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By | July 7, 2016

Love Compatibility Between Signs Water and Earth Good Match

Let's look at compatibility between Water and Earth. The three Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces And the three Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Basically, this is a very good combination. Very compatible. Water is emotional and Earth is grounded enough to handle the ups and downs that we normally see in an emotional Water type. And Earth is methodical and practical, and Water can understand why. Because these kinds of qualities make Earth people emotionally stable. And Water can appreciate that. For Water and Earth. it's like the vessel,.

The cup, made of clay or fine porcelain. that's the Earth.and it can contain or hold the emotions the Water. That's how these two work so well together. One example of a great WaterEarth couple who are working it out is Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. Barbra is a Taurus, Earth, and James is a Cancer, Water. Together in their charts you can see how Streisand can count on her husband for emotional support, reassurances, and protection. while she offers him in return security, loyalty, and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Air and Earth Signs

Lively music Sexy but scary We are great at sex, and we are, like, pretty fun to date. Scary, I'll give you the scary, absolutely not. I would date andor hook up with one, but I don't see much more. I know some people will say they wouldn't a Gemini because we're flighty and we don't commit. See, I feel like I'd be continually insecure, just like in a perpetual state of insecurity. I feel like a hipster Gemini. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God, that's so hot.

Voiceover Oh, my first crush was a Taurus. I don't think I could date them just because I know how stubborn they are. If you're trying to date them and expect compromise, it's never going to happen. I think they're great, I think they're persistent and focused and really supportive. They're super down to earth. I'm into it, if this is a precursor, I'm like, give me more Taurus, please. Yes, I think that's like the wife material right there. Very like balanced, probably good.

For dreamy signs like ours. Libras sounds to me like the kind of person that's like, okay, so we're gonna split the cheque down exactly. I fall in love with Libras so easily because they're just so charming. You said Beyonce's a Virgo, right laughing Absolutely. Virgo won't put up with your shit. They're really good conversationalists. They almost seem unattainable. I think Virgo would get tired of me real quick. I think they're the ideal person to have a family with when you're ready for that.

But in terms of like having casual fun and you're just kinda dating, whatever, I don't think they're the ones for that. I imagine an Aquarius opens their bed side drawer and there's like an array of toys and they're like, whatever you want. Oh, my God. Oh, I think they'd be good in bed, too. Yeah. I'm attracted to them, like, just right off the back because they're so creative, and I'm like, oh, my God, I love this, but like they're too aloof for me.

Confident and grounded and know what they want. Who's that girl you like hook up with and she flits away, and you're like, oh, man, I really liked her. Yeah, but she was always meant to get away because she's kind of like a figment of your imagination. I would love to date a Capricorn because I think they would be very appreciative of the affection I'm giving them because they're usually over looked. Capricorn man seems boring, but Capricorn woman I would definitely date because I bet she's secretly in charge of everyone.

I find Capricorns to be hilarious. They're just too committed to a plan and I think that life is a journey and I think everyday is different. I like schedules, so if you're gonna plan my day out and say, hey, this is where we spend time together and I'm all for it because I like organization. Meeting every new person is a challenge that's about finding the qualities in each type of person that are for you. They're really close to Christmas, like actually really close to Christmas.

What People Think About Zodiac Signs Fire and Water Signs

I really believe in astrology. I'm like 110 into it. I think it's dumb. Schwingin Air. Stubborn. Dominate. Hardheaded. Aries is a fighter. Passionate. Firey. Bossy, but not bossy in a bad way, but just, you know, in charge of everything. Woman in Leather Jacket It's like someone misspelled pieces. Mmmmm. Pisces are sensitive. They're really creative. They're too nice. I'll take that. Like a lot of Pisces follow their own path. They're very, very much weirdos.

Pisces is that guy that's so nice that you're like, there's something wrong. Exactly. And I get along with every single Pisces I've ever met. They don't ask for much. A Pisces is the person who you're like, It's fine. And they're like, Listen, it's not fine. Let's sit down and talk about this. Yeah. I am. It's so annoying. Woman in Leather Jacket Leos are fun. Boss. Arrogant. Ambitious as bleep. They will fight you on everything. Leos are prideful.

Yeah, we have a lot of pride. I'll say that. Center of attention. I think they're leaders, often. Leaders, yeah. And they like to be in charge. We're also like really misunderstood. We're gold egg, so we're all flashy and hard on the outside, but the minute you crack us, we are all goopy and like mushy. Moody. Oh my God. There's a reason Cancer is a crab. Woman in Dodger's Hat laughs Emotional. Yeah. Loving. Straight forward, but caring.

