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By | April 22, 2016

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Un being made numerology meanings it's no accident morality dystonia east of the universe thousand year old science danes come city control if you just any months karina numerology meanings 1 happiness experience the peace of knowing the right to travel in your life numerology predictions learn who you really are endure real purpose identifying your strengths and weaknesses numerology meanings 2 overcome difficulties in obstacles master your demotions instead of being a slave to them numerology calculator has more success and showing in your life annual effort allow us to numerology 9.

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Um beanie the snow numerology love compatibility numerology beast in mathematics of the universe 84 E thousandyearold science the day has numerology love calculator come to take control of your own destiny love money career happiness experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in your life learn who you really are and your real purpose identify your strengths and weaknesses overcome difficulties in obstacles master your EMU shins instead of being a slave to them have more success and numerology love calculator joy in your life then you ever thought possible allow us to prove it to you.

Understanding Personal Numerology How to Calculate Your Birth Number

Hello. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And, we're talking today about numerology. And, today, I'm going to demonstrate to you how to calculate your birth number. So, my friend, Lou, popped in and offered to be the subject for this demonstration. Hi, everybody. Thank you, Lou. Thank you, Carmen. How are you Good. Good. So, Lou is going to tell us what his birthday is and from that I'm going to demonstrate to you how to calculate his birth number. So, Lou, what is your birthday February 28, 1954. Okay. So, I'm going to.

Show you how to do this. Okay. So, we have February 28, 1954. So, February is 2, the second month. We have 28. And we have 1954. So, how numerology works is you keep adding together. So, 2, that's just one digit. 28 is 2 plus 8. 1954 is 1 plus 9 plus 5 plus 4. What do these equal 2 is 2. 2 plus 8 equals 10. 1 plus 9 plus 5 plus 4. What does that equal 1 plus 9 is 10 plus 5 is 15 plus 4 is 19. 19. And, then we keep adding again.

We've got 2. We've got 10. And, we've got 19. 2 is 2. 10, 1 plus 0, 1. Okay. 1 plus 9. What's one plus nine 10. Good. Thank you, Lou. You're good at math. And then, okay, we keep adding for the final time. We've got 2. We've got 1. 1 plus 0, what is that One. Excellent. So, now we have our final three numbers. 2 plus 1 plus 1. And, that equals Three. Four. Excuse me. I know that was a deliberate mistake. Okay. So, 4. We have discovered.

Understanding Personal Numerology How to Calculate Your Name Number

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And, we're are discussing numerology. We're back again with Lou. Okay. So, Lou, we're going to calculate your name number. And, what is the name that you usually use My friends call me Lou, but I usually go by Louis. So, is Lou more the name that you usually use Yeah. Okay. That's great. So, Lou Nathan. So, Lou, I'm going to write down your name here. LOU NATHAN. Fabulous. So, the reason I've written it like that to allow it with spaces is because each letter has.

A number associated with it. Interesting. Okay. I'm going to show you the chart in a moment where you can calculate your own name, watchers and listeners. So, L is 3. O is 6. U is 3. N is 5. I just happen to know all of these because I've been doing this for so many years. I've memorized them all. H is 8. A is 1. N is 5. Great. So, what we then do, is we add them together like you saw in my last demonstration. 3 plus 6 plus 3. Twelve.

That's going to give us 12. Excellent. And, we do add the first and last names together separately because than that gives you an idea of if you were to just use your first name what kind of a number that would give you or if you were to use your whole name. Okay. So, Nathan, that's 5 plus 1, 6 plus 2, 8 plus another 8, 16 plus 1, 17 plus 5 is, 17 plus 5 Twentyone. Actually, that's 17 plus 5 is 22. You've got to be good at.

Math to be a numerologist too. That's right, isn't it 17 plus 5. I want to check this to make sure I don't get it wrong. Yeah. Okay, good. So, now, we're going to reduce again. 1 plus 2 is 3. 2 plus 2 is 4. 3 plus 4, and, by the way, this is also, 22 is what they call a master number. And, those have special qualities to them. It's a good thing by the way. Thank God, we got a good thing, Carmen. Yeah. Thank you. Definitely. I knew I'd like.

