Numerology For Name Pramila

By | October 1, 2016

Hi. I’m Carmen Lynne with Expert Village.And, we’re are discussing numerology. We’re back again with Lou. Okay. So, Lou, we’regoing to calculate your name number. And, what is the name that you usually use? Myfriends call me Lou, but I usually go by Louis. So, is Lou more the name that you usuallyuse? Yeah. Okay. That’s great. So, Lou Nathan. So, Lou, I’m going to write down your namehere. LOU NATHAN. Fabulous. So, the reason I’ve written it like that to allowit with spaces is because each letter has a number associated with it. Interesting.Okay. I’m going to show you the chart in a moment where you can calculate your own name,watchers and listeners. So, L is 3. O is 6.

U is 3. N is 5. I just happen to know allof these because I’ve been doing this for so many years. I’ve memorized them all. His 8. A is 1. N is 5. Great. So, what we then do, is we add them together like you saw inmy last demonstration. 3 plus 6 plus 3. Twelve. That’s going to give us 12. Excellent. And,we do add the first and last names together separately because than that gives you anidea of if you were to just use your first name what kind of a number that would giveyou or if you were to use your whole name. Okay. So, Nathan, that’s 5 plus 1, 6 plus2, 8 plus another 8, 16 plus 1, 17 plus 5 is, 17 plus 5? Twentyone. Actually, that’s17 plus 5 is 22. You’ve got to be good at

math to be a numerologist too. That’s right,isn’t it? 17 plus 5. I want to check this to make sure I don’t get it wrong. Yeah. Okay,good. So, now, we’re going to reduce again. 1 plus 2 is 3. 2 plus 2 is 4. 3 plus 4, and,by the way, this is also, 22 is what they call a master number. And, those have specialqualities to them. It’s a good thing by the way. Thank God, we got a good thing, Carmen.Yeah. Thank you. Definitely. I knew I’d like this part. 3 plus 4 that equals 7. Okay. 7is the best number to have. It’s my number. Hooray. I shouldn’t say that because everynumber is good. Okay. But, anyway, you know every number, of course, has its own specialqualities and we will be finding out about

that. But, now you know that your name numberis 7. Okay. Good. Thank you..