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By | May 29, 2016

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Psychic Txt Online Psychic Readings Free Tarot Reading Week Of July 27 Aug 2, 2015

This is Bethany with Psychic Txt bringing you your weekly Tarot Card reading for the weekly of July 27th through August 2nd. So let's see what we can expect for the upcoming week. So first, I have the King of Pentacles here. And, the King of Pentacles represents the sun sign Gemini. Geminis tend to be mental, versatile, adaptable, confident and energetic type people. They can communicate their needs clearly and are typically capable of doing two more jobs at one time. The focus for this week is on communication, expansion, and completing.

Old projects and starting new ones. In romance, a lover may not act or call as expected. It could be annoyance because you feel it is thoughtless or irresponsible. For work this week, you can expect to get some very unexpected validation from someone who is important or influential. In travel, if you were planning a trip this week, you may need to cancel it or you may need to reschedule it for another time. Next, we have the Four of Swords. When you have three or more swords in a reading, it.

Indicates tremendous activity and some agitation. This week you may find yourself feeling a bit out of touch or maybe feeling a bit off, but with some determination you can overcome these feelings. In finances, you may encounter an upset or dispute over finances or it may just be very slow coming in. Give it some time and it will work itself out. This card is also saying you need to gets some more rest before any further activity can be resumed. And next, we have the Three of Swords. The Three of Swords is one of those cards that.

It's just so obvious in its meaning. It deals with pain and heartache with those we love so much. You may want an old relationship to come back together or maybe you have run out of hope of finding someone special. It may not be a lover at all. It could be someone you are disappointed with or angry with like a friend or a family member. Whatever it is that you are feeling and is causing you pain, this card promises that restructuring, rebuilding, and renewing always following heartache and pain. You will be rewarded a fresh start and.

Psychic Txt Online Psychic Readings Psychic Tarot Reading Week of 817823, 2015

Hey Guys, it's Bethany bringing you your weekly Tarot forecast for the week of August 17th through the 23rd. Can you believe we are almost to the end of summer and kids are already going back to school I know it's a relief for some of you so let's take a look at what you can expect for your week ahead. First, what we get here is the Seven of Swords. And traditionally, in Tarot, when you have three or more swords in a reading, it predicts a tremendous amount of activity. So this week will be a busy week where you may feel that.

You have so much to do you aren't quite sure you can handle it all. Some things you have staked in the ground ready to go, but then you have all of these other things that need to be done. And you are going so fast you are not quite sure you can get it all done. So, we get the Page of Swords here and he says, Don't worry, you can get it all done. Just be practical, think it through and walk through everything one at a time. Don't try.

To do everything at once. If you are trying to accomplish a difficult task this week, just take a deep breath and walk through it. That's something my sister Sabrina always says. Walk through it. Just take your deep breath , because you are going to get through it and everything is going to be okay. So next, we have the Five of Cups. You may feel that you have some setbacks or delays this week especially when it comes to obstacles that are in the way of a love interest or maybe even a job or job promotion you've been.

Longing for. If you experience a disappointment this week, know that it is okay to withdraw and experience these raw emotions. Just don't let them completely take over and ruin your week. But, if you need to shutdown, do so, because the Nine of Wands here says you will experience a sudden change in your circumstances. Someone will come along who will change things for the better. Whether this person is a new love interest or someone who helps take you to the next level with work, you won't experience disappointment for too long. Your savior is.

On the way. And then in closing, we have the Ace of Cups. The Ace of Cups starting the dawning of a new beginning especially in emotions desires, inner experiences or spirit. Act on any ideas or new avenues that you want to pursue. Your ideas will be met with success. What you want also wants you and it's only a matter of time before you get it. I hope this helps guide your week. Thank you for joining me looking at your week ahead. If you would like a private reading with me, please feel free to contact.

Psychic Txt Online Psychic Readings Psychic Tarot Reading 8289, 2015

This is Bethany from Psychic Txt bringing your weekly Tarot Forecast. This is for the week of August 2nd through August 9th. So, this week we started off with the Two of Pentacles. The Two of Pentacles is this guy with a funny looking hat who appears to be juggling two pentacles and in the background you can see a ship riding some pretty high waves up and down, up and down. So this part is saying expect some highs and some lows this week. Maybe you might find yourself juggling your finances or maybe trying to find some type.

