside your blueprint, look inside your psychospiritual self, and determine is this really part of my blueprint Is this part of my heart's feeling, my heart's vibration to be laden with guilt Is it part of my natural self to feel this deep of sorrow Is it part of my blueprint to be labeled a bipolar or a dysfunctional So, we have to.

Determine is that really a part of our blueprint. Are we really an addict Do we go out onto a high hill and look up into the Universe and see addiction as the blueprint that we are to reflect back to the Cosmos I think a lot of healing has to do with our thought process. And, a lot of healing has to do with knowing what our blueprint really is and it's really quite basic. Our blueprint doesn't involve a lot of definitions. Our blueprint doesn't involve a lot of titles or categories. In the Piscine Age in Western civilization,.

Everything has been separated up into ologies, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology. Psychology in itself is an infant science and also a soft science. It's not even a hundred and fifty years old. So, do we really want to embrace terms that can cripple us for a lifetime To say my main angstroms are an addict. My main angstroms are bipolar. My main angstroms are dysfunctional. When, no, because that doesn't exist within the Cosmos so how can that really exist inside of us To have a good healing inside is to feel from the heart.

Understanding Astrology The Sign Leo in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I'm here to tell you about astrology. Leo. Leo is a very strong sign. If you think of Leo the Lion, you're dealing with a person that tends to dominate. Leos are people that take control very quickly and very well. Leos also like the finer things in life. And, not only will they have the finer things in life for themselves, but they'll share them with others. A Leo person, a lot about a Leo person is within their presentation, is within they,.

How strongly they come off in front of you. Leos are direct, and they're straightforward and they tend to like to be the center of attention. Leos will, if you go to a party and you see a person that is basking in everybody's attention, who's telling a lot of jokes, who has command of a lot of people around them, nine times out of ten, that's a Leo. And, it could be male, it could be Leo the lion, or it could be a lioness. Sometimes a different side of a Leo is to stay too much in the shade. Even though they rule their own kingdoms,.

They may have a waiting period where they just go and they'll lounge and be kind of lazy about life. They won't want to take action at first, but they don't always stay that way because once, once a lion pounces, once that lion has determined its prey, they can be pretty, pretty determined. Leos make really good mates because they're practical. They do like to create a nice den for themselves. But, they really do like beauty. The Taurus cares for beauty, too, and the finer things in life. And, those are the two signs that.

If you're going to have a beautiful home, nine time out of ten, a Leo will create it. And, the Leo will take care of matters in the home. To go out and make a living is not so distant for a Leo to think about. In fact, careers and professions are usually very important to a Leo. And, they like being in charge. They like being the supervisors, the leaders within their own business. They don't really care to follow in the back seat of anyone else. Leos pioneer new directions. They're highly original. They're authentic. They bring.

New Age Medic

Open your eyes. Look at me. You're going to be okay. I'm a reflexologist. You feel that knot right there That's your gaping wound. The whole body is connected. I can't tell you that these healing rocks are going to work for certain because I can't read your palm, your hands were blown off. Aromatherapy. I got this from an Asian person so it's probably going to work. I don't mean to alarm you, but I think you were hit with an nonorganic hand grenade. I don't have enough energy to any energy healing.

Open Your Chakras With This Short Prayer

To get the most out of this prayer, sit in a comfortable position, relax your body and allow the words to wash over you. Make it your intention for the words of this prayer to be your own. A Psychics Prayer. I ask that my crown chakra be open to receive intuitive information from the universe. I asked my third eye chakra be open so that I can see all vision with crystal clarity. I ask that my throat chakra be open so that I can communicate clearly and articulately. I ask that my.

Heart chakra be open so I may receive messages with love and relay messages with love. I ask that my solar plexus chakra be open so that I may speak of these visions, impressions, guidance and truth with confidence and without the fear of being wrong. I ask that my sacral chakra open so that I may embrace and accept others as they are, without judgment. I ask that my root chakra be open so that I may stay grounded and offer practical and spiritual advice and guidance. I ask that angels and guides.

Understanding Astrology The Sign Sagittarius in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I'm here to tell you about astrology. Okay. Now, we're going to talk about Sagittarians. And, what's really good to know about the centaur, which is the sign of Sagittarius, is the bow and, the arrow flying free from the bow. This is what really marks the Sagittarian is more of the bow and arrow than it does the, being a centaur. Sags are highly optimistic people. Sags also feel that everything wonderful is going to happen to them no matter what. They.

