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By | June 28, 2016

Understanding Personal Numerology How to Calculate Your Soul Number

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And now, we're going to talk about your soul number, not only how to calculate it, but what does it mean. Well, your soul number, it's based on the vowels in your name. So, it's really telling you who is the real you, the inner you, the hidden you. Would you like to find that out, Lou Oh, I can't wait. So, does this mean that the soul number that I can find my soul mate through this number or is this just about me. It's really just about you. Okay. Wow. Okay. But, you could.

Use it to find your soul mate, if you wish, along with all the other things one can use. Now, let's know about my inner soul. I can't wait. Please. Okay. Good. So what we're going to do is we're going to use what we've already discovered about Lou's name and all the numbers contained within it. And, we're going to just pull out all the vowels. So, the vowels we've got is O that's 6, U 3, A 1, and A another 1. So, we've got 6 plus 3 plus 1 plus 1. That.

Equals. So, you just pull out all the vowels. Exactly. You pull out all the vowels and you get 9, 10, 11. Eleven equals two. So, Lou's soul is all about partnership. That's the second time that happened that what you did came out to eleven and two. Came down to eleven and two. Isn't that interesting I love it when you get those sort of patterns happening and numbers reappearing. So, we've had the eleven and the two. Also, they're Lou's maturity number. So, these things that you're striving for in the second half of your life, Lou,.

Understanding Personal Numerology What Numerology Says About You

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne, and I'm with Expert Village. And, we're talking today about numerology. So, this is a book that I like to use about numerology. It's called the 'Idiots Guide'. It's very informative, packed with useful information. Now, numerology, it can tell you all sorts of things about who you are as a person, the sort of aspects of your life that you might wish to work on, your strengths and weaknesses, things like that. And, you can look at, there are basically two aspects of numerology which are your birthday, the.

Day on which you are born, and your name. Both of those things give us numbers. We use those numbers to calculate what number you are. You're not just one number because there are various different numbers. There's the day you were born, your name, there's the vowels in your name, the consonants in your name, and there's also different ways of calculating the numbers based on the day you were born. So, it's a fascinating subject. And, one thing that I have discovered about numerology is how often my often my particular numbers which.

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