Of balance between your highs and lows. Perhaps you are a single and you have a couple of different people you were weighing in on which one is better suited for you. Whatever you may be facing, whether it is finances, relationships, work related issues, or maybe just too many options and you have no idea what you want to do balance shall be restored, pressure will ease off and happiness will be regained. Next, what we have here is the Nine of Swords. The Nine of Swords can be such an ominous card. It portrays a woman sitting up in bed,.

Covering her face in what we can only assume is her crying or feeling despair. I never like to get this card in a reading because usually you can expect some blocked progress or you may experience some worry or some anxiety about your future or maybe somebody close to you. You may have to face some unpredictable changes or temporary losses. The good thing is that you will soon see that everything has worked out for the best of all. So, don't let your worry get the better of you. If you find yourself in the midst of change or feel.

Concerned for some upcoming changes, embrace them, feel them, and find comfort knowing that everything will work out for the best in the end. And last, what we have here is the Two of Swords. The Two of Swords says you have options. Take heed and really stop and observe what those options are and what they will do for you. You will move ahead despite any fear, doubt, or confusion. Now is the time to align yourself with supportive friends and family. Be ready to move ahead quickly and expect.

A surprise or two along the way. Just remember everything in the universe follows a natural rhythm. Day follows night and harvest follows fallow. Your day of harvest is drawing near and once that time comes you will find yourself with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Have a blessed week everyone. If you would like to do a private reading with me, you can find me on the Google Play Store or the iTunes store under the Psychic Txt app. Thank you for letting me guide your week and I hope to see you again next week. Bye for now!.

Psychic Txt Free Online Tarot Reading Week of June 29July 5, 2015

Hey guys, Bethany from Psychic Txt bringing you your weekly Tarot Card Reading for the week of June 29th through July 5th. I've already shuffled the cards and I found it interesting that this week I've got all Major Arcana cards. Major Arcana cards are powerful cards for they usually indicate an important event, an important week in the month and usually overpower any other cards in the reading. So, getting three for this week means that you can expect a lot of important events or situations to come up. So, could be a life.

Changing week! Let's begin. First, we have here the Wheel of Fortune card. The Wheel of Fortune card is associated with the number one. As our week begins, we will find that there may be some controversial matters or conflicts of interest that may come up. These unforeseen circumstances could present themselves in a way that make you change your plans or alter your course. In love, this could indicate that someone from your past is going to return, but you still may be feeling undecided how to handle things with this relationship. In finances, you can.

Expect an increase in your living expenses such as a new car payment or maybe your rent or mortgage payment is about to go up. So prepare yourself as a new way is about to commence this week. And next, I have the Hermit card. The Hermit is represented by the number nine. The number nine indicates situations or events that are nearing completion and a new level awaits. The Hermit is saying, Seek and find a way to solve your problems. You have reached the final stage and it is time to draw a close so you can move on to the next level. You.

May find yourself wanting to change your destiny or alter your life path. In love matters, you may find yourself wanting to get back together with someone who has been estranged for some time. This may be just the time to bridge your estrangements and share your heart with him or her. Emotionally you may find yourself feeling sad or apprehensive from a situation that came up on your quickly. The Hermit is saying, Don't worry as you will find those feelings will change to relief or joy. I'm also seeing if you have been.

Psychic Txt Free Online Tarot Reading for the week of 52515 By Bethany

Hi Guys, this is Bethany with Psychic Txt and I am here to provide you with a weekly Tarot Card reading. I have been reading Tarot cards for the last twenty years and I am so grateful to be here and provide you with a bit of insight into your week. I am using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and here is your general reading for the week of May 25th through May 31st, 2015. If you would like to contact me for a personal reading, please feel free to contact me through.

The Psychic Txt app, through the Google store. Thank you. So, I have here the Knight of Pentacles and when he appears in a reading, he is saying that a long term condition will suddenly change. The focus being especially on travel, promotions, real estate, and investments. You may be surprised this week by a new opportunity that will allow you the chance to travel to that destination that you have been longing for or to sell that property that you have been trying to sell for some time. People may run hot and.

Cold when it comes to plans, but don't let that deter you. The Knight is telling you that this going to change and that it will change fast. I have also got The Sun here. And, the Sun is saying that this person you have been thinking about or that you have been in need of will finally make contact with you. This person may have been putting on a facade or keeping up an illusion of happiness. You'll soon discover that things aren't nearly as perfect as what they have appeared to be. Soon you will see.

That they have missed you and that their heart's desire matches that of your own. I've also got the Eight of Cups here. And, let me kind of pull it up here so you can see my layout. When the Eight of Cups appears it reminds you that if you have moved on from a relationship such as this person here that has made a call to you or has decided that they are ready to come forward, make sure that you search your heart. If you feel like this relationship is no longer serving you, let it go. You may not completely understand.

