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By | June 27, 2016

Why Astrology Isnt Real Science

Hey baby what's your sign SCIENCE. GET OUT OF MY VIDEO TRACE. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Astrology is based on the premise that celestial bodies like the sun, the moon, planets, and constellations have an effect on what happens on earth, who you are as a person, and how people behave based on when they were born. Not to be confused with ASTRONOMY, which is the study of those celestial bodies themselves their properties and placement and such. Now I have a lot of friends, and my adorable little sister particularly, who are REALLY.

INTO ASTROLOGY. It's how they start their day and the foundation for their relationships with other people, the foundation for understanding themselves. As much as I love them, the scientist within me is cringing. Nah man, naaahhhhhh. Why does astrology make scientists cringe I mean, it seems scientific enough what with all the tracking of planetary movements, star charts, and complicated formulas. But astrology isn't an actual science because.wellll 1 It's not based on evidence, 2 it's conclusions aren't testable, 3 it isn't open to review by other scientists favorite, number.

4 it's un.fals.ifiable. Astrology can't be proven wrong.and that's the heart of what science is. The assertions of astrology are so general and open to interpretation that we can always find a way to see it in a factual light. We saw this effect in James Randi's famous Astrology Test. Participants were given specific horoscopes based on when and where they were born. After reading, they ALL rated their horoscope as very or extremely accurate. Then, they were passed their neighbor's horoscopeand learned that they all had the same exact one.

Other scientists have also looked at astrology's claims about careers. The idea is that being born under Mars, a supposedly warlike planet, produces more soldiers and athletes, whereas Venus produces more artistic types. In a study of 25,000 Frenchmen in the 60's, psychologist Michel Gauquelin found no correlations. He also did a study where he mixed up the birth charts of 10 murderers with 10 citizens and invited astrologers to identify which was which based on the charts. They failed miserably. A similar but larger study was published in 2007 and they found that the astrologers were EVEN MORE WRONG THAN RANDOM CHANCE. Youch.

Yet another study at the University of Manchester in 2001 looked at love compatibility by astrological sign to see if there were any trends. They had the data of 10 million couples from Census of Britain and Wales and found not a single sign pairing that showed a greater or lesser chance of romantic success. There's also the fact that the sun is no longer in a given zodiac constellation during it's designated time anymore. Although the sun is supposed to be in Aries right now, that's based on an outdated model it's actually in Pisces until April 18th. This is because.

Of precession, a phenomenon where the earth wobbles on its axis every 25,800yearcycle. Most peoples' signs that they believe they have.are actually wrong. Mine, for instance, isn't actually Libra, it's Virgo. And the description still manages to fit! Does this all mean astrology is good for nothing Well, no, of course's good for entertainment! It's all good fun. My concern is that a recent report by the NSF that found almost half of Americans think Astrology is a real science. AMERICA.DUZ U KNOW HOW TO SCIENCE We still don't. The struggle continues. Thanks for joining me for DNews my fellow science geeks.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Cancer and Virgo make a really good match in love, and these two are definitely built for a marriage or a similar longterm commitment. Two great examples of a CancerVirgo relationship come from the Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are both Cancer men who married Virgo women. Paul married Linda, his first wife, and it truly was till death did they part, when Linda unfortunately died of breast cancer in 1998. And Ringo and his wife Barbara Bach are still going strong after many decades together. What is it about this pairing that.

Works so well Let's take a look at it. First off, Cancer has a deep need for security and stability in a relationship this sign generally isn't happy with shortterm flings or with playing the field. Cancer just wants to find its mate, a trustworthy, loving mate, and settle down. And that's just fine with Virgo, who is the exact same way. Virgo takes a while to fall in love, because this is a very cautious sign that doesn't just rush into things. But once Virgo commits, it's with the whole heart, and it's for life. So.

These two signs really work well together on that level. And with Virgo being very practical and hardworking well, these are both hardworking signs that will do whatever it takes to provide for their family and Cancer being so nurturing and childrenoriented, these two make a great pair as parents. They can raise a brood of children together and make a comfortable home together and all that good stuff. Now, this may not be the most dramatic or thrilling pairing around it's not going to be, like, dazzling fireworks and cascades of roses and.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Gemini and Virgo are square, which is one of Astrology's hard aspects so this pairing can have some real friction, some tension to it. But it's not all bad. Let's look at a VirgoGemini couple from everybody's favorite 90's TV show, Friends Monica and Chandler. Right Monica Courtney Cox's character absolutely stereotypical Virgo. She's a neat freak, she's got incredibly high standards that she holds herself and everyone around her to standards that no one can possibly reach, except she, of course, comes close, since she's such a perfectionist. Everything in her apartment had to be just so, right.

