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Book Review of The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall September 26, 2012

Judy Hall has a really great way of saying things distinctly she gets right to the point. She tells you a little bit about the science part of the crystal, the geology part, which I like including the locality and what colors you could expect to find it in. I think that's really helpful, especially for people who are just starting out with stones. It's also helpful in helping you make up purchasing decisions. So for instance, if you are going to purchase a Ruby and it says that it's from China and you aren't so sure that Rubies are really supposed to come from.

China, then maybe you're purchasing the synthetic one or something like that. So knowing that locality can be helpful, but it also tells you the range of colors that the stone can come in because not all stones look alike. Sometimes you get some that look a little bit different than the ones you're used to. Knowing that whole range of colors can be really helpful. I also like that she focuses on stones that are pretty commonly available that most people would expect to find. The images that she uses in the book are great because she often gives.

A rough image and a tumbled image so you can know what to expect. Sometimes stones look very very different once they've been polished than they look in their natural rough are raw form. So I really like that the other thing I love about the photos in her book is they're what you would expect to find any new age shop. They're not museum quality pieces like they often use in other books because that's not what your crystals are going to look like, you know We have sort of more runofthemill,.

Best ADVICE, TIPS How to attract your Dream Circle of Five. Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

Do the five people in your life represent who you want to be, or who you never want to be Who are your dream circle of five What do I mean by that You are a representation of the five people you hang around most. I know I've talked about this before but I want to take it to the next level. I want you to consider for a moment that you are the average of the five people that you hang around. You are the average with them financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I want you to consider the people that you hang around with. What is their health like What is their money attitude like Are they successful Do they support prosperity or do they criticize the wealthy and criticize money Where are they at with their spiritual wellbeing and selfhelp Do they care A lot of people don't. A lot of people don't look past their dinner plate, don't consider thinking about making themselves a better person. Where are they mentally Do they continue to take classes at your local universities Do they continue to read selfhelp books Do they watch empowering programs on.

Television I want you to think about this. Fundamentally, how ambitious are they Are they motivated people Are they goal setters and achievers If you think of the people in society that we love to follow, it's the people that are highly motivated and extremely ambitious. It's because they do things. They get things done. I'm asking you what would be, who would be, your dream circle of five Think about that for a moment. If you could have any five people in your life, what would they be like Would they be extremely wealthy Would they be extremely.

Generous Would they be bit Would they be motivated and have energy Would they be fun Would they make you laugh Would they be optimists Would they bring you joy I love to rate people, life, events, on a one to ten scale, ten being the highest, one being the lowest. I want to ask yourself where you are on a one to ten in general with those different topics, and then ask yourself where your circle of five are on a one to ten. Then do the math. Are you going to be able to get to your goals with those people in your life.

Best ADVICE, TIPS How to talk to men. and WIN! Lisa Mohr Self Help

You want to make a guy angry, you want to turn off a guy, you want to be labeled as a high maintenance girl Make them guess what you're feeling. Make them guess that you aren't happy, make them guess that they forgot your anniversary, make them guess that that isn't your favorite color and you told them one other time and they were expected to have it. Look, guys don't have the same kind of brains that women have. This is a fact. When a woman thinks her entire brain lights up at once. That's.

Why during certain special moments we're thinking, Did we put kitty litter on the grocery list while they're just right in the moment. Guy's brains work in such a way that one part of their brain lights up at a time. Women, it lights up like a circuit board. Does this mean that we're superior No, but it does mean that we multitask and remember little details sometimes on a broader spectrum. Men focus on what's right in front of them. I love the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus because it really explains. that.

Series explains that we just communicate differently, but I believe that it is 100 my responsibility to communicate in a language that is effective to the people around me. If, and I love to say this, it's like you speak Portuguese, he speaks Russian and you're screaming at him in Portuguese because he's not understanding your language, but you know what, you didn't take time to learn his language either. Individuals say to me, Well, I've tried several times. He knows that I don't like that. How did you tell him, and excuse him for being human. Maybe you need to write it down. Maybe.

