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By | October 19, 2016

Sadhguru Now, I won’t go into all of this. Astrology what is it that you are trying to do? You are trying to look at the positions of the planet and make certain predictions, right? I want you to understand most of the time people who make good predictions or people who, you know, tell you about the past very clearly or some people tell you tomorrow what’s going to happen very clearly, they are not doing it looking at the planets, they are doing it looking at you. A certain intuitiveness is there in a certain person, he says.

You know, instead of teaching this yoga, if I sit in Chennai and just predict people’s future – I will tell you in the next ten years exactly what will happen in your life – within three days, I will have a reputation that half the Chennai will be standing in queue. Very easily I can do that. But… In the yoga center also there are people who have been into so much sadhana – they can do such things. If they ever do such things, I will finish them. We won’t let them go on with that nonsense. We will immediately chuck them out of the place because by predicting somebody’s future,

you don’t alter the quality of his life in anyway. You don’t bring any kind of true wellbeing. It is just, you know, you are getting him into more and more ignorance, isn’t it? Now, if you have the power to know your tomorrow, you will only become more ignorant, more egoistic, more stupid, more harmful. You go by the normal rules. It’s okay. You don’t have to know what’s tomorrow. You are made like this right now – the quality of your life and your own way of being is such if you know tomorrow today, you will not participate in today, isn’t it? Yes or no?

Suppose I tell you, ‘whatever you do, you are not going to die’, you will do irresponsible things in the world. Or if I tell you tomorrow morning anyway you will die, now you won’t participate in today, isn’t it? So, you should not know the future. It’s not necessary for you to know the future. Can somebody predict? Yes sometimes, but that’s not hundred percent. It’s never hundred percent. Every object has a certain influence on you. See, right now this vessel, because of its shape and its material, it has a certain influence. It has a certain vibration animating from it.

If I allow this vessel to influence me, I keep him next to me because it’s quite a good friend. I am not keeping a plastic pot because I don’t like his… the things that he says. I keep this one because, you know, saying pleasant things. I am always in good company, please see, but now if I allow this vessel to influence me too much, slowly I will become like a vessel. This will happen to you. Many people have become like vessels, isn’t it? Haven’t they? They will let things influence them so deeply. They will become like that. Now, I won’t let this copper vessel to influence me, but being in my company, he is so influenced.

You will see… you take another copper vessel, you give me anything – right now, you give me any object. Just give it to me for twenty seconds, I will hold it in my hand and give it back to you. It will be different. If you are sensitive, you can feel it is distinctly different. So, the question is just this. Will you allow objects to influence you or will you influence the objects? The planets definitely are large objects. So, they have certain vibrations, they have some influences on everything around them. If they are close to this planet, yes. Do you know on pournami and amavasya days,

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