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By | September 14, 2016

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

You know, Aries and Aquarius really do make a good match. Let me tell you why. First of all, these two are just great friends from the start. They have a lot to talk about. Aquarius is an Air sign, very intellectual and progressive and fascinating. And Aries is a doer an initiator. This sign likes to take an idea and run with it, make it real. And while Aries is good at starting things, it's not so great at following through but Aquarius is a Fixed sign, which is all about determination and followthrough. Aquarius.

Can be the glue that keeps this couple together over the long term, since Aries can be the type to fall in love fast but then fall back out again. Aquarius can be the grounded one, the one who stays committed no matter what. And both of these signs are very independent, so they have no problem giving each other the space they both need. They really get that about each other. I actually have friends, Jean, she's an Aquarius, and Eddie he's an Aries. They're a couple, you know, and I have to say, it's kind of funny to watch.

Them sometimes. Jean, she's the passionate one Aries is a very fiery, passionate sign and sometimes she turns that on Eddie, who's just very coolheaded. Aquarians can even be kind of aloof, you know They aren't especially emotional people, and they definitely keep their feelings hidden. They just don't like having big, dramatic blowouts, but Aries, on the other hand, really needs to express all their emotions fast and loud, and they kind of live for big confrontations. So my friend Jean, she used to just poke at Eddie.

And goad him and sometimes just allout provoke him, just to see if she could get a rise out of him. I don't know, they've been together for a long time, so these days they aren't quite so fiery anymore. But Jean, she really keeps the passion alive, and Eddie keeps them solid, grounded, you know And they still find each other fascinating, after all these years. This is generally a really good pairing of signs for a love relationship, whether shortterm or longterm. And if it's just a shortterm thing, these two can stay friends.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

One great example of a TaurusandScorpio couple is from Pretty Woman Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Remember them Richard's character Edward Lewis was the Taurus Mr. Success, Mr. Good Looks, Fancy Car, Fat Bank Account and Julia played Vivian Ward, the sexy hooker the Scorpio, needless to say. So in the movie, he swoops in and transforms this young, trashy escort into a classy sophisticate, with his money and good tastes. He takes her shopping on Rodeo Drive and indulges her in whatever she wants which is so.

Taurus they love treating their lover to all kinds of pleasures and indulgences. But, come on. That story may have worked back in the '90s, but please! It's so outdated! Okay, okay, I know a lot of you loved that movie, and if I'm honest, so did I. And Taurus and Scorpio, they can be a really good match. I mean, they're Opposite signs in the Zodiac, and everyone knows opposites attract. But the thing about these two signs is, when it's good, it's great I mean, a seriously deep emotional connection, not to mention hot,.

Steamy sex. But when it's not working, ugh it can be seriously awful. These signs are both just so stubborn, and when they get pissed off at each other, watch out! Scorpio starts lashing out with that Scorpion stinger, and Taurus acts like a Bull that's just been stung by a wasp or a scorpion. But in the case of Pretty Woman, it was great especially for Vivian. Both Taurus and Scorpio are the signs of money, so this story is centered on that connection but it's also a story about transformation, which is a very Scorpio.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aw, Taurus and Cancer can make a really sweet couple in love. I just love these two together! There are some really good, longterm celebrity couples that are a Taurus and a Cancer together. Will Farrell and his wife, she's a Swedish actress he's a Cancer, and she's a Taurus, and they've been together for over a decade. I think they have a bunch of kids. And Barbara Streisand, she's a Taurus, and James Brolin is a Cancer, and they've been married for fifteen years or something, and they have kids together as well well, stepkids,.

Anyway. And Daniel DayLewis and the actress Isabel Adjani they were together for a good while, and they had a child together. These two signs just get along together really well. They both love the security and stability that their relationship brings. Cancer, especially, really needs that strong foundation of trust and intimacy. But Taurus loves it too. Taurus just wants to relax and be together and not have anything to worry about or question, and that's what they get when they fall in love with a Cancer. And Cancer is a big nurturer,.