But I love them. They're also very caring though. They're so peaceful. Very athletic. Yeah. Cancers will bring you flowers. Cancers are romantic. Woman in Tank Top Anthropomorphically sexy. What the hell does that even mean Wanderlust. You know how like Disney characters You're like oh, like Disney characters are attractive, but like oh they're cartoons. Like I'm conflicted. Right, OK. Free spirit. Always looking for another adventure. They're like, Oh I'm sexy, but I'm horse, so you can't have sex with me..

They're very much in their own element. They do their own thing. And they get bleep done. Woman in Leather Jacket Vicious. Yeah, my sister's a Scorpio. And it's just a real, you don't know what you're gonna get. Scorpios are probably more likely to bleep you over. Don't mess with a Scorpio. Hmm mmm. Because you will get whipped hard. Intense. We're intense. Scorpios are intense. But I think underneath it all are really, really sensitive. I'm very sensitive, but I don't show it.

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Fire and Water Signs

Schwingin by WarnerChappell Production Music Good and bad. Like probably sexually like the top. Because they're super passionate and intense. I think you would sleep with an Aries, but not date an Aries. Because they're probably really experienced, and I would just be so nervous. But I just don't think I could do it again. I've had too many Aries heartbreaks in my life. Like I would totally see myself with another Aries. Pisces need a little bit more than most people. I could see myself being in like a two year relationship.

And then we'd part amicably. You have to be pretty selfless to date a Pisces. It's like the longest relationship I've been in is with a girl that was a Pisces. Like sexually, a Pisces is like there for you. I couldn't date a Pisces. I think it's 'cause I see them and I like see myself and see like maybe a friendship. I just don't see anything sexual in other Pisces. Like I feel like sex with a Pisces is just very genuine. They're in the moment.

Yes. I would date a Leo. Thanks. Like Leos are very loyal. They're so good at sex. I've dated a Leo. It was really fun. Leos are addicting. Like you fall in love with a Leo and then you're like why am I yelling He was wild. You're like, what are we even fighting about I don't know. Now we're having sex. That's a Leo. Yes, if you are looking for a straightforward boyfriend or girlfriend who will just be good at being a boyfriend.

Or girlfriend, you cannot go wrong with a Cancer. Cancers really are like hubby, wifey material. Seem just like steady, like caring confident people. They wanna like have very romantic sex staring into your eyes. Like staring, like both your eyes are open during sex Yeah, both your eyes Just like really are open looking at staring at each other each other. And with every thrust you feel love. I would love to date one, except that I'd be super nervous.

All the time because everybody would want them. Sagittarius females seem like the kind of person that I would end up with. Givers. They are givers. They are probably givers sexually, I bet. They'll just put everything in perspective and you're like the world isn't gonna end. You're so right. I think that they would like play your favorite music during lovemaking. Yeah. I think Sagittarius are very sweet people, but I do think it would take a while to find out what they really want I think that would drive me crazy.

I'm gonna be practical here and I don't think I could date a Sagittarius because their birthdays are too close to Christmas and that's like a lot of presents to buy. Now, it's a tough, tough person to date, a Scorpio. Man. It sounds for like an enlightening hookup, but not for like long term. An enlightening hookup. I have been in relationships with Scorpios and it always ends in just. I haven't had a long term relationship with a girl that's a scorpio, but I will say that relationship.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Scorpio and Pisces are actually a really good duo. They're both Water signs, so they really understand each other intuitively. They both really get why the other is so emotional, because they're the same way! So that's not something either would really hold against the other, unlike some of the other signs might. And they really share this instinctive, intuitive connection it's like they can feel each other's feelings, even when they're apart. It's almost spooky. My friend Elizabeth is that way with her husband, Glenn she's a Pisces, and she can always tell how he's feeling. She just has like this sixth sense.

About it, even when he's away on a business trip she'll tell me she's feeling kind of nervous or kind of gloomy, and she'll always say, I think Glenn is having a bad day. And then by the end of the day, she's right he calls and they reconnect and he tells her whatever is going on, and it's like she intuited his feelings by ESP or something. So he's a pretty typical Scorpio very intense, he likes being in control, which works for Liz just fine because she's also a typical Pisces kind of dreamy, you know,.

