Numerology Past Life Regression

By | April 12, 2016

Rocky mountains, raucous markets, crowds part of past lives in China

My name is Wentao Dong, I am nine years old, and my home country is China. I am Jasmine Zhang, and I am 10 and I am from China. Bevan Do you see any difference between NZ and China when you went back to China. Jasmine Zhang Well the schools are a bit stricter and in China a bit more crowded, the shop is a little bit different. Wentao Dong I think there is more rocky mountains in China, the rocky ones. Bevan Is there any difference with the people that you see, you can speak Chinese, do you.

Think is there any difference that, do they with people, do they see you differently Wentao Dong Yes in the market, the people like yell not like in New Zealand. Jasmine Zhang Like the market, they like yell, no one even really cares about that. Wentao Dong Somehow. Bevan You think is that good, or is that scary Jasmine It's kind of creepy. Bevan Creepy Because it is too lou. Jasmine Yeah. Bevan Yeah and do you actually, have you got any other family child members, any cousins, or something Jasmine Zhang I have got my uncles and cousins in China.

Wentao Dong The rest of my cousins and family are in China. Bevan Any cousins, they are similar age with you. Wentao Dong Yes. Jasmine Zhang Not really. Bevan Ok, do you play with them Wentao Dong when I go back. Bevan Yes. Bevan What you do Wentao Dong Like visit please most of the time. Jasmine Zhang And we have sleepovers. Bevan Sleepovers Ok, pretty cool eh. Jasmine Zhang It is not cool, because my little, I usually sleep over at my little brother's and he is like so annoying.

Bevan Why Jasmine Zhang Because he is little. Jasmine Zhang Because they can not really understand either. Wentao Dong My big sister, I could speak to my big sister, since you have to learn English in China. Bevan Do you talk to your big sister in English Wentao Dong Sometimes. Bevan But mostly Chinese. Wentao Dong Yeah. Bevan And you Jasmine Zhang My little brother he is not very good at English. My mum made me try to teach him to say English more fluently, but when I teach him to say 'name', he say naaaaayme.

Spiritual Science and Quantum Reality

New Spiritual Science. So if you have a probelm on the material level the cause and solution can be found on the level above, on the level of Higher Consciousness. Life Script Doctor is basically a self guide to help you realize your potential, heal yourself and discover the higher levels of consciousness through spiritual science. The frequency of our life increased greatly. This information is also very important because we are living during informational paradigm. The name of this new spiritual science is Infosomatics. It is based on the law of transformation of information into energy.

And then into matter. Think of information as dense spirituality. According to spiritual science the human life is just a second between the past and the future. It gives physics behind spirituality. It gives a common sense explanation to what is behind meditation, channeling, energy healing all other phenomena that you can see. If you are an empath then you will be able to safely itnteract in society, if you are more material you will know that there is something else out there and you will be able to use that information for your.

The Law of Karma, Karmic Healing and Karma Cleansing Technique

Law of Karma, Definition and Meaning of Good and Bad Karma What is the law of Karma and what does karma really mean We all heard about the golden rule at one point of our life. Do to others, as you would have them do to you. A similar concept is expressed in Eastern religions as the law of karma. It basically means that your intent actions today have an effect on your future. A simple definition of karma is what goes around comes around. So what's new here You probably heard all of that before.

Here is an interesting model of our karmic body. This model is based on the laws of torsion physics and together with certain techniques it can be used to analyze a karmic body of a person. There are also certain visualization and meditation techniques that can help to correct your karma and get back all the energy that have been lost in the past. This model gives a pretty good definition to what is karma. Karmic or causal body is one of the higher consciousness bodies of a person. It can be.

Pictured as a sphere with our body of memory moving on its surface. As we know, human life has 7 year cycles. Our causal body the body of cause and effect also has 7 year cycles. There is even proof in science that all cells in our physical body change every 7 years. Our body of memory or mental body has all the information about events in our life gt thus using a certain technique we can analyze our body of memory and say when we earned ourselves bad or good karma. The bumps and holes on the surface of our karmic body that are created.