You need to make a song and dance with it. Maybe saying it isn't enough. There are many, many processing languages, some people are auditory, some people are visual, some people are touchyfeely people, but everybody anchors thoughts with different things. Sometimes saying it isn't enough, but don't jump to he doesn't love me or he doesn't care about me and start playing passiveaggressive games because I guarantee you will cause problems in the relationships, all of them that you have in your life, specifically your intimate ones. Don't be upset when he's confused. If he forgets something he didn't do it on purpose,.

Best ADVICETIP How To Look Young Forever. Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

Did you hear about the three timeless beauty secrets that will make you look young forever The first secret is forgiveness. That's might sound ridiculous. I'm not talking about something cosmetic. I'm talking about something that's right internal, something with your perspective. I want to tell you how this works. People who don't forgive are full of venom. They're full of acid in their body that eats away of who they are and you can see it, you can see it in their eyes, you could see it in the crow's feet, you can see it in their.

Frown lines, you could see it in their voice, and you can smell it on their bad breath. People who are full of resentment and anger, it's all over their face and it ages them. If you think about it, children aren't full of resentment and venom. They might have their moments and they're really ugly when they have their moments and they're really entertaining, but fortunately something happens and they're onto the next happy thing. As adults we have a habit of hanging onto these negative thoughts and feelings. In my book, More Infinite Wisdom,.

There's a whole chapter on forgiveness and release and I really encourage you to check it out because it's extremely powerful. The second secret to timeless beauty is the adaptability to change. What do I mean by that My entire life I noticed that individuals look either old or young based on their eyes and they're ability to be adaptive with change. What do I mean by that Remember being really, really little and thinking to myself when I would meet an elderly person that was fun and got on the ground with me and joked with.

Me and laughed that they didn't see old at all, that their spirit seemed really, really young, and yet I've met other individuals.I remember being a teenager and meeting people that were very serious and very cold and very shutdown. They seemed very, very old to me. think another secret is definitely your adaptability to changes in life. When we're little we're not fearbased about, Oh, I don't know if I can handle that, or Oh, what's happening tomorrow We just take each day as it comes and we adapt to each.

Day as it happens. Again as adults, we get more and more busted in not leaving our comfort zone and I have a very strong belief that life begins when we leave our comfort zone. The third secret to timeless beauty is finding the bright side, so adapting a positive perspective. I remember being in a plane and it was one of my first time flying alone and we hit a huge pocket of turbulence. It was the biggest pocket of turbulence I've ever encountered in my life. I don't know how far we dropped, it felt like 50 feet. I was sitting next to.

An elderly lady, she was in her mid80s. When we dropped, I heard the whole plane gasped but she went, Wohooo, that was fun, wasn't it I remember just being stunned and I thought, How could she not be terrified, and she wasn't at all. She was celebrating it. She had this instant feeling of success and joy and I will never forget that moment, so definitely focusing on positive perspective and finding a silver lining. In conclusion, find forgiveness, release the venom that you're holding inside of you. The adaptive to change, don't be afraid of what's.

Best ADVICETIPS How To Stop Drowning Your Loved Ones With Emotion. Life Skills by Lisa Mohr

Have you ever caused an energy tsunami A girlfriend just asked me about this. She has a problem and she said that she's a very emotional person and needs to talk. She needs to talk about her feelings all the time. I understand, because I'm actually the same way. If I don't talk about my feelings, they eat at me. It's just something about the way that I'm wired. I read an article a while ago that talked about how women need to talk about their feelings. When they have a problem and they come to a conclusion, they get kind of an endorphin.

Release in their brain. This is why we women talk through every detail about what's going on in our life. Men don't necessarily have this same thing going on. What the article stated was that when men have an issue, they think about it that night, kind of climb into their man cave, go to sleep, and when they wake up, they have a solution. Then they get an endorphin release, which is why, according to the article, men won't stop and ask for directions and women are so adamant about doing that. Women need to get the answers right awaythat's when.

We get that endorphin release. Men need to get the answer but figure it out on their own. Anyway, what I suggested to this girlfriend was to choose her resources and friendships wisely. When you come at a person and you're emotional, and that person is drained or not in a place to receive your rush, you are actually energy vampiring and draining them. We've all done it. I'm hypersensitive to this. When I have a dramatic issuebecause I make a living out of finding perspectiveif I have something I can't find perspective about, it's probably.

