Tarot De Marseille

By | July 11, 2016

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Les tarots et Bertrand SaintGuillain 14 La Consultation

It's the phenomenological event, the moment the moment when the invisible is asked the invisible may correspond to the psychanalytic subconscious to the animist spirits to the spiritualist entities whatever, in any case the job is to interpret a message. A phenomenon, an interaction is triggered and it will produce meaning. There's an inner order, in the cards, to begin with through their numbers, the suits, series of figures and the trumps, by injecting disorder, chaos, we project the current situation, and basically it's a reflection the mirror metaphor is a bit obvious and exaggerated but that's more or less the point.

One of the challenges is not to turn a prediction into programming So in formulating a prediction it is capital to keep it open and perhaps is it more important to talk about what generates the cards' prediction than the foreseen event. If someone comes with an everly specific question the cards will not necessarily answer to this question and may possibly detail and explain the questioning, the main point will be something else and that would be what has to be talked about. When we can describe feelings, sensations we may experience them physically.

It's quite important to be aware of that because, obviously, if the matter is intimate and there's a physical sensation reflecting it it is important to remember we're in a process of empathy. The idea is mainly to detach from what we already know to embrace surprise because in fact it's when surprise arises that we can deliver a direct message. Personnally anyway, I advise and from a business point of view it's stupid I advise not to come see me too often because you have to let things unfold.

Les Tarots et Bertrand SaintGuillain 34 Dessiner

I started cardmaking in the most traditional way that can be using elementary tools matching more or less those that were in use in the eighteenth century to understand this construction, in the beginning, very analytically to understand intimately the lines to answers the kind of fundamental geometrical questions one may wonder about because it's not unusual to assume there's a secret hidden in there What I decided was to get involved in the making of cards in order to decypher those hypothetical secrets. Experimenting the making gave me something quite different.

Drawing the cards, engraving lead into an intimacy of the material creation which was unexpected It wasn't some kind of Eureka moments oh yeah I get that dimension, this detail, why this is twice that but rather that in order to build an image the material has to be confronted, one has to dig, the image being built is forgotten at some point it is no longer visible and one become totally immersed in the image much like in a meditation over the cards like something that is beyond words, in fact.

Then, but this may be more a question of beliefs, thinking that we put our hands back in the hands, the grooves of the cards engravers may lead to feel a connection to this reality, to those memories to this knowledge, obviously not mentally understanding everything but simply by letting the same flow run by letting a Spirit which animate the cards, beause when you look at them there's certainly a rather solid soul at least that's what I feel The Gesture anyway gives an access to those sensations.

In my personal experience it gave me some distance to the rational and to the very intellectual relation to the cards It's a good thing to get off this rational addiction. Engraving tarot cards is not something necessary, however, if one is really curious about tarot cards it's excellent to get close to them through drawing to watch with whatever is available, it doen't matter everyone isn't an experimented designer but diagrams, schematic designs, are other viable options, allow oneself to develop cards illustrations in a more personal graphical register, but by all means through Gesture.

Les Tarots et Bertrand SaintGuillain 24 La Pratique

If one plans to start reading the cards there's a word to remember praxis, as in process The process that's when we do not when we study Studying is fine but it comes in a second time and all the books, lessons, teachings, etc. they can only confirm the process and the experience it cannot be a prerequisite it's not something which can be learned in a book It's something that can be explained and it's a process that should look like playing music rather than an intellectual process or a science.

The fact that this is something to be handled the materiality of cards that's rather. That's quite important because obviously it is unseen, we can see someone spreading cards and by watching we can't experience the physical engagement, the whole body in fact is engage. Truth is it is better to forget oneself a bit to let this talk, these sensations. It's a matter of sensations, yes. There are rythm concepts the visual rythms seen in the cards but also the rythm in the voice because it's rythmed by silences not too long hopefully.

Or by looks by a more or less fast words flow it has a relation to musical improvisation except. at least with some types of musical improvisation the issue is not to make the more beautiful music but simply to make the true music and that's the same about the cards we don't look to make a beautiful carrds drawing we look to make a well flowing drawing because if it flows it'll be naturally beautiful. So one musn't fear to improvise even if some out of tune notes happen.

Tarot Cards the Golden Age Church The Voyager Tarot Deck Part 3

Hello, my name is Arianah Bialan. I'm a minister. I'm a healer. I'm a channel. I'm an animal communicator and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Again in worlds. Youre really working with manifesting right now. Youre enjoying this, this is fun for you. You have a beautiful white wolf in this picture which shows me that you have purity with your power animals and a very strong connection to your power animals. Again this is calling you to your reflection and connection with nature and all your power animals and the animals that.

Speak to you. It also has all the star energy. So the wisdom of the stars is where you come from. The wisdom from the other universes comes through you. The two of worlds speaks of reflection of the quite time spent in nature spent alone in a sacred place to really listen to your higher self and to your inner self. It's calling you to look at what you are manifesting now if this is really making you happy. What it is you'd like to change and a quiet time.

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