By our brain activity and the experience that we have represent good and bad karma respectively. Stress from breaking the laws of Nature creates the holes on the karmic body and positive events create the bumps of positive energy. If you broke certain laws of Nature in the past or even in your previous lives it will catch up with you sooner or later. Any violation of the laws of Nature leads to sickness or major problems in life. Using this model and certain techniques allows to identify the time in your life when you broke the laws.

Of Nature and in a sense rewrite your past. Our Nature intended for us to be happy. So as long as you have a positive look on life towards everything, and I mean everything that happens in your life you are straitening the surface of your karmic body and making some good karma for yourself in the future. To learn techniques and laws of Nature that can help you improve your karma, health, personal and professional life please follow the links. Thank you for watching and don't forget to share and like using the links below.

Best ADVICETIPS How to know if youre having a successful reincarnation. Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

Do you believe in reincarnation Let me ask you this, would you come back as yourself or somebody else I was listening in my satellite radio the other day to a song called Galileo by Indigo Girls and there was line in there that really resonated with me. For those of you that haven't heard it, here's a small clip. What do you think of that I love that line how many times until my soul gets it right and it really got me thinking. Over the years I've had many clients asked me, Lisa do you.

Believe in reincarnation Do you believe that perhaps we are here before Do you believe that I was a really bad person I must have been a really bad person because my life just keeps kicking me and when I'm down it kicks me again and I can't seem to figure it out. Well, I believe that we choose our life. I believe that we choose our karma, I believe that if we did something that was harmful to another human being in another life, I believe that we choose to come back to experience the other end of the spectrum. I don't believe.

In a punishing guide, I don't believe in a bad kind of karma. What I do believing is spirit's choice. I believe that we choose to put our self on this spectrum. I believe that when we come in we also choose to have certain players in our life and I believe that we shuffle these players, so I think that sometimes mom might be your son or dad might be grandma or whatever. I believe that we kind of play these dynamics over and over to experience what it would be from different viewpoints.

Nobody can prove me right or wrong but it just makes sense and it feels right, so I also believe that there's an optimal path in our life. I think that if you pay attention to the signs I think that if you're listening to your higher self, you're more likely to be on it optimal path. I will tell you that the individuals that I have met that work on their self that reads self health book goes to seminars and training events that meditate, that focused on me time are way more in alignment with their optimal path.

Than individuals that are not. I'm talking about even individuals that are multiple millionaires all the way to spectrum of people that are struggling with money, either way. I found people that are cruelty not on their optimal path because they're not happy. In conclusion, when an individual asked me how many times until my soul gets it right my answer is, your soul is getting it right. You are experiencing, you are learning and the very fact that you're asking, Am I doing this right Am I on the right path It's.

Will My Prayers Affect Their Karma

Hello everyone, I am Mira Kelley. Recently, I was doing a past life regression workshop in New York City, and a lovely woman who sat at the front row asked me this question. She said that her mother has certain physical challenges and emotional issues. And she said that she prays for her mother, but she was really concerned if through her prayers she's taking away her mother's karma. If through her prayer, she's affecting her mother's karma. So, I thought, this was a great question and I wanted to share this question with you and.

Tell you what I told her. In reality, no amount of praying that the daughter does and offers can affect the mother without the mother choosing to. So, the mother's karma can be affected only if she chooses to do something different, if she changes something within herself. Because it really is her own selfimposed way of doing and seeing in the world, so no amount of outside forces can affect her without her agreeing to it. So here's what I told the daughter to do. Keep on praying. Praying is a very good thing.

Because it keeps on aligning you within yourself. And I also told her to look within herself. In other words, the challenges that her mother is having, for her to look how those challenges are showing up in her life. Because we usually are part of an ancestral karma, a theme that we are all working through, so mothers and daughters, we all share similar lessons. So, I told this woman to study within herself, how are these challenges affecting her, how are these things reflecting within herself and to work on herself. Because you know,.

When people start working on their emotional issues, when they start working on their own spiritual growth, when they start forgiving and letting go of stuff, all of a sudden, their whole family dynamic changes, their family is different. I have experienced this with my own family, sometimes, I work on my own stuff and all of a sudden, it seems, my mother is different. Did I ever tell her anything, No, of course not. But, by me changing, I actually shift in a reality where she is also a different.

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