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By | May 16, 2016

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Fire and Water Signs

Schwingin by WarnerChappell Production Music Good and bad. Like probably sexually like the top. Because they're super passionate and intense. I think you would sleep with an Aries, but not date an Aries. Because they're probably really experienced, and I would just be so nervous. But I just don't think I could do it again. I've had too many Aries heartbreaks in my life. Like I would totally see myself with another Aries. Pisces need a little bit more than most people. I could see myself being in like a two year relationship.

And then we'd part amicably. You have to be pretty selfless to date a Pisces. It's like the longest relationship I've been in is with a girl that was a Pisces. Like sexually, a Pisces is like there for you. I couldn't date a Pisces. I think it's 'cause I see them and I like see myself and see like maybe a friendship. I just don't see anything sexual in other Pisces. Like I feel like sex with a Pisces is just very genuine. They're in the moment.

Yes. I would date a Leo. Thanks. Like Leos are very loyal. They're so good at sex. I've dated a Leo. It was really fun. Leos are addicting. Like you fall in love with a Leo and then you're like why am I yelling He was wild. You're like, what are we even fighting about I don't know. Now we're having sex. That's a Leo. Yes, if you are looking for a straightforward boyfriend or girlfriend who will just be good at being a boyfriend.

Or girlfriend, you cannot go wrong with a Cancer. Cancers really are like hubby, wifey material. Seem just like steady, like caring confident people. They wanna like have very romantic sex staring into your eyes. Like staring, like both your eyes are open during sex Yeah, both your eyes Just like really are open looking at staring at each other each other. And with every thrust you feel love. I would love to date one, except that I'd be super nervous.

All the time because everybody would want them. Sagittarius females seem like the kind of person that I would end up with. Givers. They are givers. They are probably givers sexually, I bet. They'll just put everything in perspective and you're like the world isn't gonna end. You're so right. I think that they would like play your favorite music during lovemaking. Yeah. I think Sagittarius are very sweet people, but I do think it would take a while to find out what they really want I think that would drive me crazy.

I'm gonna be practical here and I don't think I could date a Sagittarius because their birthdays are too close to Christmas and that's like a lot of presents to buy. Now, it's a tough, tough person to date, a Scorpio. Man. It sounds for like an enlightening hookup, but not for like long term. An enlightening hookup. I have been in relationships with Scorpios and it always ends in just. I haven't had a long term relationship with a girl that's a scorpio, but I will say that relationship.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Pisces Compatibility

For a very sensitive and compassionate lover it's the Pisces. Pisces are very mystical and Pisces are, they aim to please so to have a Pisces as a partner or as someone in a romantic intimate nature, Pisces are very, very good. They're usually uninhibited they seek to please their mate. They seek to be compassionate and gentle and most Pisces are pretty smart and if a Pisces has experience then they will use all that experience to make sure that the intimacy is very satisfying and very pleasurable. As far as getting along with other signs,.

It would hurt a Pisces to think there are signs out there that can't get along with his or her sign because the Pisces are extraordinarily intuitive and very sensitive and so Pisces actually feels if they can get along with other signs, but there's a lot of signs that the Pisces nature can't really deal with the straightforwardness of a Sag tends to hurt the Pisces nature a lot to where, you know, the Pisces will take a long time to forgive some awkward comment. Leos and Pisces don't get along well at all because of the mutability.

Which is the changeability of the Pisces nature. Pisces are good with a Taurus signs good with Pisces. The Virgo sign is good with Pisces because of the need for affection and Pisces can really lavish on a lot of romanticism and a lot of affection. So Pisces like Aquarius and Aries feels if they can get along with all signs because of their high level of compassion and their high level of nurturing and caring and they tend to be taken advantage of and Pisces usually choose the wrong mates because Pisces will get involved with someone who.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarians are really wonderful people. They are incredibly friendly. They are very unconventional and very independent. Aquarians have a lot of imagination. They have a unity with nature. Most Aquarians like to be alone. Some of them are so unconventional that they don't want to be put into a box. They don't want to be mixed into an egg cartoon. Aquarians really don't see a mold for themselves. They dress kind of quirky. They have their own style. They are very strong individuals. Aquarians, as far as lovers go, can be a little fixed.

