Numerology Name Number 8

By | September 28, 2016

Dr Maurice Mizrahi Gematria or Jewish Numerology Miketz

Hello.In this week’s torah portion, miketz, jacob tells his sons go down to egypt genesis 422.Go down in hebrew is redu , and the letters of redu resh, daleth, vav add up to 210.On the other hand, we know that the israelites stayed in egypt for 210 years.So we conclude that this was foretold in the word ‘redu’! this is known as gematria, or jewish numerology.This week, we’ll go off on a tangent and explore it.Gematria consists of assigning a number to each hebrew letter.By tradition,.

The first letter, aleph, is 1, bet is 2, gimel is 3, daleth is 4, and so forth, up to 10.Then the letters, in alphabetical order, are assigned the numbers 20, 30, 40, etc.Up to 100.Then 200, 300, and finally the last letter, tav, is 400.Some include the final form of the letters, others don’t.For those, the final kaf is 500, the next final letter is 600, up to the final tzadi, which is worth 900.For example, the word chai , chetyod, meaning alive is worth 18, because chet.

Is worth 8 and yod is worth 10.Because 18 is associated with life, the custom arose to make charitable contributions in multiples of 18.The name of god, the tetragrammaton, is worth 26.Shalom is worth 376.That’s 30030640.When two words or phrases have the same gematria, meaning that they are worth the same number, it is believed that they have deep connections.Commentators then speculate on what these connections might be.Also, two gematriot that differ by 1 are considered to be the same, because they are close enough.

19th century rabbi zvi elimelech shapiro of dynov, known as bnei yissaschar, writes from where do we know that gematriot that differ by one are considered equal we learn this from jacob saying that ephraim and menashe gematria of 726 are equivalent in his eyes to reuben and simon gematria of 725.And when did jacob say that in the torah, when he reversed his right and left hands.Gen.481220 gematria is widely used in jewish mysticism, in particular.What do jewish commentators say about gematria they are either in favor of it or neutral.

To it, not opposed to it.But they laid down two rules about gematria first, you cannot extract jewish law, or halacha, from it.No rabbinic rulings must be based on it.For example, one cannot say the name of this product has the same gematria as the word kosher, therefore the product is kosher.Second, as the ramban, or nachmanides, emphasized, gematria cannot be used to foretell the future.It is only a mnemonic device.What objections can be raised against the use of gematria first, a method for extracting.

Meaning from torah must be applied consistently or not at all.You can’t apply it when it suggests associations that make you feel good, and decline to apply it when it suggests unpalatable associations.For example, as we saw, the number 376 is associated with shalom peace.But is is also associated with esau, jacob’s evil twin brother.Are the two connected it would be a stretch.Yet some commentators suggest a connection.The baal haturim, the 14th century spanish commentator, says if not for his name, which means peace, esau.

Would have destroyed the world.Baal haturim, bereshit 2525 and always be first to greet a person with shalom , even if he is a gentile like esau.Baal ha turim, bamidbar 626 another says there is no peace for israel that is, jacob if there is no peace for esau.Leibowitz, seven years of discussions of the weekly parasha, p.110 these are nice homiletics, but hardly compelling.A good counterexample is the number 86.It is associated with elokim, the first name of god mentioned in the torah.But it is also associated with the word hateva, which means.

Nature.Do we conclude that god is the same as nature that would be pantheism, and is specifically rejected by jewish thought.Another counterexample is the number 210.Again, in our parsha jacob tells his sons go down to egypt genesis 422.Go down is redu, and redu is 210.The israelites stayed in egypt for 210 years, and gematria concludes that this was foretold in the word redu.But earlier, god told abraham ‘get yourself out.From your country.To a land that i will show you.Genesis 121 ‘get yourself out’ is lech lecha’.

Lech’ is 50, that is 3020, and lech lecha’ is 100.If the final chaf counts as 500, then it’s 530530, or 1060.Did the jews spend 50 years in israel 100 530 1060 none of the above.So why interpret the gematria that way in one case and not the other or take the lifespan of the patriarchs.It was noted that the factors always add up to 17, which is the gematria for tov’, or good’.Indeed, abraham lived to 175, or 5 x 5 x 7, and note that 5 5 7 is 17.