Everything perfectly clean and neat as a pin. And when she put on holiday dinners, she had such high expectations, and everything always got royally screwed up by everyone around her who was just so not a Virgo. So then we have Chandler Matthew Perry's character. I mean, these two were a bit of an odd couple, don't you think She's a neatfreak perfectionist, he's this totally witty, sarcastic dude which is so Gemini, by the way. And he was, like, this manboy this perpetual child in a man's body. And Geminis are very playful and.

Young at heart, and often somewhat immature. But here's the connection between these two Both their signs are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known as the planet of communication. So they have this great mental connection. A real meeting of the minds. And if you think about it, Monica and Chandler were always talking and scheming and plotting together very mercurial, if you ask me. Plus, they weren't very touchyfeely, which is pretty typical for this pairing. They're more about that intellectual, mental connection than anything physical. And the way it took them forever to fall for each other, and then forever.

Again to declare themselves a couple I mean, how many episodes did it take for their closest friends to even find out they were together That's very typical of both of these signs. Virgo falls in love the way this sign does everything else slowly and carefully. And Gemini likes to keep all options open which in Chandler's case was about, maybe they were together, but maybe they weren't maybe they were just having fun. But in the end, of course, they committed to each other. In this particular match, it's Virgo who's.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Gemini and Cancer are right next to each other in the Zodiac, so there's a good sexual connection between these two signs. I guess that must be what brought Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise together. Maybe they really shared a spark. She's a Gemini, he's a Cancer. I don't know, I've heard all kinds of rumors about their sudden divorce, about why they were together in the first place. I've read that their divorce left her blindsided that he just came out of the blue with it after they'd already been married 10 years, and she thought everything.

Was fine. Which, ironically, is what he says now about when Katie Holmes left him he says he thought everything was fine and then she up and left him. I guess that's karma for you. But back to Gemini and Cancer you know, these might share a good spark, but they really are quite different. Gemini is an Air sign, very witty, very intellectual, very changeable. They change their minds, their friends, their whole lives, just for the fun of variety. And Cancer couldn't be more different from that. Cancer wants no,.

Craves stability. Cancer puts down roots. This sign wants everything to be longterm friendship, love, career. Cancer always feels best when security and stability are in place, and Gemini is kind of the opposite Gemini needs the thrill of newness and change and variation. So really, I'm kind of surprised Tom and Nicole made it work as long as they did. And honestly, if the rumors are true, the two children they adopted together are more in touch with Tom than they are with Nicole, and Cancers tend to be more naturally.

Nurturing as parents than Geminis are. Maybe she just wasn't the kind of warm, stable, nurturing, boring mom those kids wanted. Who knows All I know is, Gemini and Cancer have to make a lot of compromises in a romantic partnership, and chances are, it's not going to work out because Gemini's going to run off in search of fun, and Cancer is going to burrow into its selfprotective cave to recover from trying to partner up with such an unpredictable person. This may not be the best match, overall.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Oh my gosh, Virgo and Aquarius the first couple that comes to mind for these two signs is Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Oh, my god where do I even begin with this one! All right, most of you probably don't even remember that bizarre, awkward kiss they had on stage in 1994, after they were secretly married. Ugh, that was just the weirdest couple ever! But in some strange, twisted way, it kind of made sense I mean, Lisa Marie, she's the Aquarius, so she probably has unique and eclectic tastes in men didn't.

She go on to marry Nicolas Cage And he's definitely an odd one, himself. But I don't know, maybe she just saw marrying Michael Jackson as well, what am I talking about I have no idea why she married him that's the thing about Aquarius this sign definitely dances to its own drummer. Who knows what they're going to do next. And Michael, why did he marry her Virgos are very precise and they make decisions carefully, so I can't imagine that he jumped into anything. But oh, my god, it was so obvious there was just.

Zero physical connection between them, no chemistry at all. Which makes sense, since Virgo and Aquarius are quincunx they're five signs apart in the Zodiac, which is a very fated, karmic connection. These two signs really don't have very many similarities between them at all, so when they fall in love, it's like, they're here to work something out together. In fact, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz they're another good example. He's an Aquarius, she's a Virgo. And their relationship, just like Michael and Lisa Marie, definitely didn't work out. There's just not enough passion here! Not enough heat to keep these two together.