In their viewpoints and fixed in their opinions. But they do have a tenacity about them and there is also a tenacity to please. Aquarians are imaginative. As for the experimental side, it would really have to be quite lively to maintain their interest. Aquarians mix with all signs because they are so friendly. They could be very lovable but can also turn around and be very, very, very practical. Once they have truly analyzed someone and investigated everything about them they usually become bored with the person and go off to find someone.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Libra Compatibility

With the sign of Libra, Astrologers would say that Libras could be very promiscuous. It's not so much as being promiscuous as Libra people are charming and they are very friendly to everybody and are very easy to please. A lot of Libras can be very indecisive. It can be rather frustrating, they really don't want to make up their minds. If someone can make up their minds for them they tend to go in that direction. Libras are very good with partnerships. They like to partner up with people. That is one of the main traits.

Of a Libra, their charm and their ability to partner up with others. Libras are very narcissistic. They tend to be very charming and work well with others so that they can spend things around to them. Which isn't to say this is good or bad. They do this for a sense of their own balancing if they decide to balance. It's narcissistic but it is not as selfcentered as a Leo is. A Leo like the attention whereas Libra people will take in partnerships for their gratification so they know that they're can be involved. So can.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

One great example of a TaurusandScorpio couple is from Pretty Woman Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Remember them Richard's character Edward Lewis was the Taurus Mr. Success, Mr. Good Looks, Fancy Car, Fat Bank Account and Julia played Vivian Ward, the sexy hooker the Scorpio, needless to say. So in the movie, he swoops in and transforms this young, trashy escort into a classy sophisticate, with his money and good tastes. He takes her shopping on Rodeo Drive and indulges her in whatever she wants which is so.

Taurus they love treating their lover to all kinds of pleasures and indulgences. But, come on. That story may have worked back in the '90s, but please! It's so outdated! Okay, okay, I know a lot of you loved that movie, and if I'm honest, so did I. And Taurus and Scorpio, they can be a really good match. I mean, they're Opposite signs in the Zodiac, and everyone knows opposites attract. But the thing about these two signs is, when it's good, it's great I mean, a seriously deep emotional connection, not to mention hot,.

Steamy sex. But when it's not working, ugh it can be seriously awful. These signs are both just so stubborn, and when they get pissed off at each other, watch out! Scorpio starts lashing out with that Scorpion stinger, and Taurus acts like a Bull that's just been stung by a wasp or a scorpion. But in the case of Pretty Woman, it was great especially for Vivian. Both Taurus and Scorpio are the signs of money, so this story is centered on that connection but it's also a story about transformation, which is a very Scorpio.

Announcing Office compatibility Drive The Apps Show

DEBBIE All right. Ready JOHN Yup. LAUGHING DEBBIE Hey guys. Debbie and John here. Welcome back to The Apps Show. JOHN We really appreciate all of your comments and all the requests that you're asking us. We're going to implement that into our future shows. But first, we're going to talk about the news. So for you Chrome users, you'll no longer have to install a plugin to use Hangouts. This a new feature rolling out, and if you're on the developer version of Chrome, you already have it. But in the next few weeks, all regular Chrome users.

Will have this feature as well. If you are using another browser, you will still have to install a plugin, though. DEBBIE We also have this new Android app for Gmail. It has two great new features. One of them is that you can now select and insert files from Drive into a Gmail message, and the other is that we now preserve rich text formatting. JOHN So in previous news segments, we talked about how you can edit Office documents within Drive. Today we're going to take a deeper dive into that.

And actually talk about how you can open, edit, and send back Office documents without ever having to open Office. DEBBIE The first thing you have to know is that if you're using a Chrome browser, you do need to download an extension, and we have the link for you here. JOHN Yes, and you also have to be using the new Google Drive, so you can't use the old version even if you've downloaded the extension before. DEBBIE How can you tell There's a little trick. In the old Drive, you saw a Create button.