Isaac lived to 180, or 6 x 6 x 5, and note that 6 6 5 is 17.Jacob lived to 147, or 7 x 7 x 3, and note that 7 7 3 is 17.But a factorization is done with prime numbers.6 is not a prime number it is 2×3.If 6 is replaced by 2×3, that gematria observation becomes invalid.Or consider the principle that two gematriot that differ by 1 are considered the same.If so, then if they differ by 2, they are also the same, because each is equal to the.

Number in between.And if they differ by 3 they are also the same, and so on.So they are all alike, and anything can be interpreted to mean anything.Another problem is that many practitioners of gematria confuse finding a deep connection , which is hard, with putting the two words in the same sentence , which is easy.One can always come up with a connection by thinking hard enough.But is that connection compelling are we manufacturing teachings out of thin air foreordained teachings that we already know and resonate to, and that do not require gematria validation to begin with.

Understanding Personal Numerology Partnership the Number 2 in Numerology

Hi.I’m carmen lynne.I’m with expert village.And, we’re talking about numerology today.So, we’re taking each number in turn to find out what are the qualities of that particular number.We’re moving on now to the number two.Just to remind you.The number two.Okay.So, two is the second number of course and there are many things associated with that.You’ve heard the expression, two’s company.And, what we’re talking about here is partnership.The whole theme of the number two is about partnership.It’s about one and two.Two,.

It tends to be a lot more of a passive number than the number one.The number one is all about being aggressive and being out there and being the leader.The number two person tends to be the person who is slightly in the shadow of the number one person supporting them.So the number twos are kind of the follower, huh yes.The number two is a bit of a follower not in a bad way.They tend to be supportive people.They tend to be, it’s a very feminine.

Number.You know, even if a guy’s number two.It’ doesn’t mean you’re not macho or anything.But, it’s, it’s ruled by the moon.It’s also, it’s a number about being supportive of the other person.And, it’s all about partnerships and relationships.So, those weaknesses that the number one has in being able to interact successfully.They compliment each other.Exactly.They compliment each other very, very well.A one and a two can go very, very well together.Okay.A two pretty much gets on with anyone too.They can be maybe a little.

Life Path Number 5 Numerology Meaning

Numerology life path number 5 people with life path number 5 can be simply described as spirits of change.They can only dream of resting.Life path 5 brings creative manifestation of form.For people with life path number 5 life is a mystical labyrinth and behind every corner there is a new adventure.They know how to be constructively creative and love new places which allows them to have new experiences.In numerology 5 is the number of risk and change.People with life path number 5 are often very talented and are capable to accomplish many things in different areas.

That is why it is very important for them to learn how to make correct choices that will not only bring fun but also benefit them and those around them.It is very important for a life path 5 to find their core, stop scattering their energy around and prioritize their desires.People with life path number 5 are quite flexible, active, full of interesting ideas and they have the ability to inspire others.As a rule they are not very patient and worry a lot.Because of their desire to try new things it is very hard for them to.

Do routine work.Their thoughts are either about today or in the future, they rarely stuck in their memories.People with life path number 5 are very passionate and could fall into gambling problems.Due to the lack of patience of a life path 5, they want quick results and it often makes them take unnecessary risks.People with life path number 5 are individualists who like adventure, traveling and change.They dont like any kind of borders that can limit them.People with life path number 5 can stay young in their heart.

For a long time if they are able to find their true passion and be creative.Negative side of people with life path number 5 is running from one thing to another without finishing it which could bring disappointment to their life.It is hard for them to concentrate, they often change direction and it could be hard for others to keep up with them.If people with life path number 5 subdue their own truth and limit themselves, they could become unsatisfied with their life and fall into their fears people with life path 5 have a high of.

Those who did not realize their talent that was given to them at their birth.Here are some negative qualities of people with life path 5 vanity, anxious, restless, rebellious, quicktempered, impulsiveness, lack of business orientation and lightheadiness.People with life path number 5 could get swamped and drown in the material problems.They could get stuck in only feeding their lower self.Life path number 5 should stay away from constantly creating enemies and fighting them.They need to find own freedom within the limits of the law.Life path 5 needs to balance their desire to live free and live according to the laws.