And Taurus loves being taken care of by this sign! But the great thing about this dynamic is that it goes both ways. Taurus isn't going to just sit back and, like, wait for Cancer to bake cookies and give them back rubs, or whatever. Taurus pampers Cancer right back. Taurus loves splurging on their sweetheart, indulging them in great meals at expensive restaurants and, you know, delicious baked goods and jewelry and things like that. So these two really take care of each other. They can have their issues, of course, like.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Scorpio and Pisces are actually a really good duo. They're both Water signs, so they really understand each other intuitively. They both really get why the other is so emotional, because they're the same way! So that's not something either would really hold against the other, unlike some of the other signs might. And they really share this instinctive, intuitive connection it's like they can feel each other's feelings, even when they're apart. It's almost spooky. My friend Elizabeth is that way with her husband, Glenn she's a Pisces, and she can always tell how he's feeling. She just has like this sixth sense.

About it, even when he's away on a business trip she'll tell me she's feeling kind of nervous or kind of gloomy, and she'll always say, I think Glenn is having a bad day. And then by the end of the day, she's right he calls and they reconnect and he tells her whatever is going on, and it's like she intuited his feelings by ESP or something. So he's a pretty typical Scorpio very intense, he likes being in control, which works for Liz just fine because she's also a typical Pisces kind of dreamy, you know,.

So she really relies on Glenn's sharp wits, his ability to keep things together in terms of their household, their kids, that kind of thing. He's in charge of the money, which works great for both of them. She doesn't have to think about it, and he gets to keep track of all of it, and how it's being spent and invested and everything else. And Liz is just such a nurturer, which really keeps Glenn happy, because when a Scorpio is in a relationship that's anything less than very loving and supportive, they can really have.

Aries and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Aries and Leo geez. I had two friends Sarah, who was an Aries, and Matthew, a Leo. Talk about heat, between those two! They met one night at a nightclub and the attraction was just instant. Kinetic energy between them, you know what I mean From the very start, they were just burning it up together. They were all over each other, all the time. It was so annoying the kind of couple that everyone around them is like, Get a room! But with two Fire Signs like that, there's just a huge amount of passion but that.

Means not just the tearingoffeachother'sclothes kind of passion, but also raging tempers. Sarah and Matthew, they would just go at it, arguing and bickering. And every fight was like a war a battle of wills, to the death. But the funny thing about them was, it was like, that was just part of their foreplay. It was like they fed off the energy they created together by butting heads. And then they would go kiss and make up and, you know. It was totally insane! I have to say, I always envied their heat, but I can do without that kind.

Of constant clashing in my relationship, if you know what I mean. Plus, Sarah had to learn to kind of pump up Matthew's ego sometimes, you know Because Leos, they need that they need to feel adored. And Aries, sometimes they have a hard time remembering all those little frills of romance, which are the very thing that keeps Leo's love burning. Both of these signs want to feel like they're the one in charge, so it's understandable that they got along so famously but also fought constantly. Good thing Sarah, the Aries, she.

Never stayed mad for long. Matthew, on the other hand, well, Leos can kind of hold a grudge. But Sarah was just so dynamic and energetic and who knows what other talents she had. that he could never hold onto their fights. He didn't have time he had to keep up with her! And Aries isn't the most committed sign in the Zodiac, but Leos are all about it so Matthew taught Sarah about the value of sticking with the relationship, even when things got rough sometimes. They had a really good match, and it's no wonder.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Cancer and Scorpio two Water signs, which means two very emotionally deep, complex people coming together. Yep, this one can get pretty intense, and fast. When these two get together, they really go to the depths of intimacy immediately, you know There's no playing around here no casual dating, and definitely not any dating multiple people at once, because neither sign's going to put up with that! Cancer, especially, needs a lot of emotional security and the stability of a serious, oneonone relationship. Scorpio, well, it's the sign of sex, right.

So it might talk a good game when it comes to playing the field. But really, when it comes down to it, Scorpio needs intimacy and connection and security just as much as Cancer does. And it's a Fixed sign, so Scorpio is definitely built for commitment. And Cancer is a great sign for Scorpio to fall in love with, because Cancer will give Scorpio the commitment and trustworthiness that Scorpio really needs. Let's take a look at Bella and Edward from the Twilight series. Okay, love or hate those movies, or the books you.