In your upper lefthand corner. In the new Drive, you see a button that says New. JOHN So there's a few different ways you could open a file for editing, the number one and easiest way being in the new Drive, just doubleclick. DEBBIE The second way you can open a file is from Gmail. So say someone, like John, sends you an email with a Microsoft Office file attached. You'll see a preview of it in the bottom half of the email. When you hover over it, it'll turn gray.

And show you a couple of options for editing. on the gray part and it'll open up a preview of that document. At the very top of that, you see an Open button. that and you've got yourself in Office compatibility mode in a new tab. JOHN So if you're trying to open up a document that's stored locally, all you have to do is open the Chrome browser first, and then click File, Open File, and then select the document, and that opens it up right in a new tab.

In your Chrome browser ready for editing. Or you could open up the new tab first and just drag and drop the file right into the open area. DEBBIE So how do you know if you've opened it the right way and that you can actually edit When you open the Office file you want to work with, go to the File menu, click on it, and check and make sure that it says Office Compatibility Mode. You can click on that for more information, but you're good. JOHN So as you're working with this file, the question comes.

Up now, how do I save it Well, if you're familiar with how Drive works with Sheets, Docs, whatever it might be, it actually saves automatically. So your Office document is going to do the exact same thing. No more worrying about having to click the File, Save or Command, Save. You're good to go. DEBBIE So now you've saved your document and you want to share it with somebody. There is a Share button in the Office document, but if you click it, it's going to want you to convert it.

So to keep it in that Microsoft Office format, open a new tab, go to Drive, select the file, and share it there using the little button that looks like a tiny person with a plus sign next to their head. The other thing you can do is also insert the file using Drive in an email message. JOHN And that's it. So next time you receive an office. Document in an email, whatever it might be, why don't you try opening it, editing it, and sending it back all on Google.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Soul Mates in Astrology

Two of the presiding ideals of the romance today are soul mates and twin flames. We are going to discuss that in a little bit. Soul mates came to us, from Richard Bach, the books that he wrote. A lot of people have added to this soul mate condition that we exist and that we have a soul mate and we have to look for the soul mate. This isn't necessarily true. Also, there is a twin flame theory and it was some information generated from a higher source saying that there are twin flames and that proposes that we as souls are split in.

Half and this other part of us are our twin flame and that completes us. I find this to be very incorrect and that in my years I have never found anything comparable to that. What I would like to do is to dispel the myth of the soul mate and the twin flames and say that you can find someone that matches your characteristics and traits, very easily. But, I kind of that it is more fun and exciting to find someone who has different characteristics and traits to balance the traits that you already have. The soul mate and twin flame.

Theory keeps us like an illusion that we should be looking for this specific person, someone who is going to come and complete our lives. What is very important to know is that we are already complete. We do not need someone else's energy to complete our own energy which is because we are complete within ourselves. So, to search for a soul mate is actually searching for an illusion and that to hope we have a twin flame makes us important. We don't live our lives until we find our other half. Looking for soul mates we do not tend.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Influences of the Moon on Astrological Romance

One of the things that we're going to discuss is the rising, which is also called the ascendant and the moon sign. These you can find in any astrology books in the charts in the back. What's important to know is, if you're a Virgo, you're moon sign could be in Pisces and your ascendant could be in Gemini. And these characteristics sometimes become a little bit stronger than the actual sun sign that you were born under, it just depends on the person. Like if you're a Virgo, you tend to be very organized and very critical and a perfectionist and you.

Don't like when people are late, you're more affectionate than romantic and you like to know when things are going to happen. Virgos tend to be very health conscious and they pay attention to not only their health, but everybody else's. If that brings in a moon sign of Pisces, then the Virgo would tend to be a little bit more indecisive and not as organized as most Virgos can be. The Virgo will have a higher sensitivity and more compassion so a good Virgo with a Pisces moon usually ends up in health care because the high compassion.

