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By | March 6, 2017

Aloha and welcome to moonscopes astrology. im your host kg stiles. im here to connect you with your passion and what you love to realize your own true greatness. On todays show Ill talk about the astrology of the second Aquarius New Moon on February 18th exact at 3:47pm PT. This Aquarius New Super Moon births New Visions and brings Self Mastery. Also on the show I answer a QA about why Saturns influence is felt differently by different people.

Be one of the first 2,000 subscribers to my channel and win a free astrology coaching session with me ($450. value) Find out how at the end of todays show. Ive posted a world clock time zone converter below this tutorial for you to find out what time things are happening for you wherever you are in the world. I do love hearing from you. Please leave your comments and questions below and share comments with each other!.

This is a general forecast for everyone. if you want a more personal look at your astrology I invite you to purchase a private session with me. kgstiles /integrativehealthservices/sessioninfo/ The Aquarius New Moon is at 29 59 A minute later the Moon enters Pisces. This Aquarius New Moon symbolizes a gateway for you when New Opportunities and vistas open up. This is a very rare degree for a New Moon to occur. Its a very mature point of self mastery.

Uriel is the angel overnighting the sign of aquarius. uriel is the archangel of wisdom and ideas and represents the golden ray. Uriel means Gods light or Fire of God Uriel is an angel of alchemy and helps you to transmute lower base energies into lighter higher vibrational energies. Uriel brings clarity and helps you to heal past events. Uriel is the angel of the north representing wisdom. Call upon Uriel to help you find solutions to any problems.

The aquarius new moon is conjunct the fixed wealth star fomalhaut: a royal star, called the Star of Alchemy. Fomalhaut is especially fortunate for the zodiac signs Venus, Mercury and Neptune. Neptune is presently conjunct Fomohault which amplifies its good fortune in this area of your chart. GABRIEL is the angel overnighting this area of the sky where the Aquarius New Moon is occurring and is the Watcher of the South representing trust and innocence. ONE OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS YOU CAN call upon.

At this time to assist you is: epona is a fairy queen goddess who oversees and protects horses. during celtic and roman times when horses were essential to everyday life Temples were build in Eponas honor. Epona also protects the environment and nature spirits. Horses are a symbol of personal power. Call upon Epona to protect your natural self, your natural inclinations and instincts at this time, so that you can gain Self Mastery, become fully embodied and self empowered. Being in nature and working with natural elements like crystals and gemstones can be especially helpful now.

The aquarius new moon is also a super moon meaning it is very close to the earth. in fact it is the second closest of the New and Full Super Moons in 2015. So, the electromagnetic pull will be strong on the earths tides and on your emotions. Your emotions could run high in intensity at this time. Helping you to break free of anything that may be holding you back. This is a major moment when escape velocity can be reached where there is no turning back. This gateway opportunity for break through will increase in pressure and.

Intensity as we near the end of february and move into march. Ill review a little bit about the first of March astrology for you, but first lets look more closely at the Aquarius New Moon Astrology. So heres the February 18th Aquarius New Moon astrology lineup for you: The Second Aquarius New Moon in a row is at 29 59 The Solar Eclipse Virgo Super Full Moon in September is THE closest Full Moon to the earth in 2015.