Can't help but be aware of them, right I mean, everyone knows about the sexy, intense vampire who sweeps Bella off her feet! So she's obviously the Cancer in this duo the moody, emotional one. OK, I'll just come out and say it she's sappy! I mean, when she falls in love, my god she really just commits her whole entire life and being to this guy who probably isn't the best choice for her, really, because, you know the whole vampire thing. And Edward, he's powerful and intense, devastatingly handsome and sexy.

well, Bella sees him that way, anyway. Along with legions of teenage girls across the world and I have to confess I'm in the Edward camp too! But anyway, moving on. Cancer is the sign of family, and Bella just gets swept up into Edward's clan. And what is Scorpio looking for Complete and total commitment, emotional rawness and vulnerability which Bella definitely gives him. Yes, these two were destined for each other and Cancer and Scorpio, these two signs can make a really great, intense love match.

Gemini and Leo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Gemini and Leo are two signs apart in the Zodiac, which means they're Sextile and that's usually a good match for a love affair, whether shortterm or longterm. These two signs are good friends they spark each other up just the way Air spreads Fire since Gemini is an Air sign, and Leo is a Fire sign. They have a lot of playful fun together. You know, John F. Kennedy, former US president, was a Gemini, and his wife, Jackie, was a Leo, and you can really see how this dynamic played out between them. So there's JFK Geminis.

Like to play around, right And he definitely did his fair share of playing, if you know what I mean. Sure, he worked hard but that doesn't mean he didn't find plenty of time to have fun as well, with, oh, I don't know Marilyn Monroe another Gemini And supposedly Marlene Dietrich, and who knows who else. Well, you can't exactly blame him, can you He was young, handsome, he was one of the most famous and powerful men in the world at the time but maybe even more than that, Geminis are just flirts. They love.

Playing and having fun, and they're known for having, shall we say, diverse tastes, romantically speaking. His affairs probably bothered Jackie plenty, but Leos prize their reputation, so she put on a good face in public. Besides, I'm sure she and John had their own fun together Leo is a playful, youthful sign, too. But this sign is a little more serious about romance than Gemini is so Jackie is probably the one who was much more committed in this marriage. And Leo loves being in the spotlight, so I'm sure that has a lot to do.

With why she was attracted to this young, charming politician he was a Congressman when they met, and on the rise to the White House. Leos definitely have champagne tastes, you know, and after JFK's death, Jackie ended up marrying Aquarian Aristotle Onassis, who just happened to be the richest dude in the world at the time and who, rumor has it, wasn't any more faithful to Jackie than her first husband had been. But she turned the other cheek to his wandering eye so it looks like living in style was one of her.

Libra and Aquarius Compatibility by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Libra and Aquarius, two Air signs, can really make a great match, whether for friendship or romance or marriage. They just really connect well, at a mental level first. This is my aunt and uncle, and they've been together for nearly 50 years! And every time I see them, they're still talking and laughing together, and telling these really interesting stories they're the kind of couple that sort of finish each other's sentences, you know those couples It's so sweet. Aunt Bev, she's the Libra, she's like the social butterfly of.

The two of them. She loves getting the family together because she just loves seeing everyone having a great time. And she's in her seventies but she's still just so pretty she really has great taste and style, like any true Libra. And Uncle Harry, the Aquarius he's always working on some project or other, he's kind of an eccentric, sort of an inventor type he's always thinking up something new to build, some new idea for improving something. And Aunt Bev thinks he's kind of hilarious but also a genius at the same time you.

Can just see it in her face when she looks at him, this kind of bemused look but also very admiring, you know what I mean And he looks at her the same way, like he just thinks she's the most beautiful, charming person he's ever seen. Of course, Libras are really relationshiporiented, so there can be a bit of conflict in this pairing because Aquarius needs a lot of independence and alone time, and isn't really all that romantic. Libra loves sweet little romantic gestures, but those kind of go over Aquarius's head, or.

Aquarius just forgets all the sweet little frills. I don't know, I think nearly 50 years together, my aunt has just learned to buy her own flowers! Libras really need a lot of togetherness and reassurance, so they might feel a little lonely, paired up with an Aquarius. But on the positive side, Aquarians are very loyal and dedicated in love, so if they can somehow make Libra feel that love and commitment they're golden. This is generally a really good match for anything from friendship to a lifelong, committed love affair, and everything.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

So Scorpio and Sagittarius now, here's a pretty odd couple. They might hit it off at first, since two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac, like these two are, usually do have pretty strong sexual chemistry. But wow, for two signs so close together, I don't know if these two could be more different! First off, Scorpio's a Water sign, just a really deeply emotional sign. Everything is intense for Scorpio life itself is this deep, intense, complex, passionate experience. And that could really draw Sagittarius in.