Pretty bad. I'm very careful on how I deliver my message so I won't bleh all over the other person. Contrary to what a lot of people thinkand I will talk about this in another tutorial is that when you're draining other people, you're not just sucking their energy. You're actually flooding them with energy and they're drowning under the tsunami of your energy. What I said to this my girlfriend choose wisely. Find individuals you know will give you really good perspective. They continuously do that for you. You have evidence that they.

Best ADVICE, TIPS How to give the perfect apology. Lisa Mohr Self Help

Are you sorry for something and you don't know how to apologize Recently I was at my son's karate class and the class ran over. I noticed that the class has been running over lately and it's late at night and it's a long day and I'm ready to get my son home. I noticed that there's parents pacing and they're looking at their clock and their watch and they're looking at the clock and huh. I mean, it doesn't take a mind reader to tell that they're also kind of irritated that class has run over.

Karate is really, really important and this class is very important. However, time is important too. At the end of the class I went up to the instructor and I said, excuse me, I have to ask you. I've been noticing that these classes consistently are running over. Is that just kind of the way it is or is there something that we can do about that I love his response. True to, I think he's a third degree black belt, he said, ah, I have to get better at that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I thought, wow, that.

Is the best. When you screw up, don't make a reason for it. Don't make an excuse. As a matter of fact, don't bother apologizing if you're going to apologize with an excuse because that's not an apology. An apology is owning it and saying you're sorry. I'm sorry, I'll have to get better at that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. You know, sometimes you don't even need to say, I'm sorry. But, acknowledging a person for actually having courage to bring it to you is huge. I want you to think about that.

Too. If somebody's brought something to your attention, that took guts. That says they valued you and the relationship enough to not cultivate animosity. I would say what's worse, harboring a bunch of negative feelings and not telling the person or actually having courage and faith in the relationship and saying, I have to tell you something. I'm starting to feel upset or resentful and I really love our relationship and I don't want it to go that way so what can we do about this. The next time somebody comes at you and you've screwed up and you've made a mistake, all.

You need to do is say, I really screwed up. I apologize. How can I make it up to you Or, I really screwed up. I made a mistake. I won't do it again. Or, I really screwed up. I made a mistake. I've got it, you can count of me. I promise. Let me show you how I can make this right. Think about it next time you make a mistake. It's not a big deal. After all, one of my favorite things is that the word sin comes from the Latin word mistake.

Best ADVICETIPS How To Listen To Your Inner Voice, Intuition For Positive Guidance. by Lisa Mohr

Listen to your gut. No matter what. Recently I was talking to an individual who told me she makes really bad choices with relationships. I've also heard people tell me they've made really bad choices with careers and all sorts of things in life. What I always end up asking them is, Did you have a feeling, and they'll say, Yes. Back to the relationship story. She had a feeling something wasn't right and thought about walking away but didn't, didn't do it, kept going along with the relationship. The guy said he was going to take a job and move.

To a different state. Again, she had a feeling but didn't do anything about it. She ended up giving up her apartment, moving in with him, and the night before they were going to leave, he broke up with her. So now she has to find a place to live, start her life all over again after giving notice, all these different things. She had signs, and when asked about it, she said she did have a feeling but she didn't listen. So what's the problem with this Well, all too often people say, Oh, I was duped, or.

I'm a victim. But my question for them How were you personally involved in this How were you responsible for what happened In a future blog, we'll talk about how they even conditioned the other individual to treat them that way and how much of this behavior they allowed, how much they ignored. But the biggest piece is listening to your gut, no matter what, because you're always right. Don't give your power to another person. Don't give your power to a friend. Don't give your power to a supervisor. Don't give your.

Best ADVICETIP How NOT To Use FACEBOOK To Voice A Complaint. Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

Do you use Facebook to shame people So I was looking at my Facebook feed, and I have somebody on there that was upset about a restaurant. She put right on there that she had terrible service and that she would never go there again. It was a national chain. There was a whole bunch of negative comments after that. I posted, Write a letter. Write a latter directly to the manager. A lot of the people on there weren't understanding the importance of that, and I'm going to explain why. I just want you to be mindful.

