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By | March 12, 2017

When it comes to drinking then its habit is put to us. .by our friends or neighbors or some relative. But I got into this habit because of girls. Girls mean love. What is love? It is such a question that. .every boy wants to ask God and not Mr. Sharma.

Even he cannot answer this question. .that is why even God takes his own time. There was surely love in my life but only in heart. One sided. From my side it was love, marriage. .and even I would have celebrated first night. But girls call brother and move ahead.

Anyways, to whom shall we show our love letter? Madam. India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country ad I am proud of it. Madam. Madam, whichever girl I propose comes and complains to you.

So. so. I love you teacher. How dare you hit my son? What else could I do madam? Because of your son coeducation is being removed from the school. What is the fault of my son?.

He just expressed his feelings. If you agreed you would have said yes or. .otherwise would have said no and let him try somewhere else. When girls started rejecting me then I increased the level. But teacher also refused. But I was Romeo number 1 and had decided to find my Juliet.

We are close because we go to the same tuition. But this is not love. You are my best friend. Sorry Hari. You like my dance that is why I like you. But this is not love Harii. You are my friend. Sorry Hari.

You are like my brother. sorry hari. To love you is out of question. I cannot be friends with someone out of the caste. So, please forget me. I am sorry Hari. Now don’t get into the habit of drinking.

You are like my mentor. Sorry Hari. I am sorry Hari. You are like my guide. I am sorry Hari. I have never felt like that for you. I already have a boyfriend.

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I will not spare you. what? Leave him. Move away. Move back. Enough, why are you thrashing him? Son, why are you thrashing son of MLA? He gave me 500/ so that I vote for his father.

Son, you gave him money so that he votes for your father. Hearing this even I am feeling angry. His anger is right. Good, that he thrashed you. Uncle, I did not thrash him for giving 500/. .but in fact after promising for 1000/ he gave 500/.

That is why i thrashed him. so for just 500/ you thrashed him. If he can cheat me by giving just 500/then. .what is the guarantee that after getting votes. .his father will not cheat public. I am keeping this because it is my right. Keep rest in the pocket.

He thrashed mlas son very badly. I am releasing him because of you. Thank you. Just make him understand. He keeps on thrashing people the entire day. Okay sir. Come. I am releasing you for the last time.

Come on. Hey, come on. Okay sir. God, do anything today so that my son does not fight with anyone today. Just pray that your son does not fight with anyone without reason. Yes. What did you say, buddy? Party for me.

Whether it is parents or friends but for me. .everyone is the same. Understood. Food and drinks are there. But what will I drink? Any fruit juice would do. Hey, dont talk this in front of me.

Keep the phone and quietly eat breakfast. The enemy is sitting in front of me. Will talk later. Have a long life. He is so sweet, isnt he? I shall leave, mother. Wait, son. Tell me what I should cook for lunch today. What should you cook?.

Okay, make butter cottage cheese and rice pudding. Ask father to get 2kg cottage cheese. More than half I will eat and you both adjust in the remaining. Also green Kebabs with it. Wait for a moment. Listen, it is his birthday today. .so at least give him 100/for spending.