Psychic Career Information Psychic Tools

We all use different tools how we work. With me it is birthdays or eyes and pictures. I can look at a picture and see if there is something wrong with the body. My daughter uses nothing. She just comes right out with what is going to happen. It was very embarrassing when she was a child, she just pops up. A lot of psychics use numerology. They use astrology. There are so many ways but you know something I believe that they are using it as a catalyst like I do. I can't do my own wheel and yet I use an ephemeras to look at a birthday and.

It is very rarely wrong, according to Duke University many years ago 98.2 were right. According to Edgar Casey's son, he used to call, Hugh Casey, and say she's the closest thing to my father that I've ever known which was a great compliment but people, just different psychics use different things. Sometimes when they are talking to people that aren't there any more I think they are pushing it in asking questions but there is Connie Vogby who is an amazing, amazing astrologer. I have my own astrologer so people are out there and.

They use what is comfortable with them if it be psychometry, Jill was able to split a table when she was 12 years old with Cybil Leak who is a dear friend of mine. I just feel that you use what is going to happen. Many times you will say don't go there and you don't know why you have said it, you know but 9 times out of 10 you are right. Some more tools would be like the telephone. The telephone with me is just that the voice comes.

Numerology 3

Numerology 3 numerology three means the creative soul good enough innovative optimistic and talented so very many writers actors artists under the numerology 3 threes possess skills that easily sell whether it be from their new an original being keen. easily accepted personalities. numbers. numerology 3. the man with the child like optimism your numerology 3 is known to always create. voicing their ideas only further making them more attractive to the rest to love and be charming a happy person are some of the characteristics of number 3 the negative side.

In order to balance out the numerology 3 bean childlike are those under numerology 3 3 often have difficulty incorporating discipline into their daily lives 3 experience is amazing highs and tragic lows numerology 3 asks and gives way to challenges deviated sense of insecurity and a tendency to sell numerology 3 causes those prone to being extravagant with money it is helpful to have a full reading to better prepare your soul and potentially prevent you from making any decisions he would soon come to regret the need for those who fall under the numerology 3.

Illuminati Symbology World War 3 Nov 22, 2017 Nuclear EndTime v Peace in New World Order

The Paris terror attacks on 13th November was described as 911 French style. It is no coincidence both 20151113 and 20010911 display the identical isosceles triangle. It is no coincidence all these dates I recently studied show the same isosceles triangle. It is providence! Why is this isosceles triangle important To understand that, we must look at the other 2 crucial triangles, namely the rightangled triangle and the equilateral triangle. These triangles are displayed by 28082014, when the nonnuclear Third World War began. The rightangled triangle is shown by the dates of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the recent Russian.

Plane crash, and the fullscale nuclear war. These triangles from the World War dates can form 3 equilateral triangles in different sizes, which again emphasise 2014 plus 3 years. They can also form the geometry which perfectly fits the Compasses of the masonic symbol. One of the Illuminati messages in South Park TV show was about this geometry. Now, we can use the masonic geometry to understand what the peace symbol really means. The peace geometry is essentially the masonic geometry with the compasses contracted by 15. As you may remember, the skull and bones photo shows 15 people and indicates 30 seconds past 8.

In this context, 15 implies contraction by 15 degrees, which moves 8 to 7.5, and contract or expand its angles by 7.5. This change in angles then implies the exchange of duality and trinity. Another change that implies the exchange of duality and trinity is the contracted area. The most appropriate interpretation of these 3 geometries is that the square was placed before the compasses which contract at the end to form perfect symmetry in conjunction with the square. In other words, there will be a nuclear war, then peace at the end of the time.

Understanding Personal Numerology Healing the Number 6 in Numerology

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And, now we're talking about the number six. Six is sometimes referred to as the number of love. That's because it's ruled by the planet Venus which, as you might know, is the planet of love. It's also the number very much of the healer. It's the person, it's the friend you have, you know, that you will always confide in if you're feeling blue. You will, you will be calling your number six friend saying, oh, what can you do to help me And, they will be the shoulder that.

