Tarot Card Meanings Seven Of Pentacles

By | January 12, 2017

Hi. this is anubha gupta on behalf of expert village. now i will be talking about the seven of Pentacles or Seven of Coins. As you can see this person is standing and he is trying to defend his money, he’s trying to take care of it as all the money is stuck on tree. This means that your money has to be stuck somewhere. If this card is coming for present that means you are most worried because of this one reason, you might have invested your money or given it away to somebody or might have put your money forward in some kind of charity and.

Now it’s got stuck. you don’t know what to do about it, it’s getting to utilized any which way. It doesn’t show that you are not financially, not sound financially you’re very sound because you have money but that money is not your hand. You don’t have the authority to spend it to take care of all the problems that you have been facing and you will be facing in your near future. So, this doesn’t show, again, when the money will come, it just shows a scenario where the money has got stuck.