Hindi Karka Rashi 2014 Cancer Love, Relationship, Marriage Annual Horoscope 2014

Hello My Dear Cancer friends. Its my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. As mentioned in my General Outlook 2014 for Cancer Borns, right from the beginning of the year, you will be quite busy in professional and other matters leaving you with little or no time for the luxury of love. Now don't get disappointed. This does not mean that there will be no romance in your life. First of all, this dry phase should be over by April 2014. Secondly, there will certainly some romantic encounter, but it is unlikely to be a steady.

One. There could be reasons and circumstances like both of you are not on the same wave length or the mutual attraction is not strong enough. Therefore it may fizzle out too soon. However, if you are already in a committed relationship or are married, even though the challenges of similar nature shall remain but you and your loved one will feel an inseparable relation on a higher level. Thus this invisible love bond will keep you together. For the singles who wish to find their soulmates may not be so lucky till July 2014.

But as I said you will definitely keep meeting the persons who have the potential to enter your life. Thus it all depends on how you connect with him or her and how flexible or accommodating you are. These crucial moments could make a difference for the rest of the year, so be on your guard! This is a generalized reading based on the zodiac sign, I suggest that you get a personalized report. This report will be based on your Birth Chart, therefore it is very reliable and accurate. I wish you all the very best in the months to come!.

Men Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

I don't know why Disney is so good at putting swagger into animals, but it makes me uncomfortable. Zoot Alors What really woke me up sexually as a child, we all know that Simba had it going on. And he gets off that log and he's a man now, and he starts singing, and he's like It means no worries I was like, what's happening to me right now laughs That's when I started feeling things that I just had not felt before. Obviously loved Leo.

Because I have a heart and a vagina. He's still sexually awakening me. And definitely Justin Timberlake from 'N Sync 'cause, I mean, hello. I loved The Back Street Boys. I had a whole Back Street Boy wall in my room, which I regretted for years. Another person that really did it for me was Aaron Carter. Bieber has nothing on Aaron Carter. I loved Ryan Phillippe when he played the bad boy in Cruel Intentions , even though that's a whole through line of incest. As a kid there were a lot of indescribable feelings.

That I had when I watched Jafar and Jasmine interact. And it was just like I don't want this to stop, but what is this And it felt wrong. I don't think I've ever met someone in life as charming as the fox in the animated Robin Hood. So much swagger. How do they do that He would just like cross his legs, and then throw off his hat. Paul Walker in The Skulls. Let's talk. He was just like rowing in the dimly lit sinister underground world of power and sex.

I was really into that. When I was in third grade I had a super big crush on Michael J. Fox. And everyone would say, Oh, Michael J. Fox, like Marty McFly, like you saw Back to the Future And I was like, Yup. When it real life it was Michael J. Fox circa Spin City. JTT. I don't even need to say from what. He was everything. I really liked Johnny Yong Bosch in his Mighty Morphin Power Ranger days when he played the black ranger. He just seemed like one of those every day.

Cool, cute guys, as opposed to the super testosterone leaders that everybody else was. I loved Dawson's Creek. Not Dawson, it was all about Pacey. I loved Hocus Pocus. The main guy was cute in it too. And you spend the whole movie thinking he's really cute, and then the cat becomes that boy. And you're like done. Like I'm done. Zoot Alors He wore that shirt from the 1700's that was like that white ruffly, like with just a little bit of chest hair. And his hair was that like.

Cancer weekly forecast 915 February 2015

Hello Cancer and Cancer rising. Welcome to the week beginning on the 9th February15th February. Dear Cancer's, while Venus and Mars is progressing in Pisces during this week its observable that international subjects and some academic cases and your faraway targets are intense. In these areas Venus could bring you important opportunities and together with Mars diverting your energy into these areas you may need to go on trips and again in this period people who live away from you, people you haven't seen in some time and subjects related to your relatives can be on foreground during.

This period. In the beginning of this week the moon is going to be in Libra and on Monday subjects related to your house and family is going to take place in your schedule. After the 10th February the moon is going to enter Scorpio and while the moon is in Scorpio you can focus on more emotional subjects. Love and romance or subjects related to children will have priority for you during the middle of the week. On the 12th of February from the evening onwards the moon is going to enter Sagittarius and.

Towards the weekend some work and daily routines and activities related to your health will be in your schedule. This week our communication planet Mercury will recover, because Retrograde was in motion in Aquarius for a while. And on the 11th February its turning moving forward 1 degree in Aquarius and Mercury is going to remain in Aquarius until 13th March. Dear Cancer's if you have some work to do related to financial subjects or moneywise or even some plans then you can clearly apply them in this period. Mercury will be supporting.

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