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By | June 27, 2016

How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds Tutorial by Mr. Locksmith

Hi I'm Terry WhinYates from Mr. Locksmith, thirdgeneration locksmith. I'm gonna show you today how to open up these new wiser or kwikset smart key deadbolts. The problem is they say they're bump resistant, no they actually say they're bump proof. They have a little picking contest where they give you a set of picks and try to get you to pick it. The problem is I teach people how to pick locks and if you practice if you learn how to how to pick locks and you practice you know it takes several months before you can successfully pick locks.

Consistently if you practice everyday you can become a good lock picker. However with this new lock it's been out for a while now the Smart Key System you can buy a online and I can show you in 10 seconds how to open this lock you can open it from the outside there's no visible signs of entry there is damage inside of the lock it is called a forced entry but we're opening these things all the time it and there's lots information online how to do this as well but the bottom line is I'm just showing this today.

This tool you could buy off the internet you can make it yourself and you can open these locks almost as quick as you can put a key in it and the thing is I can teach you in 10 seconds how to open this lock also I could probably teach a monkey how to open this in 10 seconds and you know what we're trying to find a monkey right now and the next tutorial will probably be the monkey opening this lock so again in 10 seconds I can show you how to use this tool.

How to open up this lock. Okay here's the smart key, this is a weiser could be kwikset, it's all the same you can tell it's the smart key function because of the little slot to the side. I'll put the key in it. The key unlocks the door locks it. I'm righthanded, but I'm doing this with my left hand Here's the forced tool, put it in I like to use just a pair of vice grips on the end just force it over take my tool out So again we've locked it. There' no outside.

Sign of damage. No visible sign of damage from the outside I put the key in it. Ya, it still works. I'd say nine times out of ten the customer key will still work so we just open this. I recommend replacing this lock immediately after doing this. The key may still work sometimes. The lock could fail at any time also the smarts key function is now damaged so it's not gonna be resettable by you or the customer so again I showed you how to in 10 seconds or less.

You just learned how to use this tool put it in there, force the lock open and it still works So I just showed you how to open this lock using this simple tool. Remember the days the years ago kryptonite had bike locks that they said were pick proof and you couldn't open the lock and it was all over the internet the YouTube tutorials they were showing people using a bic pen how to open the lock and even I did it I could open up the the old kryptonite locks with a bic pen.

Capacitor Replacement Tutorial

Ever had one of those days where a cat was chewing up your circuit board Or maybe you have an old amplifier where the capacitors seem to be leaking this yucky poisonous goo If you have ever been in that situation you might be able to fix the circuit board by replacing the capacitors. Let's run through an example where I replace this capacitor from a circuit board. First up some theory. What is a capacitor A capacitor is an energy storage device that can be used to smooth out voltages.

Every capacitor will have two important ratings capacitance and voltage. Capacitance is a way of saying how much energy the capacitor can hold at a given voltage. Capacitances usually expressed in microfarads uF. Ninety nine percent of the time when you are replacing a capacitor, you want to use the same capacitance rating or very close to it. The capacitor over here is 470uF. If I want to replace it I should ideally use another 470uF capacitor. The other important number is the voltage rating. The voltage rating is the maximum voltage.

That the capacitor can handle before it explodes. Now I want to say that again, the voltage written on the side of the capacitor means that this is the maximum voltage that the capacitor should ever be exposed to. It does not mean necessarily that the capacitor is at that voltage. For example this is a 16 volt capacitor. This does not mean that it is charged to 16 volts like a battery. It means that if charge it up to 5 volts it will be fine. If I charge it to 10 volts it will be fine.

If I charge it to 16 volts it will just about handle it. And if I charge it to 25 volts it will explode. Going back to our example capacitor I can see that it is rated at 16 volts. If I want to replace it I should use a 16V or higher rated capacitor. Now it turns out that the only 470uF capacitors that I have in my parts box are rated 25 volts. And that's totally fine. If the original circuit only required a 16V capacitor, if I use a 25V capacitor that just means I get a bigger safety margin.

Next let's talk about polarity. The negative side of an electrolytic capacitor will always have these little negative symbols. All you have to do is make sure that you match up the polarity with the original capacitor. If you get the polarity backwards, this is what happens. So now that I have the correct polarity i'm going to replace capacitor and solder it in. Finally I want to give you a little safety warning. If you ever seen any of these big capacitors with high voltage ratings like 200 volts, you should be careful to not touch them.

How to use a washer dryer stacking kit

Hi I'm Josh from eSpares If space is at a premium in your house a great way of making better use of the space you do have for your appliances is by using a stacking kit and this enables you to stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine. Here I have two types of stacking kit, this is a simple design consisting of a frame and a spring which allows you to adjust it to different widths of appliance, like so. Whilst this one has the additional feature of a shelf which slides out and allows you.

To place your washing on it when your transferring it between appliances. It also has a belt so you can secure the appliances together. The idea of a stacking kit is to more evenly distribute the weight of the tumble dryer across the top of the washing machine instead of concentrating it in one place where it could cause damage. You can only stack with machines that are front loading and we do recommend that you only do it with machines frokm the same manufacturer or the same manufacturing group. In this case I'm stacking an LG tumble dryer on top of an LG washing machine.

The first thing you need to do to get stacking is to remove the legs from the tumble dryer and this is to stop it from wobbling once you've got it up on top of the washing machine. If your tumble dryer is fairly lightweight such as this one you can usually just lean it to one side and unscrew the legs from the bottom. However, if it's a heavier machine we recommend you lean it all the way onto the floor onto a piece of cardboard or material where you can unscrew all the legs in one go.

Once you've doen that that the next thing to do is to make sure your washing machine is level as I've done here. The way you do that is by unscrewing or screwing in the legs that are on the bottom of it to give your tumble dryer a firm and steady base to sit on. The next thing you need to do is sit the housing in place on top of the machine and just make sure that the front of it is slightly overhanging so that you're able to pull the shelf out.

Like so. For the next part of the process i'm going to need a second pair of hands, Pulling the washing machine back whilst i feed the belt through the holes on the housing, down and around the machine. The next part of the process is probably the most difficult and we've got to lift the tumble dryer up onto the housing on top of the washing machine and obviously for this I'm going to need an extra pair of hands. The final part of the process is securing the appliances so I'm going to pass the strap.

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