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By | January 29, 2017

Hello. i’m carmen lynne with expert village. and, we’re talking today about numerology. And, today, I’m going to demonstrate to you how to calculate your birth number. So, my friend, Lou, popped in and offered to be the subject for this demonstration. Hi, everybody. Thank you, Lou. Thank you, Carmen. How are you? Good. Good. So, Lou is going to tell us what his birthday is and from that I’m going to demonstrate to you how to calculate his birth number. So, Lou, what is your birthday? February 28, 1954. Okay. So, I’m going to.

Show you how to do this. okay. so, we have february 28, 1954. so, february is 2, the second month. We have 28. And we have 1954. So, how numerology works is you keep adding together. So, 2, that’s just one digit. 28 is 2 plus 8. 1954 is 1 plus 9 plus 5 plus 4. What do these equal? 2 is 2. 2 plus 8 equals 10. 1 plus 9 plus 5 plus 4. What does that equal? 1 plus 9 is 10 plus 5 is 15 plus 4 is 19. 19. And, then we keep adding again. We’ve got 2. We’ve got 10. And, we’ve got 19. 2 is 2. 10, 1 plus 0, 1. Okay. 1 plus.

Part 1 Almere 2015 Numerology with Rob den Oudsten

Rob den oudsten is numerologist and stone expert. We are surrounded by sets of numbers. Dates of birth, dates, phone numbers, house numbers, age, bank giro numbers and so on. Rob recently held a workshop numbers recognition where he shared his knowledge. Each number has certain qualities and pulls like a magnet to events.

But first, a further introduction of rob den oudsten, He is the partner of spiritual healer Omata Tutini. Rob is her mainstay and helps Omata whenever and wherever he can. A spiritual odd couple together representing Aloha Spiritual. A remarkable duo that have elevated helping people to their ultimate goal in life. A statement from Rob as stone expert,.

where thought freezes the problem disappears when you buy stones. As numerologist he has given, through deciphering, support in their back and cured of their ailments. If you know it is very simple. The point is to get an insight what those numbers mean in terms of possibilities. Because a number often has multiple capabilities.

I do not learned it from a book, i have discovered it in life myself. It really started because for example I saw in the newspaper that someone had an accident at four o’clock and that person was 24 years of age and collide someone of 44. Or that day was on the 14th or so. I always found the number 4 in that fascinated me so much that I went to investigate.

When i am invest it further, i made a calculation or I used a book, making such a simple calculation. But the rest I do I discover my self discovers talking with people. I asked what about this and that, then, Do you have that, no. And then I did not understand why that then was not, but later in my further studies I understood that certain numbers together.

Had influence, i notice the reactions i get back from the people. I have the numbers to decipher that the story is true. So I have no need then to me to delve into other theories. Because when I shoot a hit, why should I look for another who might shoot even more exactly? A hit is a hit.