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I've been an athlete all my life and a cyclist and a runner. I have coached triathletes, runners, and cyclist and all things you know I have started with some AFib problems and so than what happened untreated it went to two strokes then a third one this past year this last one I said wow I need some help, so I went to a neurologist and the neurologist referred me here and basically to get some of the strength back and coordination back on my right side. Which for some people I look totally normal but believe me, being an athlete.

I know I am anything but normal, you know, and so I came here to try to regain some of those functions back and so we're able to isolate some areas that really, areas that I couldn't see and couldn't do on my own they really has helped over time I'm definitely better than I was! I'm definitely, the balance is better the strength is better. I still got a ways to go, you know what I'm saying, but we are progressing Oh very good, very good, very professional I think a very attentive.

Nuns key to unlocking Alzheimers

For more than two decades, about 700 sisters from the United States Provinces of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, or SSND, have contributed their bodies and brains to science. The research is simply called the nun study, it has netted key insight and answers to the puzzles of Alzheimer's and other aging brain disorders that commonly impact the elderly. When David Snowden started this study, he started it here at the University of Minnesota with the Sisters of Notre Dame, focusing initially on the Mankato group. In 1990, four years after starting the study, Snowden moved the research to the University.

Of Kentucky when he took a job there. Now the study will be returning to its home base in Minnesota. Since it left, the study has expanded to include five SSND branches throughout the United States. I think it continues to be a wonderful thing for the sisters to be involved in, and they are really proud of their accomplishments and be willing to be a part of this, because it's just not a matter of donating your brain. It's also a matter of going through regular testing. The nuns are an ideal group to study, because of their homogenous and active lifestyle.

In fact, many are involved in education and service well into their 90's. This is attractive to researchers because it minimizes many lifestyle factors. David and other investigators have really done a great job, for example, demonstrating the importance of really showing the importance of early childhood education in predicting susceptibility to Alzheimer's as well as an active lifestyle, in terms of minimizing risk for Alzheimer's. And so it has made some major contributions in how we understand various risk factors to Alzheimer's. The extraordinary findings have made big waves in the scientific community and media.

A book was authored about the sisters' involvement in the research called Aging with Grace, and the study even landed on the cover of TIME Magazine. The original study was state of the art 25 years ago, and now we want to develop a study that is state of the art of 2012 or 2013. In an interdisciplinary approach, researchers from departments such as Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Pediatrics, and the School of Public Health, will all be involved in the nun study. I was so impressed by the deep desire that I saw reflected in the folks that we met at the U.

Who really support and encourage and build on each others areas of expertise. There's plenty of new research in store. Pediatric researchers will further study the notion that early childhood influences can be linked to brain disorders later in life. The U will also have a group looking at genetics to find out who may be most at risk for developing Alzheimer's. We have two major goals in the next two years one is to continue with nun study one is we're calling it. Finish off the assessment and analysis of the remaining sisters.

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