Love Astrology June 2015

By | December 25, 2016


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By liking, sharing and subscribing! Whether large or small your contributions matter and are much appreciated! Thanks for being here! On today’s show you’ll find out the Key astrological trends for June and the astrology of the Sagittarius Moon at 11º 49′ on June 2nd at 9:19 am Pacific. The Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct the Fixed Wealth Star Antares (Heart of the Scorpion). Antares is a Royal star and the Archangel Uriel the angel of wisdom and watcher of the West is the angel most associated with the Sagittarius Full Moon. Also the asteroid Athena, the warrior goddess, is stationed in Sagittarius lending you power and support for much of 2015.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is a time of illumination when new adventures, horizons and visions beckon. I’ll give The ASCENDED MASTER, ANGEL SABIAN SYMBOL RELATED TO the Sagittarius Full Moon at the end of today’s show. Big warm welcome and thank you to all of our new community subscribers and thank you so much for watching, sharing and subscribing. I really appreciate your being being here! If you LOVE to listen to podcasts our Moonscapes Astrology shows are available for download on iTunes a direct link appears below this tutorial. Please if you love the show give us.

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Http:kgstiles integrativehealthservicessessioninfo OK let’s look at the June astrology trends and Sagittarius Full Moon (switch to chart slide) Please let me know in the comments below tutorial how well you can see the chart and if you like the black or white background best. The month of June is a 6 month the number of Venus and since we’re in the universal year of 8 this energy combines to equal 14, the number of the media and sensationalism. Add 1 + 4 = 5 the number of Mercury, communication, connections and freedom of expression. On June 2nd we have the powerful breakthrough illuminating Sagittarius Full Moon. Sagittarius.

Is ruled by Jupiter now stationed in Leo and along with the Sagittarius Full Moon forming a grand trine with Uranus in Aries. This represents sudden expansive good fortune. Your higher mind is electrified and awakened suddenly. Sudden endings and culminations may happen now for the better, so that you can move along and fulfill your highest ideals and dreams for yourself. The Sagittarius Full Moon opposes the Sun (which makes for the full moon illumination), Mercury retrograde and Mars. The moon represents your emotional needs opposite the Sun (your will power and life force energy), Mercury your lower conscious rational mind and Mars.

Astrology forecasts for Aries in 2015 Tutorials on Love Relationships

Hello dear Aries and Aries rising. Dear Aries, You may as well be the luckiest sign when it comes to Love, in the year 2015! Yes, Jupiter will be in Leo until August 11th, supporting you with love and relationships. During this period, when analyzing the planetary positions in the sky, Venus’ position between January 4th and 25th, seems especially social and may prove to be quite supportive. At this time, you may socialize much more, creating more opportunities in terms of relationships. During the month of January, especially on the 7th, 8th, 21st, and 22nd, are quite special days for you, so try not to be alone. In February, on the 21st.

Until March 17th, Venus will be in your sign. Thus, you will be highly attractive for others. Your attraction will be on the rise, which will of course increase your luck in opportunities. This year on 14th of February, you will be one of the luckiest signs of all. You may take a trip with your significant other or your spouse. Especially if single, on the weekend during February 14th, you may meet someone new, perhaps during travel. April indicates to be an important month for special relationships, leading you to make important decisions. Following April 4th,.

You may decide to get married, you may get married, especially the first days of April seem to be quite pleasant for you with the energies of the eclipse. You may very well meet your partner during this week. If single, a romantic candidate may appear. Please try to take advantage of this. April 3rd, and 4th 5th this may occur. The sky withholds lovely energies for you. If within a longterm relationship, you may decide on marriage. You may mark these dates for marriage, or for taking a vow. During the summer months, between June 6th and July 19th, Venus in Leo will strongly support you with all topics of Love and Romance. This will be a satisfying summer. You will not only.

Socialize, but live a great love as well. The energies indicate you may be quite happy in your love life during this period. IN fact, dear Aries, this year it seems it may be quite difficult for you to remain alone. This may be a momentous year for single Aries. However, there is one period between July 25th and September 6th that we have be very careful of, as there will be a Venus Retrograde. During this period, especially with past relationships, old flirts and exloves may resurface. You may go in doubt with such topics, especially causing certain issues in your existing relationships. For instance.

We must be careful of problems regarding the ego, we must pay attention not to make selfish movements . However, Following September 6th, Venus will go direct and continue to support you. Here until the end of October, significantly pleasant energies will affect your love life. Towards the end of the year between November 9th and December 6th, Venus entering Libra will again support any steps towards strengthening your relationships and partnerships, such as supporting you with steps in marriage. The first week of November especially, the sky withholds optimistic, pleasing, and.

Enjoyable energies for you, dear Aries. Yes, for more details on money and career forecasts, and to mark down the lucky dates of 2015, please follow the tutorials. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Stay well.