The situation or why things are the way that they are, but you know there is something missing. Don't let those feelings pass you. Those are red flags. What they are trying to tell you is that it's time to do what is best for you. All in all, I see that things are going to end on a positive note by the end of the week. You'll find yourself moving in a new direction. And, if you would like to contact me, please do. We can always look a bit further and I will be more than happy to look into your.

Free Tarot Reading Online 8883518309 Tarot Card Readings

Call eight eight eight three five one eight three oh nine to get your tarot card reading now tarot card reading is being widely accepted with great enthusiasm all around the world as people are coming to terms with the concept of time brought readings and they can feel a connection with the person almost immediately with him his destiny is being read tom but reading is so fantastically popular because one can get his all had tom brought reading online with the help of gifted readers who are available at all the time online.

Tom wrote readings tells a person about his characteristics and various other facts and details that are important to one's life it can create your soul of holdouts and concerns and aims to awaken you spiritually by granting an understanding of your present or past situation if you are ever in doubt with the very concept all authenticity of the time but reading you should take a breeding wants just for fun and you will find yourself amazed at the accuracy with which the cards that you choose while in an online tariff reading session will reveal amazing facts about.

Psychic Txt Free Reading Week of 01100116, 2016

Hello Psychic Texters and welcome to your weekly forecast for January 10th through the 16th of 2016! The energy for this week seems to be highly focused on work and business related success and guidance. To start with we have the six of clubs. This card really shows the prospects of a lucrative and successful business or work situation. This is the point where success is in our grasp and we can feel the abundance around us beginning to settle in and become stable. There is still plenty of space to maneuver and continue creating the way in which we.

Channel prosperity in our lives. This is truly an exciting card when it comes to business matters! Our good friend the Jack of Clubs comes in this week to offer up guidance on how to keep what we have and that it is in fact OK to do so. With the dynamic success talked about with the Six of Clubs we can sometimes feel too comfortable. Things seem to run themselves so well that we suddenly feel like we are flying and there is no way we could ever fall. The Jack of Clubs is here to remind us not to become unreliable and complacent. He tells.

Us to stay alert and proactive in the creation and security of our abundance and prosperity. Next up is the Queen of Clubs. As she gazes at us deeply she gently lifts away the anxious feeling that all we have acquired might slip away all too fast. Her wisdom this week is to wake us up to the reality that things like money and budgets and earning and keeping wealth is much more in our control than we let ourselves believe. She tells us that taking small practical steps toward financial security is in our power and very much possible. She.

Psychic Txt Online Psychic Readings Week of July 2026, 2015

Hey Guys, this is Bethany with Psychic Txt bringing you your weekly Tarot Card Forecast. This is for the week of July 20th through the 26th. So, this week I wanted to bring out the Tree Magic cards. Because they are so different than my Rider Waite cards, I always enjoy interpreting them and I feel like they have a magic of their own. Let's see what is coming up for your week ahead. First I have The Quince Tree. The Quince Tree is associated with fruitfulness and having what is rich and beautiful. The Quince Tree.

Is considered to be one of the most attractive fruit trees. It reveals that your social circle and wealth will branch out and increase. Spiritually, you may find yourself in a growth period wanting to expand your knowledge or perhaps, learning a bit more about yourself. The fruit of The Quince Tree is fragrance and the flavor of the fruit is actually considered indescribable. Since the fruit resembles that of the womb, it is indicated that to get this card, a woman may find that she is fertile and the time may be right to conceive a child.

Next, I got The Dove Tree. The Dove Tree is associated with blessings from Heaven. The Dove Tree produces huge white flowers which actually look like fluttering doves. Because of this, The Dove Tree is also associated with peace. If you are awaiting communication from someone or awaiting news or confirmation from someone, you may expect that to happen this week. The flower of The Dove Tree has one petal that is actually longer than the other which suggests you may find your perfect match in love. The rather strange nut it produces.

Also stresses moderation in eating and drinking this week. And last, but certainly not least, I have The Magnolia Tree. I love The Magnolia Tree not only because it is associated with surprises in this card, but I love the big white flowers it produces. They are always so fragrant and so beautiful. The Magnolia Tree is also associated with happiness and joy. You may find this week that you have unbounded joy and feelings of happiness which falls right in line with the spiritual growth indicated earlier with The Quince Tree. If you open yourself up to receiving this week, I believe that you will.

