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By | June 23, 2016

Psychic Txt Online Psychic Readings Week of July 2026, 2015

Hey Guys, this is Bethany with Psychic Txt bringing you your weekly Tarot Card Forecast. This is for the week of July 20th through the 26th. So, this week I wanted to bring out the Tree Magic cards. Because they are so different than my Rider Waite cards, I always enjoy interpreting them and I feel like they have a magic of their own. Let's see what is coming up for your week ahead. First I have The Quince Tree. The Quince Tree is associated with fruitfulness and having what is rich and beautiful. The Quince Tree.

Is considered to be one of the most attractive fruit trees. It reveals that your social circle and wealth will branch out and increase. Spiritually, you may find yourself in a growth period wanting to expand your knowledge or perhaps, learning a bit more about yourself. The fruit of The Quince Tree is fragrance and the flavor of the fruit is actually considered indescribable. Since the fruit resembles that of the womb, it is indicated that to get this card, a woman may find that she is fertile and the time may be right to conceive a child.

Next, I got The Dove Tree. The Dove Tree is associated with blessings from Heaven. The Dove Tree produces huge white flowers which actually look like fluttering doves. Because of this, The Dove Tree is also associated with peace. If you are awaiting communication from someone or awaiting news or confirmation from someone, you may expect that to happen this week. The flower of The Dove Tree has one petal that is actually longer than the other which suggests you may find your perfect match in love. The rather strange nut it produces.

Also stresses moderation in eating and drinking this week. And last, but certainly not least, I have The Magnolia Tree. I love The Magnolia Tree not only because it is associated with surprises in this card, but I love the big white flowers it produces. They are always so fragrant and so beautiful. The Magnolia Tree is also associated with happiness and joy. You may find this week that you have unbounded joy and feelings of happiness which falls right in line with the spiritual growth indicated earlier with The Quince Tree. If you open yourself up to receiving this week, I believe that you will.

Find that you will get may pearls of wisdom and gifts of love. Your treasured wishes will be granted out of the blue and you will find yourself feeling just how much the universe has to offer if you just open yourself up sand trust. I hope each and every one of you find yourself exactly where you need to be this week. I wish you health, wealth and love. If you would like to do a private reading with me, please find me on the Psychic Txt app through your Google Play or iTunes store. Thank you guys!.

Psychic Txt Online Psychic Readings Client Testimonial

After a long break from dating, I recently started someone new. He seemed really great, but after a few dating mishaps, I was pretty skeptical about relationships. It's hard to tell who is real these days, right And actually, it's even harder to know who you can trust. Well, Psychic Txt is perfect for me because I have instant access to accurate information wherever I go. Not only do the psychics answer questions, but they also give me advice. Really Good Advice! You know, I was concerned about Brian's level of commitment and I wanted to know if he was.

Marriage Counseling How to Choose a Partner For Life

Hi I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. Today we're going to be talking about not to live the rest of our life alone. Specifically how to choose a partner for life. Well just how do we choose a partner or life Well I wish I could say that it's just as ease as going behind isle 12 in a grocery store but it's, it's not that, that, that easy. The first thing we really need to do is take a look in the mirror. We really need to do an introspective.

Look and say who are we from an inventory perspective. What do we want short term, long term and then approach it from there. You really need to think about who we'd like to be matched up with long term that's very similar to our short term goals and our long term goals, and who we really are. Are you looking to be with a professional Do you want to be with somebody's who a University Professor. Do you want to work with somebody or be with somebody who's maybe in the architectural trades Or somebody's who involved in sports.

Perhaps you need to find somebody's who's, who's a marathoner because those things are important to you. But you really need to, really need to take a look at what your, your life styles are and try and match those up with your potential partner. The first part is really doing an introspective look in improving your own self confidence. That comes from educating yourself being the best person that you can be and making sure that you radiate that self confidence. You need to find somebody that has the relationship fundamentals down.

Somebody who's going to love you, you can trust, communicate with you, respect you and be your friend for life. And if these things are not there then you're really going to have a difficulty or difficult time moving the relationship, relationship to the next level. The other thing is find somebody who's going to treat you special. Do the little things for you. Brig you a cup of coffee in the morning. A martini at night. Or a beer while you're watching a football game. Or rub her shoulder or rub her feet. Put gas.

In her car. Make her eel very special. The other thing you need to take a look at is is what level of interaction takes place with the family. Can you get along with the family That's an important, important thing. What are your short term goals, your long term goals What does your retirement look like Do you want children So you have to be aligned from that view point because if you're not then you're going to, this discongruity is going to create problems for you later on down the road. So share the same goals. Share.

Numerology Compatibility Birthdate Compatibility, Love Compatibility Free Numerology Reading

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