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By | June 21, 2016

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Un being made numerology meanings it's no accident morality dystonia east of the universe thousand year old science danes come city control if you just any months karina numerology meanings 1 happiness experience the peace of knowing the right to travel in your life numerology predictions learn who you really are endure real purpose identifying your strengths and weaknesses numerology meanings 2 overcome difficulties in obstacles master your demotions instead of being a slave to them numerology calculator has more success and showing in your life annual effort allow us to numerology 9.

Guide to Mystical Numerology What is the Age of Aquarius

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. One of the most important parts about the Aquarian Age is how we all now have a feeling that humanity is a whole. And, as humanity being a whole, we're now joining with sources, resources, and other people worldwide. This is my partner, Ayumi Okata, who's from Tokyo, Japan. She's here in America for a little over a month so that we can find out how to strengthen our work with Japanese clients and their understanding.

About themselves through mystical numerology. So, in our work, it strongly reflects West meeting East. And, my capacity as a mystical numerology, and more of a person who works with the vibrations with inside of somebody, turns over my information and my charts to Ayumi who as a healer can work with the people better in their understanding in mystical numerology and in a healing capacity. Because Ayumi stands for me, a stronger feminine principle that has the ability to work with healing. Whereas, I have a strong ability to work with.

Their vibrations and so in Japan, how do the people take to mystical numerology. I think many people are interested in mystical numerology. But, we have, the numerology people can get is only Russian numerology, so it's not appropriate information because we are now in an Aquarian Age so I think many people can relate more to mystical numerology. The mystical numerology brings in higher levels of vibrations because in the Aquarian Age people are incarnating that have higher vibrations that are here to help with the transition from the Picine.

Age to the Aquarian Age. So, when they have this higher vibration, there's more nervousness inside because the vibrations can double into master numbers and there can be a series of two or three master numbers that really creates a lot of nervous tension and a drive to, I've got to complete this. I have a strong feeling, a strong vibration that says that I must go on this path. I must be a healer. I must work with humanity. And, with the mystical numerology, they're able to see through their charts that yes, indeed, you are here for a specific purpose.

Numerology Date Birth

Numerology Date Birth Hi Have you had your numerology chart done well isn't it your birthday today sure it is and I'm going straight to numerology dot com and get my numerology date birth chart on want did you just say numerology chart that's right numerology you know the signs of numbers and what they mean in your life better get it right this year I only know three numbers darlene that's 35 2436 and that's my figure numbers and there are some fine numbers yehh baby hohoho gotta agree with you there anyhow I'm up to check out my numerology.

Guide to Mystical Numerology Cosmic Universal Laws of Mystical Numerology

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. I want to speak about a major energy that has existed around us since Gaia, or Earth, has been alive. Gaia is a living organism because she self regulates her chemicals and gases. But, we're all within these energies that are around us, they are energies called the Universal Laws. And, these are the principles that govern us. The Universal Laws are more principles to live by. There's nothing within the Universe.

That dictates what we should be. Uranus the planet has never come to my doorstep and dictated to me that I have to be involved with scientific technology. But, everything is within the grace and the beauty of the compassion of these energies. In the Universal Laws, they were brought to us from a Pharaoh over fifty thousand years ago. And, Pharaoh means, that which you can become which represents Horace or Rama or Apollo or Perseus. The Universal Laws have a grand base meaning the Universal Law or the principle of cause and effect.

So, everything has an effect. There's also, you reap what you sow. So, what you've built in life is what you will get later on in life. So, it's not so much as Karma which means action, but it means that you reap what you sow. It's, these are the building blocks that you use. So, of course, this is what's going to happen to you. No, you don't have a big mansion because you spent your entire life chasing the opposite sex and trying to have sex. So, why should you have a mansion on the hill That's the Universal Laws. There's.

Like attracts like which has been kind of twisted a little with creative visualization in The Secret. But, the Universal Laws are irrefutable, immutable, and unchangeable. And, those are the ones that inspire us the most not laws of Thou shalt not steal. That's not a principle. That doesn't give us an example. That's just a law. But, it's the principles of the Universal Law, it's the vibrations that involve all of us. And, it doesn't separate from country to country or skin to skin or people to people. The Universal Laws are in.

Guide to Mystical Numerology Universal Vibrations in Mystical Numerology

Hi! On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Gnobo A. Calypso, known as Bryce, and I'm here to tell you about mystical numerology. I want to be a little bit more descriptive about the patterns. These patterns are also called vibrations. They, what are the feelings that resonate with you. Feelings, they don't give a particular feeling. A lot of people feel as if they can't control their feelings. Feelings are controlled by the thought process. But, the vibrations that exist within the patterns, the sacred geometry, from the Monad to the.

Decad, exists within a lot of us. So, therefore, we feel that energy which is actually planetary energy. The vibrations are comparable to astrology. Say for instance, if we worked with a three. A three is the Saggitarian energy which is ruled by Jupiter. So, these feelings are vibrations that come from the Universe. And, sometimes, depending on the degree of time, how one feels with these vibrations, anything that comes from the Universe is always very positive. There's no negativity. It's what we do with our thought process. If we have a lot of Scorpion.

Energy, then we'll feel more intense. But, we don't have to turn it into depression or despondency. We can't look at Western definition of how we're supposed to feel. As I said, anything that comes from the Cosmos, is always positive. And, yes, there is some intensity to it. But, it doesn't mean that we have to be depressed or despondent. What it means is we allow that flow of energy to go through us because it will change. It's transient and when you look at the sacred geometry of how everything is within progression and proportion,.

It changes. So, go through that energy and allow it to change. For the whole of the vibrations that pour through a person after I analyze the patterns, they're called an angstrom. An angstrom is measurable light waves. That means, all the energies brought together and how they pour out is your measurable angstrom. And, it usually revolves around a main pattern or master number. So, it's very, very wise to think of the Cosmos. Go out at night and look up into the Universe. Look at the Milky Way. Look at the beauty of the Solar System.

Aries weekly forecast 28 March 2015

Hello Aries and Aries rising, Welcome to the weekly forecast for the week beginning on 2nd 8th march. Dear Aries were going to be in the Full moon week this week and the moonlight is expanding and the energies are going to be high during the week so it's going to be an active and high energy and surprising week for you. Jupiter will be progressing in Leo and Venus progressing in your sign and Uranus has a conjunction in the week and Venus and Uranus will be making positive aspects with Jupiter in Leo throughout.

The week. This can bring surprise interesting cases about your life. There can especially be a variety of opportunities in your love life and emotional life. This week your social nature can bring your energy into the outer world more. You can be making brave actions and your will to express yourself will increase. And what I can say is that it's going to be a week which you will be comfortably attracting attention to yourself more. 0100 Next week the Moon is starting in Leo, so in the first days of the week especially on.

Monday and Tuesday it's possible to feel these energies much denser. After the 4th March the Moon is going to enter Virgo and we are going to start feeling the Full moons energies. On the 5th March 14 degrees in Virgo a Full moon is forming. And with this full moon you can experience developments in your life, work conditions, daily life and daily routines. The Full moon degree is making a positive aspect with the Pluto in Capricorn which is progressing in your career home. It's also possible to find strong supports.

So these can be authority cases, people above your status like your boss or other higher authorities and cases like the government. You're going to be in a period which you'll be receiving support in your workings and be in a period which you will be feeling safer. Besides this transformation's in your habits, nutrition and diet can happen. It's also possible to receive news about your house, your family and your relatives with this Full moon and Aries finally your daily life will become more active. Dear Aries that's if for this week, so take care and see you again next week. Goodbye.

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