Find that you will get may pearls of wisdom and gifts of love. Your treasured wishes will be granted out of the blue and you will find yourself feeling just how much the universe has to offer if you just open yourself up sand trust. I hope each and every one of you find yourself exactly where you need to be this week. I wish you health, wealth and love. If you would like to do a private reading with me, please find me on the Psychic Txt app through your Google Play or iTunes store. Thank you guys!.

Psychic Txt Free Reading Week of 01030109, 2016

Hello Psychic Texters! I am your PsychicTXT advisor Laurie bringing you your weekly forecast for the week of January 3rd through January 9th 2016! I hope you are having a very happy start to your 2016! This week seems to be all about getting to take a breather at last! It is about release and taking it easy and allowing ourselves to go slowly as we make our ways in this new turning of the wheel. To start with we are gifted with the guidance of the 5 of Hearts. Even though this card.

Can indicate trouble in romantic situations it can also signal the final release of a very tense set of emotions or period of time. I feel this card best sums up the release of all the holiday tensions that we just left behind us in 2015. There is also a feeling of bewilderment as we get back to all the regular day to day stuff without the overtones of frivolity and holiday madness. There is now a calm and an ability to relax as we are not being pulled in so many different directions now. Still, with that comes a bit of sadness.

As it is in fact nice to feel needed sometimes. Next up is another five, the five of spades. This card is showing us that there is a separation going on in our lives that is making us choose what we keep and what we let fade away. Sometimes a difficult thing to do but ultimately necessary unless we want to keep living a life that is like trudging through mud. By stripping away what is no longer a part of us we begin to see who we really are and live in a more authentic way. In so doing it becomes easier.

To discern the truth in all situations so we can better navigate the path of our lives in a way that leads us to the most fulfilling destination. From the last card talking about the ability to discern the truth in situations we have a great lead into our final card, the three of clubs. This card can show progress that is slow and ineffectual if we are in a negative state of mind. We can turn this around to be a gradual state of progression whereby we choose to savor each and every lesson along.

The way. It may take longer to get to where we want to be, but the quality of our journey will be enhanced a thousand fold. When we alleviate the feeling that everything has to be done at a hurried pace we also take away the anxiety and instill the much needed trait of wonder. Wonder is what feeds our souls as we better ourselves and create dynamic and inspired lives. This concludes your PsychicTXT weekly forecast for the week of January 3rd through January 9th 2016! My name Laurie and I would love to help guide you through your day! Just look.

Psychic Txt Psychic Tarot Reading Week of 1005 1011, 2015

Hey Guys, this is Bethany with Psychic Txt and this is your weekly Tarot Card Forecast. This is for the week of October 5th through the 11th. So, I thought I would change it up a bit this week. I am going to cover a few basic areas that are a bit more focused on love, money, and career. Let's begin and see what we can expect for our upcoming week. First, I got the Magician. And, The Magician is placed in the position of what we can expect overall for our week ahead. The Magician is the very first card of the major arcana and.

Is represented by the number one. It's also the card of new beginnings and fresh starts. You may suddenly feel a bit more goal oriented or motivated this week. You will find the energy around you feels alive and you are ready to tackle some big projects or maybe even make some desired changes. It's no surprise since seasons are changing and for some of us, a reprieve from the summer heat. This is going to be a great time for making big changes and starting over. Next, we have the Four of Cups in the money.

Position. The Four of Cups says you may be focused on fulfilling some emotional desires or wants that you really know deep within it may be best to hold back right now. It also seems you can expect to hear about a new job or a new source of income. If you have been in financial despair you can expect something to be offered that will come as a great blessing to you. In the relationship position, we have the Two of Pentacles. You may be feeling a bit up and down emotionally this week which may.

Have an effect on the relationships in your life. Perhaps step away from those you love when you feel like you can't maintain emotional control. This will help to eliminate bickering and any unnecessary fighting. If you are single, you may be trying to decide between two people or you just feel indecisive about what you want to do. Just take a deep breath, narrow your choices down, and take time to decide what it is that you want to do. Pressure will ease off and you will feel better about the choices you made.

Last, we have the High Priestess here. She's in the job career position. For those of you with businesses, you may find that business is slow the beginning of the week, but it will pick up greatly as the week progresses. The best part is that you can expect money to be really good. There is also an indication of there being a bonus or two, so that's always nice! If you are looking for work, it seems you may have a delay in hearing from a potential employer. Just be patient as it will come, it just may not be this week.

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