So she really relies on Glenn's sharp wits, his ability to keep things together in terms of their household, their kids, that kind of thing. He's in charge of the money, which works great for both of them. She doesn't have to think about it, and he gets to keep track of all of it, and how it's being spent and invested and everything else. And Liz is just such a nurturer, which really keeps Glenn happy, because when a Scorpio is in a relationship that's anything less than very loving and supportive, they can really have.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

You know, Aries and Aquarius really do make a good match. Let me tell you why. First of all, these two are just great friends from the start. They have a lot to talk about. Aquarius is an Air sign, very intellectual and progressive and fascinating. And Aries is a doer an initiator. This sign likes to take an idea and run with it, make it real. And while Aries is good at starting things, it's not so great at following through but Aquarius is a Fixed sign, which is all about determination and followthrough. Aquarius.

Can be the glue that keeps this couple together over the long term, since Aries can be the type to fall in love fast but then fall back out again. Aquarius can be the grounded one, the one who stays committed no matter what. And both of these signs are very independent, so they have no problem giving each other the space they both need. They really get that about each other. I actually have friends, Jean, she's an Aquarius, and Eddie he's an Aries. They're a couple, you know, and I have to say, it's kind of funny to watch.

Them sometimes. Jean, she's the passionate one Aries is a very fiery, passionate sign and sometimes she turns that on Eddie, who's just very coolheaded. Aquarians can even be kind of aloof, you know They aren't especially emotional people, and they definitely keep their feelings hidden. They just don't like having big, dramatic blowouts, but Aries, on the other hand, really needs to express all their emotions fast and loud, and they kind of live for big confrontations. So my friend Jean, she used to just poke at Eddie.

And goad him and sometimes just allout provoke him, just to see if she could get a rise out of him. I don't know, they've been together for a long time, so these days they aren't quite so fiery anymore. But Jean, she really keeps the passion alive, and Eddie keeps them solid, grounded, you know And they still find each other fascinating, after all these years. This is generally a really good pairing of signs for a love relationship, whether shortterm or longterm. And if it's just a shortterm thing, these two can stay friends.

Aries and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Leo geez. I had two friends Sarah, who was an Aries, and Matthew, a Leo. Talk about heat, between those two! They met one night at a nightclub and the attraction was just instant. Kinetic energy between them, you know what I mean From the very start, they were just burning it up together. They were all over each other, all the time. It was so annoying the kind of couple that everyone around them is like, Get a room! But with two Fire Signs like that, there's just a huge amount of passion but that.

Means not just the tearingoffeachother'sclothes kind of passion, but also raging tempers. Sarah and Matthew, they would just go at it, arguing and bickering. And every fight was like a war a battle of wills, to the death. But the funny thing about them was, it was like, that was just part of their foreplay. It was like they fed off the energy they created together by butting heads. And then they would go kiss and make up and, you know. It was totally insane! I have to say, I always envied their heat, but I can do without that kind.

Of constant clashing in my relationship, if you know what I mean. Plus, Sarah had to learn to kind of pump up Matthew's ego sometimes, you know Because Leos, they need that they need to feel adored. And Aries, sometimes they have a hard time remembering all those little frills of romance, which are the very thing that keeps Leo's love burning. Both of these signs want to feel like they're the one in charge, so it's understandable that they got along so famously but also fought constantly. Good thing Sarah, the Aries, she.

Never stayed mad for long. Matthew, on the other hand, well, Leos can kind of hold a grudge. But Sarah was just so dynamic and energetic and who knows what other talents she had. that he could never hold onto their fights. He didn't have time he had to keep up with her! And Aries isn't the most committed sign in the Zodiac, but Leos are all about it so Matthew taught Sarah about the value of sticking with the relationship, even when things got rough sometimes. They had a really good match, and it's no wonder.

Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

So Capricorn and Aquarius are right next to each other in the Zodiac, which gives them a good dose of sexual chemistry, because that's always the way with two signs like this, that come one right after the other. Now, these two particular signs are kind of an interesting combination in a love affair. They're both ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of duty, responsibility, maturity, obligation. Both signs are really made for a longterm commitment, when it comes to love. So there's a really serious tone to this connection. Oh, my cousin,.

Sandy, she's a Capricorn, she had this Aquarius boyfriend for a long time I can't actually remember his name! Let's call him Ted. Sandy and Ted. Okay, so she was always a pretty serious person, you know, she always knew what she wanted to do when she grew up, and she was a business major in college, that kind of thing. She worked as an intern at this big company and worked her way up through middle management, that kind of thing just very Capricornian. So Ted, he was an Aquarian, and usually I think Aquarians are kind of,.