First of all, whenever anybody slanders on Facebook, the first thing that people read into is, Ooh, that place must be bad. But the second thing that people realize that moment is, I better not upset this person because this person's goto is to slander on a platform on Facebook. So I want you to be aware that the next time you're upset at a person or a company or an experience, if you are using Facebook as your communication and your platform to slander, you're announcing to the world that, that's how you communicate.

What do you think that does for your friends and family when it comes to trusting you and trusting your healthy communication skills So what I suggest to everybody, this is a big way of thinking, is to write the owner of the company. Every single letter I've ever written has been reciprocated with financial gain or some kind of perk. Every disappointment I've ever had in a restaurant, with service, with my car, there was an auto repair, and it was all over the Internet that this was a problem, and I was the first person to write a letter to the company, and they opened a.

Best ADVICETIPS How to know if youre having a successful reincarnation. Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

Do you believe in reincarnation Let me ask you this, would you come back as yourself or somebody else I was listening in my satellite radio the other day to a song called Galileo by Indigo Girls and there was line in there that really resonated with me. For those of you that haven't heard it, here's a small clip. What do you think of that I love that line how many times until my soul gets it right and it really got me thinking. Over the years I've had many clients asked me, Lisa do you.

Believe in reincarnation Do you believe that perhaps we are here before Do you believe that I was a really bad person I must have been a really bad person because my life just keeps kicking me and when I'm down it kicks me again and I can't seem to figure it out. Well, I believe that we choose our life. I believe that we choose our karma, I believe that if we did something that was harmful to another human being in another life, I believe that we choose to come back to experience the other end of the spectrum. I don't believe.

In a punishing guide, I don't believe in a bad kind of karma. What I do believing is spirit's choice. I believe that we choose to put our self on this spectrum. I believe that when we come in we also choose to have certain players in our life and I believe that we shuffle these players, so I think that sometimes mom might be your son or dad might be grandma or whatever. I believe that we kind of play these dynamics over and over to experience what it would be from different viewpoints.

Nobody can prove me right or wrong but it just makes sense and it feels right, so I also believe that there's an optimal path in our life. I think that if you pay attention to the signs I think that if you're listening to your higher self, you're more likely to be on it optimal path. I will tell you that the individuals that I have met that work on their self that reads self health book goes to seminars and training events that meditate, that focused on me time are way more in alignment with their optimal path.

Than individuals that are not. I'm talking about even individuals that are multiple millionaires all the way to spectrum of people that are struggling with money, either way. I found people that are cruelty not on their optimal path because they're not happy. In conclusion, when an individual asked me how many times until my soul gets it right my answer is, your soul is getting it right. You are experiencing, you are learning and the very fact that you're asking, Am I doing this right Am I on the right path It's.

Best ADVICETIPS How To Erase Fear And Achieve Your Desires. Life Skills by Lisa Mohr

So many people talk about things that they're going to do one day. They're going to do this, They're going to do this, They're going to do thatand they don't. Why didn't they do that Why did they not take that leap of faith Well, fear. There's a funny acronym for fear False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is just that. False evidence appearing real. You have a belief that if you started or tried something you have always wanted to do, you might be judged, you won't succeed, or maybe you'll start it and then you won't follow through. Then you'll have more evidence that.

You can't really do it anyway so you don't try. That isn't livingthat's existing. That isn't swimmingthat's floating. That's not being engagedthat's just being disengaged, waiting to see what happens in your life and not acting or being inspired. I just read something on 10 ways to increase your frequency. One of the things on that list is to do something that you're afraid of. Wow! Do something you're afraid of. Do something that terrifies you and what you'll find is a liberated sense of self. You will discover a new you you didn't even know.

Best ADVICETIPS How to support the things your child does different from you. LIsa Mohr

Do you have kids and they're not turning out quite the way you thought they would Somebody asked me recently if I teach my children all the intuitive and psychic skills that I have. The truth is no, I don't. I give them dabbles of it and I model it to them but I don't force that to them. Why I know a lot of people that were forced into religious or spiritual beliefs even though the things I can do aren't a belief system at all, but it turned them off to it completely. I know a lot of people that are recovering.

