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By | April 15, 2016

Aquarius July 2015 21 Card Gypsy Spread

Aquarius July 2015 21 Card Gypsy Spread,General This reads as if there has been a loss of love or friendship, however you do get over it. A fresh start and plans for the future and you may save and put..

Virgo September - 21 Card Gypsy Spread.An ending of a friendship or relationship is your decision and you recover from this. A success in regards work but be careful that you do not take on the lions..

Tarot Card Reading My Daily 5 Card Spread For 02/04/14 By "TG" Parker Professional Tarot Card Reader.Tarot Card Reading My Daily 5 Card Spread 020414 TGP Daily 5 Card Tarot Spread for 020314 by by TG Parker Professional Tarot Card Reader 6 of Cups..

Friendship Spread Using My Charmed Tarot Deck.Communication 1. Environment 2. Feelings 3. Thoughts 4. Spirit Karma 5. Current situation 6 7. Negative aspects 8 9. Positive aspects Future 10..

Tarot Interpretations: Episode 21..

Lenormand Relationship/Friendship Spread..

Gemini October 2015 Astro Triple Cross

Gemini October 2015 Astro Triple Cross,A strange time of make or break for some but dont panic you hold the cards to these decisions and Mercury and Venus give you full support. A blast from the..

Lenormand Reversal Example Reading: A Friendship Question.Tutorial by.hexeclaire.de EMail clairehexeclaire.de Facebook s.facebookhexeclaire Blog sholunderhexe.wordpress..

One Card Tarot Reading - Situational Friendship Reading.The querent did a reading on themselves based on a friends action of deleting her from facebook then adding her back. I give added insight on this reading..

Pisces February 2016 Tarot Forecast Reading.Pisces February 2016 Tarot Forecast Reading Heres your tarot forecast reading for February! This is a 10 card intuitive spread that uses Vedic numerology for..

Intuitive Angel Insights With Courtney Long - Week Of March 7-13, 2016.Enjoy the Angels messages to empower your week. This week the Angels encourage you to TAKE ACTION and TRUST IN DIVINE TIMING. Tuesday March 8..

Three Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Video..spiritreader Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Tutorial Meaning Exhibiting proficiency at a task, working with a team, executing a job with..

3 Card Love And Friendship Reading Request For Sudha..

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