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By | October 8, 2016

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How to use the Jagannatha Hora Software to make your Zodiac chart

Hi there … Today i’ll show you how to use the Jhora software. Search on the internet It will take you to this page, this website … You will get the software over here Here is the download information… Don’t download this (0.9 MB). Don’t download this (4.0 MB) … But download this, the one with 48 MB. Save it. Once it has downloaded, you can install it. I have already installed it, so i don’t have to do it again.

This is how it would look when you’ve downloaded it, and opened it. This button over here, Data. This one … The cursor is not visible here i think over here. So, you can see over here. DATA. Enter Birthdata. Or else you can go to Edit if it’s not visible. And go to Birthdata. You can also press Control + D. The button above … The button below preferences is DATA.

Here. So you can directly access the DATA tab. Here you can fill in your details. This is for Month, Date, Year… Don’t change this. It should be Gregorian. This is for hours, minutes, seconds, ampm whatever … This is for gender This is for city. If you are living in the US, lets say New York. Type in New York… (Follow the annotation) Don’t click over here or here, go directly to Search in USA

The next option. I hope you can see it. This one. So here you get New York, there are many New York cities apparently. And then you press okay. Here you can see. Below the Copy to Clipboard you can see New York, Florida, USA. Here you can see the date and time. Whatever information you filled in is available over here. Now, there are many tabs over here. Strength, Dashas, Transits … You need to use the Dashas tab very often.

It will show you the DashaS Suppose you want to locate an event, here you can directly go into the Dashas tab. Oh, by the way, if you are not in the US … Let’s say you are in London … (Follow the annotation) Then you have to press Rest of the World. Over here. As you can see, this one. It will search … Then go to … Search for your city. London , United Kingdom.

(Follow the annotation) Again, there are many Londons. And press OK The Basics Tab will show you the basic information. The Strengths tab will show you the strength of your houses or planets. The Dashas tab will show you the dashas. Transits will show you the transits. Suppose, you want to check transits for the next month, this is how you check them. Over here, they are available on the left side.