Don't deal with consequences in life too well because they always think something great's going to happen. Sagittarians also love their freedom. And, it's rather difficult to keep a Saggitarian down. It doesn't mean that Saggitarians are promiscuous, but it does mean that they want to meet new people. They want to go to new places. They want to enjoy life. They're highly enthusiastic. They're very ambitious. They're very resourceful. And, they, they, they can, you know, really spin a good yarn sometimes, good tales. They can tell tall tales. They can also weave a nice little web around you. It's kind of deceptive. But, it's.

So, they'll do anything to have their freedom. So, Sagittarians tend to not know the consequences of their awkwardness, their straightforwardness, their honesty is pretty strong. A Sag will tell you, that's the person that will tell you your hair looks like crap today. That's the one who will tell you the shoes are funny looking on you. That's the one who'll tell you your clothes are atrocious. And, the Sag doesn't realize that this is hurting other people. The Sag just realizes he's being honest. And, for a Sagittarian to be honest and optimistic.

Guide to Mystical Numerology Mystical Energy as Maat

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. Okay, I'm going to discuss Maat, and I'm going to discuss the dolphins and what this energy means. Maat can be considered the eight, the pattern of eight. When you work with the pattern of eight, eight is the octagon. Eight is the scales of justice. Eight deals with what is right. The Egyptian culture was wrapped around Maat because the Egyptian culture was wrapped around truth. I'm talking about thirty thousand.

Years ago not recent or not what various Popes want us to believe that mankind's history only existed for six or seven thousand years ago. I'm talking about thirty thousand years ago. Maat was a strong symbol of doing what's right, of making the right choices, of using the, your judge, the wise use of judgmental power. So, Maat was a very, very important energy which now we call a Goddess. But, it was an energy that exists within eight and the eight, also, is the symbol of the infinity. Now, the dolphin energy would be the three.

Energy and the dolphin energy is used with Apollo. Apollo also represents the Sun. There's three planets still to be discovered, and that's Cheron, Vulcan, and Apollo. The Apollo energy works with dolphin energy because the dolphin energy means live and let live which is a very strong Apollo energy. Dolphin energy means swim the waters freely, and happily, and enjoy your anthropocosmic existence. Dolphin energy also involves a lot of wisdom and ambassadors to carry on the truth, to take the truth from one place to another. The dolphin energy is.

Understanding Astrology The Sign Scorpio in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I'm here to tell you about astrology. Scorpios. This is the most intense sign in the zodiac. It is the most foreboding, not in characteristic or in nature, but it's due to the black, the black scorpion. Scorpions are highly intense people. Scorpion are ruled by the planet Pluto. This is a sign that deals with the heavy duty things in life. Scorpion people usually can delve down into the darkest regions in our life and have a total understanding of what's.

Going on. Scorpions are, make very good lovers in bed. Their sexuality is unmatched by any of the other signs. They have an intensity in bed that, it's just not paralleled by any other sign. So, maybe you might have a horizon in Scorpio, you know. But, Scorpios have a severe intensity about them. And, you can tell a Scorpion because it's the one who is like looking at you through knitted eyebrows with this intense look in their eyes. It looks like they're trying to figure out everything there is about you. Well, they probably have.

Figured out everything that there is about you. Scorpions can be highly vindictive and the problem with that is that they will map out their revenge. They'll take step by step and they'll plot it. They will plot it step by step, moment by moment. They will be patient. But, when they do sting you, it's probably very, it's probably very devastating. This is part of the scorpion. They're highly psychic people. And, they're highly intuitive people. They also like to be in the position where, say, a weaker sign, say like Pisces can depend.

Understanding Astrology The Sign Taurus in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I'm here to tell you about astrology. Okay. Now, we're going to talk about Taurus and Taurus is known as the bull. Taurus people tend to be very reliable. They're very hard working. Taurus people aren't the most organized of the signs because they tend to move at their own pace. Taurians don't like to be hurried. They don't really care for limitations. They don't care for restrictions. A Taurus person really looks at security. And, he looks at.

Security for many years in the future. They tend to make certain that the future is better taken care of for themselves and their loved ones. Taurians are very reliable people. They're very good workers. They tend to have normally a good, even temperament about them when you talk with a Tuarian or you first meet them. But, they do have a very bad temper when aroused. And, aroused, usually with Taurians, you really have to push their buttons. Once their buttons are pushed a little bit too far, you're dealing with a very angry bull. And, they will stomp around for quite.

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