Name Numerology Based On The Date Of Birth

By | June 25, 2016

Understanding Personal Numerology How to Calculate Your Name Number

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne with Expert Village. And, we're are discussing numerology. We're back again with Lou. Okay. So, Lou, we're going to calculate your name number. And, what is the name that you usually use My friends call me Lou, but I usually go by Louis. So, is Lou more the name that you usually use Yeah. Okay. That's great. So, Lou Nathan. So, Lou, I'm going to write down your name here. LOU NATHAN. Fabulous. So, the reason I've written it like that to allow it with spaces is because each letter has.

A number associated with it. Interesting. Okay. I'm going to show you the chart in a moment where you can calculate your own name, watchers and listeners. So, L is 3. O is 6. U is 3. N is 5. I just happen to know all of these because I've been doing this for so many years. I've memorized them all. H is 8. A is 1. N is 5. Great. So, what we then do, is we add them together like you saw in my last demonstration. 3 plus 6 plus 3. Twelve.

That's going to give us 12. Excellent. And, we do add the first and last names together separately because than that gives you an idea of if you were to just use your first name what kind of a number that would give you or if you were to use your whole name. Okay. So, Nathan, that's 5 plus 1, 6 plus 2, 8 plus another 8, 16 plus 1, 17 plus 5 is, 17 plus 5 Twentyone. Actually, that's 17 plus 5 is 22. You've got to be good at.

Math to be a numerologist too. That's right, isn't it 17 plus 5. I want to check this to make sure I don't get it wrong. Yeah. Okay, good. So, now, we're going to reduce again. 1 plus 2 is 3. 2 plus 2 is 4. 3 plus 4, and, by the way, this is also, 22 is what they call a master number. And, those have special qualities to them. It's a good thing by the way. Thank God, we got a good thing, Carmen. Yeah. Thank you. Definitely. I knew I'd like.

Understanding Personal Numerology What Numerology Says About You

Hi. I'm Carmen Lynne, and I'm with Expert Village. And, we're talking today about numerology. So, this is a book that I like to use about numerology. It's called the 'Idiots Guide'. It's very informative, packed with useful information. Now, numerology, it can tell you all sorts of things about who you are as a person, the sort of aspects of your life that you might wish to work on, your strengths and weaknesses, things like that. And, you can look at, there are basically two aspects of numerology which are your birthday, the.

Day on which you are born, and your name. Both of those things give us numbers. We use those numbers to calculate what number you are. You're not just one number because there are various different numbers. There's the day you were born, your name, there's the vowels in your name, the consonants in your name, and there's also different ways of calculating the numbers based on the day you were born. So, it's a fascinating subject. And, one thing that I have discovered about numerology is how often my often my particular numbers which.

Home Feng Shui Astrology What Is Feng Shui Astrology

In this series I would like to talk about some other more in depth feng shui techniques that traditionally used in China. So they have been used in China for centuries. And those techniques are based on time component not space component but time. So they are based on Taoist calender and because they are time related they are called feng shui astrology. Some of them are related to a person. What we do we take person's date of birth and we can calculate all kinds of good and useful information for a person. So all these.

Physics Circular Motion Average Power in Circular Motion by Ashish Arora GA

In this illustration, we'll study about the average power in circular motion. here we are given that a particle of mass m moves in a circle of radius r, with a normal acceleration varying with time as ay n is b t square, where b is a positive constant. and we are required to find the instantaneous power of all forces acting on particle as a function of time t, and average power for first t seconds from start. here in this situation we can see. as normal acceleration is given as b t square this can be written as v square by r at any.

Instant. this implies this speed of particle, at any instant of time can be given as root b r t. so, the tangential acceleration. of particle can be given as d v by d t and that is written as root of b r. and we know that, instantaneous power. in circular motion can be given as, m ay tangential multiplied by v. so here, this is given as m ay tangential we can write as root b r. and the speed we have seen this is given as root b r t. so instantaneous power we can.

Write as, m b r t. and we also require to find the average power for first t second from start so this is the instantaneous power as result of this problem, and, if we calculate the kinetic energy gain. total kinetic energy gain. by particle. in first t seconds. is, this kinetic energy half m v square. so, this will be half m. v square will be b r t square. so average power. for first t seconds can be given as p average is equal to, gain kinetic energy by time so this will be half. m b r t this is another result of the problem.

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