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By | May 24, 2016

How to Read Tarot Cards What is Numerology

Hi, I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. Tarot has a very strong ling to numerology as the major arcana go pass by, you will realize that the numbers given in it, especially from one to nine are linked to numerology as the person with the numerological grid or the person with a numerological date of birth, that is the date, month, and year which is called a destiny number, and the cards numbers match exactly the same. If you are a particular month and a date born, you can add all the three and you can come to a particular conclusion.

Which is a single digit conclusion. This single digit, if you match with probably an emperors card, is going to be absolutely your characters sketch and your nature, your attitude towards life as well as the business that suits you is going to be just exact to that emperor card. That's the reason Tarot and Numerology go hand in hand. As well Numerology could part which is the time field of life go according to the air, according to the fire sign are also interlinked. So that is the reason we have to make sure that there should be some.

Free Bible Prophecy Book Offer For YouTubers

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Printing, I would appreciate that but if you cannot afford that, by all means simply send your name and address and I will send you a free copy. Be sure to include your complete street address. Someone in Wheeling West Virginia sent me a postcard but he left off the street address and I cannot honor a request like that. If you live overseas, I would appreciate a donation of ten dollars because it costs that much more to mail this booklet overseas. So send me your request to the address that I will leave on the screen.

Best ADVICE, TIPS How to give the perfect apology. Lisa Mohr Self Help

Are you sorry for something and you don't know how to apologize Recently I was at my son's karate class and the class ran over. I noticed that the class has been running over lately and it's late at night and it's a long day and I'm ready to get my son home. I noticed that there's parents pacing and they're looking at their clock and their watch and they're looking at the clock and huh. I mean, it doesn't take a mind reader to tell that they're also kind of irritated that class has run over.

Karate is really, really important and this class is very important. However, time is important too. At the end of the class I went up to the instructor and I said, excuse me, I have to ask you. I've been noticing that these classes consistently are running over. Is that just kind of the way it is or is there something that we can do about that I love his response. True to, I think he's a third degree black belt, he said, ah, I have to get better at that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I thought, wow, that.

Is the best. When you screw up, don't make a reason for it. Don't make an excuse. As a matter of fact, don't bother apologizing if you're going to apologize with an excuse because that's not an apology. An apology is owning it and saying you're sorry. I'm sorry, I'll have to get better at that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. You know, sometimes you don't even need to say, I'm sorry. But, acknowledging a person for actually having courage to bring it to you is huge. I want you to think about that.

Too. If somebody's brought something to your attention, that took guts. That says they valued you and the relationship enough to not cultivate animosity. I would say what's worse, harboring a bunch of negative feelings and not telling the person or actually having courage and faith in the relationship and saying, I have to tell you something. I'm starting to feel upset or resentful and I really love our relationship and I don't want it to go that way so what can we do about this. The next time somebody comes at you and you've screwed up and you've made a mistake, all.

You need to do is say, I really screwed up. I apologize. How can I make it up to you Or, I really screwed up. I made a mistake. I won't do it again. Or, I really screwed up. I made a mistake. I've got it, you can count of me. I promise. Let me show you how I can make this right. Think about it next time you make a mistake. It's not a big deal. After all, one of my favorite things is that the word sin comes from the Latin word mistake.

Best ADVICETIPS How to know if youre having a successful reincarnation. Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

Do you believe in reincarnation Let me ask you this, would you come back as yourself or somebody else I was listening in my satellite radio the other day to a song called Galileo by Indigo Girls and there was line in there that really resonated with me. For those of you that haven't heard it, here's a small clip. What do you think of that I love that line how many times until my soul gets it right and it really got me thinking. Over the years I've had many clients asked me, Lisa do you.

Believe in reincarnation Do you believe that perhaps we are here before Do you believe that I was a really bad person I must have been a really bad person because my life just keeps kicking me and when I'm down it kicks me again and I can't seem to figure it out. Well, I believe that we choose our life. I believe that we choose our karma, I believe that if we did something that was harmful to another human being in another life, I believe that we choose to come back to experience the other end of the spectrum. I don't believe.

In a punishing guide, I don't believe in a bad kind of karma. What I do believing is spirit's choice. I believe that we choose to put our self on this spectrum. I believe that when we come in we also choose to have certain players in our life and I believe that we shuffle these players, so I think that sometimes mom might be your son or dad might be grandma or whatever. I believe that we kind of play these dynamics over and over to experience what it would be from different viewpoints.

Nobody can prove me right or wrong but it just makes sense and it feels right, so I also believe that there's an optimal path in our life. I think that if you pay attention to the signs I think that if you're listening to your higher self, you're more likely to be on it optimal path. I will tell you that the individuals that I have met that work on their self that reads self health book goes to seminars and training events that meditate, that focused on me time are way more in alignment with their optimal path.

Than individuals that are not. I'm talking about even individuals that are multiple millionaires all the way to spectrum of people that are struggling with money, either way. I found people that are cruelty not on their optimal path because they're not happy. In conclusion, when an individual asked me how many times until my soul gets it right my answer is, your soul is getting it right. You are experiencing, you are learning and the very fact that you're asking, Am I doing this right Am I on the right path It's.

Best ADVICETIPS How to support the things your child does different from you. LIsa Mohr

Do you have kids and they're not turning out quite the way you thought they would Somebody asked me recently if I teach my children all the intuitive and psychic skills that I have. The truth is no, I don't. I give them dabbles of it and I model it to them but I don't force that to them. Why I know a lot of people that were forced into religious or spiritual beliefs even though the things I can do aren't a belief system at all, but it turned them off to it completely. I know a lot of people that are recovering.

From their faith as a child. This spurred a question for me. What do you do as a parent if your children don't turn out anything like you Well, this is a really interesting question. I have two boys, 9 and 11, and in some ways they're like me and in other ways they're absolutely nothing like me, so it's been a learning experience. I like to believe that we choose our parents. I like to believe that we're these little souls and we go around and we contract with our parents. That might.

Be a jagged pill for some of you to swallow who have parents that you can't relate to. But I'll tell you as a parent myself, the things that I don't have in common with my kid, I've learned the most about myself from how to be compassionate, how to be understanding, how to be supportive in robotics, in 3D printing machines, in certain elements of science and math that make me kind of yawn. It's certainly given me a perspective with my own father when he was having trouble relating to me as a girl.

That's just a few ways to look at it. But as a parent I would definitely caution against projecting. For those of you who don't know what means, that means that you're basically forcing your perspective on how you see the world onto your children. There's a difference between guiding and inspiring, and dragging somebody along. I know about human nature and that's that we take that which is offered. We tend to step back from that which is shoved at us. Children are the best modelers of that that I've ever seen.

Think about your own children. Is there anything that you really, really, really want them to get into Maybe a sport, maybe a certain subject or topic, and they're just not into it. As much as that might hurt your ego, I believe that our children come into our life to expand our perspective. They come into round us out and add to us. I learn more from my children than any other human beings on the planet, and in ways sometimes that aren't always comfortable. But remember, life begins when we leave our comfort zone, right Having.

Guide to Astrology Symbols, Chart Houses Saturn Uranus Astrological Signs

Hi, I'm Molly Mackey with Expert Village. We're going to move on to the symbols of Saturn and Uranus. Here is the symbol for Saturn. Saturn is sort of a, sometimes it gets a negative, bad rap. It is the task master of the planets. Sometimes it is associated with the father, mostly because it has a very disciplinary type of effect. A lot of people look negatively upon Saturn just because of where it shows up in your chart means where you are going to do the most work in your life. But it is a positive thing really. Without it we would.

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