Of nature and society.They need to control own lack of patience that does not allow them to relax.They should also be able to handle their tendency to quickly be irritated.Key positive qualities of people with life path number 5 are love for adventures, adaptability, inspiration, curiosity, progressive thinking, good communication skills and sexual attraction.They are good in collecting things and often have a big choice in opportunities.People with life path number 5 are often smart and are able to reach their goals if they follow their positive side.They will be good in all professions that require initiative,.

Flexibility, being a visionary, taking risk and being brave.They should avoid professions that are connected with routine processes.People whose life path number is 5 are good in business and in commerce due to their ability to think quickly and inspire others.However, it could be hard for them to be a real boss since they like change so much.Advertisement, public relations and sales are the fields were people with life path number 5 can realize their potential.Money usually come easy to life path 5 but they could have issues with.

Saving money.Due to their attraction towards risk it is advised to delegate their money management to others.In personal relationships people with life path number 5 are very emotional and have a lot of love but they still fear failure deep inside.They love to flirt and will use all the opportunities they get.It is too hard for them to dedicate their life to only one person field or business.Their attractions are usually not very deep and people with life path number 5 are not very keen on expressing their deep feelings.Since.

Life path 5 are afraid to lose their freedom it could take them a long time to take a commitment in a relationship.They need to have a game and be inspired in their relationships.If they are constricted by limits it could eventually lead to divorce.People with life paths 3 and 5 are good for life path number 5.Life paths 2,4 6 might not be able to handle a lot of change that comes with life path 5.If life path 5 connects with life path 8, they need to know that 8 will never give in.The tendency to dominate in a relationship that comes from life path numbers.

Numerology Chart What it revealed about me

Hey guys, my name is jessica and i just wanna take some time to share my honest opinion and experience about my numerology chart.First of all, let me just say that i was never a huge believer in stuff like horoscopes, psychics, numerology charts.Stuff like that.But i had turned to this, because i was just.At a really low point in my life.It seemed like anything that could go wrong, went wrong my boyfriend dumped me, my apartment was broken into, i lost my cat.The stress was causing.

My grades to drop life was just not going well for me.And it was at this point that i got really desperate and turned to my numerology chart.After some research on google, i found numerologist and i ordered a numerology chart.Their readings are actually based on chinese numerology, which is apparently one of the earliest forms of predictive science, which dates back to, like, 4,000 years or, you know, something like that.Point being, it’s been around for a really long time.So i got my personalized numerology chart which contained custom calculations for me.

The forecast for the next, like, nine years were just amazingly accurate and the results until now couldn’t be more exact! it helps me understand my life, my destiny, how to overcome these challenges i was facing, and, it was just.All really shocking for me! and if you’re in a similar situation and you haven’t given a numerology chart a chance, i highly recommend it.I mean, i used to be just as skeptical but it’s definitely worth a try.In fact, numerologist is actually giving away free numerology charts to anyone.

What is Numerology Numerology Numbers to Explain Evolution of Consciousness

Numerology can truly help you understand the reason behind motivation that you and other people have.Numerology reading really helps in discovering what truly influences the psychology of human personality.If you are able to correctly interpret the number meanings and use numerology as a tool, it can help you find many answers to sacred questions you might have and help you realize why you react a certain way to events in your life while others act the way they do.Numerology gives many keys to better understanding of how things really work and can.

Help you open many doors in personal and professional relationships.Numerology together with other very effective tools like pondermotor writing technique can also be used to find true causes of problems with health so then infosomatic techniques can be used to resolve those issues with your physical body.Many people use numerology numbers for predictions, however it is very important to remember that even though we all have an element of destiny in our life numerology chart reading can only help you to discover the potential that you were given, but your free will which.

Is sacred brought you to the point of where you are in your life.If you lived your life within the mission of you higher self, then you most likely got sick much less than others, you have been successful in what you do in life and have fulfilling and evolving personal relationships.You are free to do with you potential as you please.However, if you invest it correctly, you will get the most positive results possible.And if you made certain mistakes in your life and made very bad investment decisions,.

There is still a chance to get back the energy that you have lost.Using meaning of numbers, numerology and visualization techniques many of which you can find on our website for free can help you discover yourself and help you make decisions that correspond to your own unique life path and nature.To learn more about numerology and the techniques that can help to improve the script of your life that you are writing everyday visit lifescript share, like and subscribe.Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons pythagoras.