You cry one. Number sixes are very interested in keeping everybody happy, making sure that everything is harmonious and peaceful and tranquil. Number sixes you might find being nurses, doctors, anyone who's interested in healing. Or interested in people, you know Or, interested in people. Yes. It is a people kind of number too. Yes. It's, it's the sort of person, the number six is the sort of person who dislikes conflict, dislikes confrontation. The sort of person who'll do just about anything to avoid an argument with you or a fight.

Understanding Personal Numerology Mysticism the Number 7 in Numerology

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And, we're going to talk now about the number seven. Now, seven is a really interesting number. It's the number of the psychic. It's the number of the person who's interested in things like numerology. Hey, I'm a seven. Hey, Lou, guess what You're a seven, too. I know. I remember you told me something about how three and four equaled seven. That's it. Perfect. So, seven is, you know, how you hear that the number seven is lucky Sevens are supposed to be lucky. I wouldn't say that.

Seven people are supposed to be lucky necessarily. But, the reason that seven is associated with luck is because it is the mystical number, the psychic number. Okay. So, you could be a person who is so psychic that you can you know what number's going to come up on the lottery. Unfortunately, I haven't done that yet. But, I'm working on it. Your times coming. And, sevens, as well as being kind of mystical, are very in touch with their own intuition. They're often kind of restless people. They love to travel. They're often writers and.

I'm a writer myself. So, I would know. I'm a seven and they like to be kind of introspective. They like to really think things trough. They're very thoughtful people in a lot of ways. And, that's probably why they're psychic because they're in tune with that whole aspect of themselves. There are seven days of the week. And, on the seventh day, God rested. So, you see, again, it's, it's, kind of, it has a number with many deep associations in our whole culture. So, that is the number seven. And, very shortly we'll be talking about the.

Numerology Chart What it revealed about me

Hey guys, my name is Jessica and I just wanna take some time to share my honest opinion and experience about my Numerology Chart. First of all, let me just say that I was never a huge believer in stuff like horoscopes, psychics, numerology charts. stuff like that. But I had turned to this, because I was just. at a really low point in my life. It seemed like anything that could go wrong, went wrong My boyfriend dumped me, my apartment was broken into, I lost my cat. the stress was causing.

My grades to drop life was just not going well for me. And it was at this point that I got really desperate and turned to my numerology chart. After some research on Google, I found numerologist and I ordered a numerology chart. Their readings are actually based on Chinese numerology, which is apparently one of the earliest forms of predictive science, which dates back to, like, 4,000 years or, you know, something like that. point being, it's been around for a really long time. So I got my personalized numerology chart which contained custom calculations for me.

The forecast for the next, like, nine years were just amazingly accurate and the results until now couldn't be more exact! It helps me understand my life, my destiny, how to overcome these challenges I was facing, and, it was just. all really shocking for me! And if you're in a similar situation and you haven't given a numerology chart a chance, I highly recommend it. I mean, I used to be just as skeptical but it's definitely worth a try. In fact, numerologist is actually giving away free numerology charts to anyone.

Understanding Personal Numerology Magic the Number 9 in Numerology

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And now, we come to the very last number which is the number nine. Now, I love the number nine. It's the completion of the cycle. And, what's cool about the number nine is it's actually it's a magic number because it always disappears. If you add nine to any other number, it becomes the other number. So, it's like it disappears, it vanishes. So, what does this mean in terms of what you're like if you are a nine. Well, it's ruled by the planet Mars. So there are a couple of different aspects.

To the nine. The nine, being the completion number, it's the number of the humanitarian, the person who thinks about the whole world. They don't just think about themselves like the number one, it's all about themselves and what can I get for me. The number nine is about the whole of humanity. It's a powerful number but not in terms of creating financial abundance like the number eight, it's more in terms of having created something beneficial for the world. But, the nine, it's a wonderful number in many ways because it is the final.

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