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By | November 10, 2016

Inside Connection Astrology Horoscope Show Episode 1

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Is, but first I want to tell you what astrology isn\’92t. It is not fortune telling. It\’92s not crystal ball gazing, and it\’92s not some guy with a turban and a crystal on his head. In fact, astrology is not really even a psychic phenomenon. It\’92s about a pattern; it\’92s about a theme. It\’92s like saying \’93well I see a storm coming.\’94 That\’92s a theme. We know it\’92s going to create some destruction, but we don\’92t know where or exactly how it\’92s going to do that. It\’92s about energy. It\’92s about the energy that\’92s surrounding us in the universe. An energy that\’92s palpable an energy that we can feel. And there is actually something about that energy we can do; we can anticipate it. The planets move.

In a fixed pattern. They\’92re written, just like a symphony. You know, you look at something, a piece of music that\’92s been written, we have a certain number of measures and we know what\’92s going to come up. The planets move in the same way; in a fixed pattern \’96 constant and predictable. So acknowledge it or not, this energy is real just like the Sun has energy, you know you get a sunburn. All the planets have energy. Astrology is about how you relate to that energy all around you and how it can manifest your life in a beautiful and really fulfilling way. So, astrology is not going to win you the lottery. Too bad, right? That\’92s ridiculous. But it can help you to find the right time to make a move.

Or expect a change. And those moves, when you play them correctly, those changes, when you take hold of them, are the keys to succeeding in your own life. So, prepare yourself. Because the energy that forms your life is about to become a part of your reality.}.

Will Hillary Clinton win Powerful ELECTION chart configurations for 2016 Astrology Horoscope

So is Hillary Clinton going to win her run for President in 2016? Basically this is very interesting. She couldn�t have more powerful and interesting alignments that come together exactly on November 8th 2016. Two of the most important axis are coming together the Meridian and the Aries axis or also called the Cardinal axis. And in her career whenever these axes have come together historically they have always equaled pivotal events. Now pivotal doesn�t equal success or winning, pivotal means pivotal. I think it will be very interesting; she has a great possibility of winning this election but it�s not going to be based on political strategy. It�s going to be based on something much.

Different. What her chart illuminates and tells us with amazing clarity, is can she move beyond her restraint, her reticence and her blocked energy in terms of her relationship with the public. So where is the �Hillary problem?� Let�s go to that Meridian which is a snapshot of the soul or point of individuality. Here we find the planet Admetos indicating resistance and blocked energy and with all of that Scorpio energy in her chart and with the Admetos right on that Meridian axis, this tells us of someone who has a laser like perception of deeper psychological undercurrents and energies as well as excellent analytical skills. This is someone who needs to see her depths mirrored.

In her surroundings, and who understands that her wealth is her knowledge and she craves to be known for that. And yet when it comes to committing to the issues she dithers, the SunMercurySaturn here is telling us when it comes to expressing her deepest opinions she feels insecure and tested, and she�s nervous about risking being wrong which is why her appearances often seem canned and why she is so controlling of events and environments . Making appearances where there are less clear cut rules, where taking a risk is involved, she flounders. MercurySaturn people, when Mercury and Saturn are in hard aspect, are serious and conscientious minded but in the.

Same breath they feel what they have to express is somehow not good enough. And so overcompensating for this with Hillary we feel talked at rather than talked to. The MarsPluto with the Uranus around the Meridian, this would tell us her assertiveness is great but her motivation is actually immense vulnerability, and that there�s a deep distrust of what might be termed the masculine energy within herself. So there�s an overcompensation here too. She can either over assert or not bother at all. She can be selfrighteous and craving for power or she can respond to things in a nervous mistrustful way. Hillary crafts and goes for what she wants in covert and subtle ways in order to avoid.

Her own vulnerability and her own uncertainty, her vulnerability, and as a result she hard to see. She is enigmatic. And this is what makes the public suspicious, that somehow she�s hiding something. This is where her �trustworthy� or her �honesty� or �integrity� problem is perceived. But the point is that Hillary really is hiding something, but what she is hiding is from herself which is her authenticity. And she really does need to release this mask. In a recent article in The Atlantic, Peter Beinart catches a glimpse of this �authenticity� in a recent appearance by Hillary. And he writes; �Because she said what she really believes,.

She sounded authentic not only in substance, but in style. She displays her natural voice; wonky and blunt. She thrives when talking about the details of policy. And when she gives direct, unhedged answers, she comes across as tough without having to say she is.� He goes on to write; �Clinton can�t run credibly as a populist. What she can do is explain that the decisions a president makes are hard and complex, but she has the smarts and toughness to make them really well.� So with those powerful structures coming together around election time, she can definitely win the election, but it�s not about political.

Strategy and it�s not about credential or experience. What it�s about is whether or not she can break through her own defenses that keep people from finding out who she really is and letting them see her real strength, which is her penetrating insight, her intellect, her powerful perseverance, her industriousness, these are her biggest assets that will win her the election. So it�s going to be really interesting to watch what happens over the next year and a half, not from political strategy but whether she can make this transformation, because that�s what is going to make the difference.