You know, they like having fun, they love mingling with the people but when a Capricorn and an Aquarius are together, they're really just so serious together! They commit to each other pretty fast, because they're both kind of built for commitment in a relationship. And Sandy and Ted, they actually worked out pretty well in lots of ways Aquarius needs lots of independence and alone time, and Capricorn is really hardworking and tends to stay pretty busy, so neither one faulted the other for how much time they spent working. They were.

Definitely not the most romantic couple around, and I think in the end, that's kind of what broke them up. I mean, there's a lot of glue there between these two signs like I said, they're both very loyal, and comfortable with a longterm, monogamous relationship but in the end, their connection is just a little bit cold, and it's ultimately more about obligation or responsibility than true romance. And romance is the sweet stuff! I mean, that's really a necessary component of a love affair, don't you think So yeah, Sandy and Ted ended up.

Breaking it off after quite a few years together. I think they hit that point where it was either get married and have kids, or go their separate ways. And I remember Sandy talking to me about it, she was very sort of systematic and logical about whether or not to stay with him but in the end, she really did want to be with someone who was a little warmer, you know, a little more passionate and romantic. So she ended it. I always thought she did the right thing. Ted was fascinating, and he definitely respected her, but there just.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Two Square signs like Leo and Scorpio can make a good match, but a really challenging one. I mean, a Square in astrology that's a hard aspect, one that brings a lot of tension and conflict with it. And Leo and Scorpio are both Fixed signs, so they're both very stubborn. And considering Leo's flair for drama when it comes to expressing their feelings, plus Scorpio's a Water sign, so very deep, intense emotions and this sign tends to lash out with that Scorpion's tail when it's feeling hurt or betrayed well, the fights.

Between these two can be epic. SO if these two signs are to stay together longterm, they'd both better have a taste for drama, or for kissing and making up after one major blowout after another. The most famous LeoScorpio couple I can think of are the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, and I don't think there's a more perfect example of the strengths and challenges of this connection. I mean, they've been married forever, and I'm sure they'll stay together till the end there's that Fixed sign commitment and devotion for you. But we all know about.

Bill's cheating ways, and poor Hillary she's just been cast as this frumpy, unattractive wife with an allstar cheating husband, and she just puts up with his philandering for some reason. But I don't believe it I don't think she's a victim here at all. I think she's much more calculated than that. I mean, she's a Scorpio, after all. She always has a plan! And even when Bill does things that go against or outside her plan I'm guessing she has a contingency plan waiting in the wings, because that's just how Scorpios are.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

So Scorpio and Sagittarius now, here's a pretty odd couple. They might hit it off at first, since two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac, like these two are, usually do have pretty strong sexual chemistry. But wow, for two signs so close together, I don't know if these two could be more different! First off, Scorpio's a Water sign, just a really deeply emotional sign. Everything is intense for Scorpio life itself is this deep, intense, complex, passionate experience. And that could really draw Sagittarius in.

At first, because Sag loves any new adventure, and just wants to try out everything and everyone. Sag is the sign of the explorer, and just really loves mindexpanding experiences. But wow, this connection can really get off track fast. Just look at Ike and Tina Turner. She's the Sagittarius she wants to travel and see the world, meet people, just get out there and have a good time and Ike was the controlling Scorpio, the passionate, intense guy who wanted to possess his woman, no matter what. But Sagittarius doesn't want to be possessed or.

Controlled! This sign is all about freedom. It wants to come and go and follow its own interests and whims. But that can really push Scorpio's buttons, making Scorpio squeeze more tightly and get more intense and maybe even a little crazy and then it's just a downward spiral from there. Now, of course I'm not saying every ScorpioSag couple is going to have the kind of violent, insane, destructive relationship that Ike and Tina had. Not at all. These two actually have some good things going for them like, Scorpio.

Loves Sagittarius's honesty, since Sag is really whatyouseeiswhatyouget, and that's very reassuring for Scorpio. There's less to cause suspicion, you know, than with some other signs. Of course, some Sagittarians tend to have a little trouble with monogamy, and that can really make Scorpio feel hurt and betrayed, and then that Scorpion stinger comes out. But again, on the positive side, Sagittarius's optimism, that funloving, carefree outlook that can really be a breath of fresh air for Scorpio, whose whole life is about intensity and complexity. And on the flip side, Scorpio brings loyalty and emotion.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Let's take a look at Cancer and Pisces together in love. So here we have two Water signs two very feeling signs, very emotionally attuned to each other. Both very vulnerable signs. Pisces is extremely romantic, and Cancer is very protective of its loved ones, so these two can really make a great match and they're in it till death do they part, you know what I mean These two aren't playing around together. They fall in serious love with each other, and they're in it for the long haul. OK, so I want you to work with.