From their faith as a child. This spurred a question for me. What do you do as a parent if your children don't turn out anything like you Well, this is a really interesting question. I have two boys, 9 and 11, and in some ways they're like me and in other ways they're absolutely nothing like me, so it's been a learning experience. I like to believe that we choose our parents. I like to believe that we're these little souls and we go around and we contract with our parents. That might.

Be a jagged pill for some of you to swallow who have parents that you can't relate to. But I'll tell you as a parent myself, the things that I don't have in common with my kid, I've learned the most about myself from how to be compassionate, how to be understanding, how to be supportive in robotics, in 3D printing machines, in certain elements of science and math that make me kind of yawn. It's certainly given me a perspective with my own father when he was having trouble relating to me as a girl.

That's just a few ways to look at it. But as a parent I would definitely caution against projecting. For those of you who don't know what means, that means that you're basically forcing your perspective on how you see the world onto your children. There's a difference between guiding and inspiring, and dragging somebody along. I know about human nature and that's that we take that which is offered. We tend to step back from that which is shoved at us. Children are the best modelers of that that I've ever seen.

Think about your own children. Is there anything that you really, really, really want them to get into Maybe a sport, maybe a certain subject or topic, and they're just not into it. As much as that might hurt your ego, I believe that our children come into our life to expand our perspective. They come into round us out and add to us. I learn more from my children than any other human beings on the planet, and in ways sometimes that aren't always comfortable. But remember, life begins when we leave our comfort zone, right Having.

Best ADVICE, TIPS How to turn chaos, drama change into a positive life experience. Lisa Mohr

Do you have a lot of drama in your life and you just can't seem to get away from it Currently this week I had a whole of issues bombard me. I know there's a saying, when it rains it pours. I had an issue with one of my books and I had an issue with an ex, and I had another issue with a colleague. It seemed like I was getting it from every angle. One of the things that I wanted to share with you is that I'm in a wonderful head space.

And I was actually able to rise above all of this. What do I mean by that I was actually able to be what I call detached witness. Instead of allowing myself to get engaged with these dynamics and become upset, and actually allow myself to go on this roller coaster, I found myself just very indifferent as though I was just stepping back and watching. You see, now I have this belief about my life that I'd like to share with you. My belief is that every single thing that happens serves me for the better. I want you to imagine that.

For a moment. Beyond that, every single thing that happens to me, particularly the things that are painful, are happening to serve me. That's a really deep thought and I want you to consider that for a moment. I want you to think about some of the most painful events in your life. We're not going to dwell on this because the truth is that we respect not pain but how we transcend out of it in our life. I want you to think about perhaps there was a breakup years ago that broke your heart.

Then you think to yourself when you're happily married with your mister right now and your soulmate, thank God I didn't end up with that jerk. But at the time it really, really hurt. Or maybe you were suddenly laid off and it was painful because you were with a company for 22 years and then all of a sudden you were just fired just like that. But maybe it led you to move to a different town and find your dream job. All too often in the world we tend to focus on the negatives and we tend to get wrapped.

Best ADVICE, TIPS How to make yourself a priority with self care. Lisa Mohr Self Help

Are you not making yourself a priority and you're wondering why people are treating you poorly I've recently made a commitment to myself to do four hours a day of selfcare. That may seem like a lot but it's really not. If you think about the moments you have when you wake up in the morning, take a shower, prepare meals, maybe you go for a workout, maybe you take a bath. For me, I'm adding walking a couple times a day, taking a bath, meditating, and then some real selfcare time with meal preps for myself in the kitchen,.

Which I do consider that selftime and selfcare. I also listen to certain music tracks that really help me center. Why is this important I know my importance. I know my importance as a human being. I know my importance on this planet and in really hoping you know your importance. I know that I'm a better me when I take that time and really allocate it to selfcare. I'm encouraging you to create a four hour or even a three hour selfcare plan per day. Why do you want to do this.

I promise you'll sleep better, you'll be a better parent, a better wife, a better worker, better friend, better everything. It has to start with you. If you make yourself important you emulate that to the world. People won't challenge your boundaries. People won't challenge you in general because you're going to emulate this energy that you matter and you're important. You'll emulate it everywhere you go. You'll be surprised. People will open doors for you. People will say You look radiant today. What are you doing Because you're going to glow.

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