Understanding Personal Numerology Leadership the Number 1 in Numerology

Hi.I’m carmen lynne.I’m here with expert village.And, we’re discussing numerology.So, we’re going to be going through each number in turn.And, we’re going start with, what do you think the number one.The number one.Yeah.Of course.This is lou.He’s back with us again.Hi, everyone.So, the number one, of course, is the first number.And, what does that say about a person who has number one as their number.Well, they tend to be the leader.They tend to be the first.They tend to be, they tend to rise to positions.

Of prominence.Number ones.They can also be a little bit of a loner perhaps you know because they’re doing their own thing.They’re usually very independent.They often can dominate a situation.They’re ruled by the sun.Every number is ruled by a certain different planet.So, the number ones are ruled by the sun.And, so every number i’m not going to say any number is good or bad because they all have good and bad within them, of course, like anything, like the astrological signs.Number one, they tend to start a project that.

Life Path Number 6 Numerology Meaning

Numerology 6 is connected with balance, responsibility and love.Life path number 6 has a lot of energy of service in it.It holds the harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms.Some sources perceive numerology 6 to be the ideal number.The key to the numerology 6 life path number is love toward others in order to exist for others.Life path 6 brings the energy of practicality, realism, materialization of harmony, craft and work in service.Numerology number 6 symbolizes the combination of higher divine with hard work on earth.

For many people with life path number 6 independence is impossible until initiative becomes their everyday habit.Most people with life path 6 have good connection with the animal world.People with life path 6 have to learn to receive pleasure from fulfilling the responsibility that was given to them.They are given the ability to create comfort where it is needed and are good in supporting those who are weak.Many people turn to people with life path number 6 for help.It is important for people with life path 6 to know the difference between.

Helping someone and interfering with their lives.Because they can see the harmony, people with life path 6 like to impose their thoughts on others.People with life path number six are often romantic, passionate and have the quality of motherly care.They often take responsibility for other people, even at times when it is not needed.They can try to sacrifice themselves in order to take care for others.For people with life path number 6 family and friends are often main interests in life.They do need to hear compliments and feel that they are bringing value to others.

Negative qualities of people with life path number 6 are as a matter of fact, there are not so many negative people with life path 6.However, they can become slaves to the needs of others and that can stray them away from realizing their true potential.Their readiness to sacrifice themselves could lead to becoming a masochist.They can fall into too much worry and even get sick when they feel pessimistic about what they do.They do lack aggressiveness and they fear conflict even when they need to fight for their survival.

Many people with life path number 6 lack selfconfidence and often avoid hard tasks.They need to learn how to overcome their inertia and passiveness and never lose their individuality.People with life path number 6 need to learn how to love themselves, not only to give but also to receive.Professionally, people with life path number 6 are good in business related to servicing others home business could also be an option for them.Numerology 6 can attract money, but often money comes not for their own needs but for the needs to serve others.People with life path number 6 first need to make.

Sure that everyone else is ok and only then they begin to think about themselves.Because of that, they could blame their passiveness on others.They can often create problems when in reality it is just the fear to manifest something.If there is a choice for a calm and peaceful life, people with life path number 6 would go for it.They often have good artistic skills and can be quite good in music, dance, art, design and fashion.People with life path number 6 are perfect subordinates and executives.They can be fair bosses, but could.

Be too critical to others due to their desire of perfection.They are often very careful in investing money since family is often top priority for them.The main desire of people with life path number 6 in relationships is to love and be loved.If they are betrayed, they lose ground under their feet.Life path 6 often have idealistic view of their partner which makes it hard for them to find a partner for life.However, if they find a partner they are very deep and committed.One of their top priorities.

Is to create a comfortable, warm, secure and cozy house where everyone could enjoy harmony and good food.Life path number 6 is good in relationships with other 6 as well as people with life path number 2.Life paths 3 and 5 could be problematic because they strife for active life and dont like the control that life path 6 could bring.Life path 4 and 6 could work, however they have a very different understanding of what love is.Life paths 1 and 8 would begin to care for life path 6 which will not allow 6 to.