Me on this one. Think about Cinderella and Prince Charming. So she's this sweet, loving, romantic young girl who does everything for everyone else she's basically just a slave to her evil stepmom and her ugly stepsisters and she's always just getting pushed around by them. But she's so selfless, she never complains and that's just so Pisces. And then she ends up living out every girl's fantasy when, at the end of the fairytale, the shoe fits and by the way, Pisces rules the feet! The glass slipper slides right onto.

Her perfect little foot, and she marries into a wealthy royal family and lives happily ever after, protected forever after by her Prince. Cancer is all about family and protection, you know so that's just such a perfect, iconic pairing of these two signs. Of course, in reallife, notsofairytale endings, we have Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. Well, that was kind of a really sad story, overall, wasn't it I don't know, maybe Courtney Love didn't live happily ever after with her Prince Charming, and she wasn't exactly Cinderella in the traditional sense although she did have that blonde hair and those pink,.

Satiny dresses, although they were always ripped full of holes with tattered lace and everything but the Cinderella story sort of fits. Kurt Cobain was a Pisces, and that sign rules drugs and addiction. And Courtney Love, the Cancer say what you will about her, but she was very protective of her man, and it seemed like she gave him as much comfort and stability as she could. That's Cancer, trying to shield their loved ones from the harshness of life. And in the end, she couldn't save him no one could. But their love.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Have you ever seen Harold and Maude If you haven't, you really need to! It's such a wonderfully quirky, sweet, hilarious movie. So he's this really young rich kid and he's really depressed and obsessed with sex so in case it's not already obvious, he's the Scorpio in this duo and he meets Maude, this old lady who's just very strange and odd and and she's like 80 years old! And Harold just falls for her quirky, unique outlook on life. Maude really embodies the Aquarian personality, for me. She has her own way of looking at.

The world, her very own truth, and she's very wise. She opens up this depressed young boy's eyes to the beauty of the world of art and music, and just having a good life. And he's previously obsessed with death, which is a very Scorpionic trait both obsession in general and specifically with death but through his relationship with this wise, unusual woman, he learns to embrace life, too. You know, another ScorpioAquarius relationship between two people with a pretty big age gap is Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. She's a.

Scorpio, and I'm guessing he just really fell for how sexy and passionate and intense she was. And him being an Aquarius, he probably really didn't care what other people thought about him falling in love with a woman old enough to be his mother. And they were married for quite a while, by Hollywood standards! Sure, it didn't end up working out that's not too much of a surprise, since Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed signs, and they're Square to each other, so there's a lot of tension and conflict in this connection. Both.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

When I think of a Cancer and a Leo in love, I think of the Huxtables. Did you watch The Cosby Show Oh, I did. Loved that show. But it's always confused me I mean, did we ever see Dr. Huxtable go to work I mean, he was supposed to be this rich, successful doctor, but he's always at home, with the kids! Seriously, did you ever notice that Maybe it's just me. I don't know, I just always thought that was funny. He obviously loved his family, and that's very much a Cancer trait. Bill Cosby, the actor, is a Cancer.

In real life, and his character, Cliff Huxtable, was very Cancerlike as well probably because Bill Cosby based the character on himself, his own life, you know, his own personality. So here's this successful doctor well, he was an obstetrician, actually he worked with pregnant women and delivering babies, which is a very Cancerian career choice. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which governs pregnancy and motherhood. Anyway, Cliff's wife, Clair Huxtable who knows, maybe she was the real breadwinner. Maybe Cliff didn't work at all! Clair was an attorney, and she was definitely at work a lot of the time. Leos.

Tend to be very ambitious and hardworking, and they thrive in highstress, highpowered careers you know, highprofile positions that keep them in the spotlight. And Clair Huxtable was always dressed beautifully, just like a good, stylish Leo. And she was kind of the center of the family in a lot of ways. Well, they both were Cliff was sort of the heart of the family, which is appropriate for Cancer, but Clair was kind of the charismatic center of it. The kids all seemed to look up to her for her beauty and sense of humor.

And just her style. Anyway, this sign combo, Cancer and Leo, it's actually the archetype for parents, and I definitely always wanted these two to be my parents. You could just tell they really liked each other, too which isn't a surprise, since there's always a sexual spark between two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac, like this pair. Yeah, Leo and Cancer, they make a good pair in love. But they aren't in it just for the fun, or the short term. If these two get together, they're in it for real the house, the.

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