From the Pisces brings in the health concerns of the Virgo. And then if it brings in the Gemini, the Gemini, this is two, well actually it's three mutable signs so it's very adaptable. But the Gemini brings in the higher intelligence, so with the Gemini quality and bringing in that high intelligence, Geminis really like to move fast and explore different things, I would think that a Virgo with a Pisces moon and a Gemini rising would not only be in health care or, which would be a suitable profession, but that they would be a supervisor, or a.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Scorpio Compatibility

So what makes a Scorpio the best sexual sign of all 12 of the Zodiac is because of their attraction. They have this intensity for emotions and they love emotional stuff. They are also very physical. That combination is just very explosive in the bedroom. The intensity comes from their ability to deal with high levels of emotion. In fact, they like it. Scorpios are very good with drama. They love seeing the quirks and the darkness within life. They have an ability of understanding this quite well. This is ruled by Pluto. It is not that.

Scorpios are dark people, they just have this ability to understand the darkness of life and they thrive off this. They deal real well with this intensity. They love for someone to show and outburst of emotion with them. If the person isn't showing it to them they will use their own kind of insensitive to kind of bring this out. It's not like a game with them it is just how they live on this high intensity level. Whos compatible with a Scorpio Anybody who can handle a Scorpio is compatible with a Scorpio. But, does another.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Capricorn Compatibility

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is considered father time dealing with discipline and karma. Capricorns tend to have acute minds and they are very reliable. Capricorns aren't tolerate of silly stuff. They don't like really wishy washy silly stuff. If you are going to work with the Capricorn learn to be very clear cut, be to the point and you can work with them better. If you are hymn and awe and be indecisive like a Libra, or flit around like a Sagittarius or Pisces, Capricorns don't really care for that too.

Well. So the best thing to do is have a straight forward approach with the Capricorn. Give him or her time to think it over. Don't push for any kind of weird antics like a Gemini uses different antics to deal with someone, would not be real welcome to a Capricorn. Capricorns are reliable and they do like reliability. Capricorns tend to be very selfanalytical and selfconscious. Capricorns are the one sign who are very fussy about who and if they are going to choose to be with somebody. They usually take a long time to choose. A Capricorn.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Taurus Compatibility

We discussed Taurus a previously. Taurus are very good mates. Taurus people make very good mates because of their reliability and because its a fixed sign. Taurus also can be very loyal. In the sexual department Taurus people don't like to be experimental. It would behoove someone who has Taurus in them to try to be a little more experimental and find someone who has Cancer or maybe someone who has Sagittarius and someone that has Scorpio and Pisces. The Taurus and Pisces get along extremely well because a Taurus person can create that reliability.

That the Pisces need. The Pisces tend to drift around a lot. Not meaning in society they just drift with thought, they drift with emotion, and they drift with sensitivity. The Taurus acts as a grounding force. It's like a balloon, not that Piscean people are filled with hot air, its just that float around. Taurus will always yank them down to the yard to let them know you are still on this planet. The passion that develops between a Pisces and Taurus are very, very high because it's almost like a Yin Yang. Its a perfect balance. A Taurus.

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility Leo Compatibility

We are going to discuss Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun. Leo is also ruled by the 1 in Numerology. The Leo people are the center of attention and they know it. Leo people like to be the center of attention. Leo people will manipulate to be the center of attention. But Leo people are very very generous with other people. They know their desire to be the center of attention but not only will they pull the attention to themselves but open up the limelight to just as long as they remain right there in the center. The Leo.

People do have a very healthy sex drive. It tends to be a little narcissistic but when Leo really feel the passion and in compassion for another person they will go out of their way to satisfy the other person. To prove that they can, to prove that they have the capability. Leos to could get along with all the signs but the whole thing is does the Leo want to or not. Leos don't like squeamishness. Leos don't like weakness. Leos really don't like to deal with emotional stuff. Leos can be compatible with a lot signs but generally.

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