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By | January 20, 2017

it’s weird to say, but she was right about everything. (calm piano music) (upbeat music) I’m Monica TenKate.

Most people know me as monica the medium. I’m a spirit medium, which means that I can communicate with those who’ve crossed over, a.k.a. I talk to dead people. I will connect with whoever it is that.

They’ve lost, that wanna come through and communicate messages to them. (uplifting piano music) You’re open and you’re Yes. Monica excited to do thi ^ Tony 100%.

tony very excited. monica lovely. It’s not up to me who chooses to come through, how they acknowledge themselves. So we’ll just close our eyes, and then we will start to connect.

(upbeat music) Allrighty. (exhales loudly) Gosh, a lot of, ahh. I like to write as I channel. It’s just easier for me when I have.

A lot of stuff going on up here, so I have to raise my energy very high. They have to lower theirs. We meet somewhere in the middle in order to connect. Do you have an uncle or father that’s passed?.

father. Your Dad. Ok. So, your dad is stepping forward. Was he around 50’s? 52. Perfect.

There is a very strong female energy that’s trying to come through. Mom or your Mom’s Mom passed for you? My Mom’s Mom. Tony My Grandma. Monica Your Mom’s Mom. Your dad is stepping forward.

Tarotun Tarihesi ve lgin Gerekler The History of Tarot and Interesting Facts

Mystic road Greetings from Mystic Road I am Didem ilolu In this channel, I will share mystic, spiritual and occult topics with you In this tutorial which is a first of a series I will talk about the mysterious past of Tarot and interesting truths about it.

This is going to be a series of tutorials because there are many things i want to talk about tarot My friends know about my keen interest in Tarot cards With this tutorial series, I’d like to convey the knowledge I have gained about Tarot and its philosophy with love and admiration Before getting into the philosophical and spritual depth of Tarot I think it is necessary to talk about its mysterious history.

The origin of tarot is quite controversial and there are many different theories The most common and accepted theories are as follows: It is thought that Tarot first originated in China Firstly, it is claimed that Tarot appeared in 618 A.D. during Tang Dynasty in China Some people think that the origin of Tarot goes back to ancient Egypt It is thought that Tarot is a book written during the era of pharaohs including Egypt’s occult mysteries.

There are those who think that tarot has a connection with egyptian god toth Another interesting theory is that Tarot came to Europe from Turkey Tarot deck known as Mamluk deck came to Europe in 15th century from Turkey It is said that this deck appeared in 14th century during Mamluk Dynasty Perhaps you have wondered what the word Tarot means The meaning and origin of the word Tarot is full of mystery as its history.

The origin and the meaning of the word tarot is not known but there are those who think that it came from the word TAROSH meaning kingdom Other theories are: In Latin it is derived from the word ROTA meaning wheel In Arabic language it is derived from the word TURUQ meaning four and finally in Hebrew it is derived from the word TORAH meaning law.

When and where did tarot cards appear for the first time? Did tarot cards have their mysterious and spritual value when they first appeared? First Tarot deck was seen during Renaissance period in north Italy in 1440s During this period Tarot deck which was known as Tarocchi was used for a card game played especially among aristocracy This card game which is similar to the game Bridge still continues to be played today.

Tarot has gained its occult value in 1781 with antoine court de gbelin Gbelin thought that Tarot cards have their origins in Egypt and include mystic knowledge and this knowledge is hidden within the symbols used on the cards In the 19th century, the famous occultist Eliphas Levi has made connection between Tarot and Kabbalah teaching During this period, 78 cards are associated with.

Mysterious knowledge and mysticism as it is known today Since that time, Tarot has become a source of inspiration for every serious seeker on the mystic road After this brief historical information, let’s look at the commonly known but incorrect assumptions about Tarot and some surprising truths so far in the history Interesting Facts about Tarot.