At first, because Sag loves any new adventure, and just wants to try out everything and everyone. Sag is the sign of the explorer, and just really loves mindexpanding experiences. But wow, this connection can really get off track fast. Just look at Ike and Tina Turner. She's the Sagittarius she wants to travel and see the world, meet people, just get out there and have a good time and Ike was the controlling Scorpio, the passionate, intense guy who wanted to possess his woman, no matter what. But Sagittarius doesn't want to be possessed or.

Controlled! This sign is all about freedom. It wants to come and go and follow its own interests and whims. But that can really push Scorpio's buttons, making Scorpio squeeze more tightly and get more intense and maybe even a little crazy and then it's just a downward spiral from there. Now, of course I'm not saying every ScorpioSag couple is going to have the kind of violent, insane, destructive relationship that Ike and Tina had. Not at all. These two actually have some good things going for them like, Scorpio.

Loves Sagittarius's honesty, since Sag is really whatyouseeiswhatyouget, and that's very reassuring for Scorpio. There's less to cause suspicion, you know, than with some other signs. Of course, some Sagittarians tend to have a little trouble with monogamy, and that can really make Scorpio feel hurt and betrayed, and then that Scorpion stinger comes out. But again, on the positive side, Sagittarius's optimism, that funloving, carefree outlook that can really be a breath of fresh air for Scorpio, whose whole life is about intensity and complexity. And on the flip side, Scorpio brings loyalty and emotion.

Taurus and Libra Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Beauty and the Beast this is the perfect LibraTaurus couple. Belle, the Beauty, of course, is the Libra she just wants love and romance, and can't stand being alone. And only a Libra well, no, I take that back. There are a few other signs that would go to great lengths to kiss an ugly dude like the Beast who would keep her in finery. But Libra, that's definitely right up this sign's alley. Libras love living in luxury they want all the pretty frills, not to mention constant companionship. So, even though Libras.

Are very much into aesthetics how things look, and people too they want to be beautiful, and they want to be surrounded by other gorgeous people Belle was able to look past the Beast's looks because of how he treated her, and what he could promise her. I mean, let's face it he was filthy rich, and Belle must have loved that about him. Ugly or not, rich dudes are usually Taureans. That's the sign of money Taurus just has a way of attracting riches, and this sign loves treating its lover to any and all types of indulgence.

Whatever his sweetheart wants, the Beast wants to give her, you know what I mean Beyond all that, both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the planet Venus, which is all about romance, beauty, pleasure and there you have it. These two really understand each other on this level, so they can get seriously indulgent together. Now, that's all well and good in a fairytale, but in the real world, two luxuryloving signs together well, it can still work out well. Taurus has a serious stubborn streak, but Libra's numberone priority is partnership,.

Harmony, so Libra will do what it takes to pacify Taurus when that temper gets stirred up. But these two signs are quincunx one of the hard aspects in Astrology, and the one that comes with a lot of karma which isn't necessarily a good thing. The thing is, when two signs are quincunx, they just don't have much in common. There can be a lot of tension here because they just don't get each other. And karmically speaking, they've come together because they have something big to work out together. So that's a lot.

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Gemini and Aquarius are both Air signs, so they're Trine four signs apart in the Zodiac which is a really sweet, harmonious connection for a romantic relationship. And these two make a particularly good pairing because they really keep each other guessing, which is very important to both of them. As Air signs, these two fall in love on a mental level first they make great friends, and they can have a really fun, stimulating, intellectual meeting of the minds, right off the bat. They truly find each other very fascinating. Aquarius.

Sees Gemini as really clever and funny, and Gemini sees Aquarius as just full of strange and interesting ideas. Plus, there's lots of good sexual chemistry here, and since they're both Air signs thinkers and communicators I'm thinking there's probably lots of naughty talk in bed between these two, and lots of experimental shenanigans, you know what I mean Their relationship is unpredictable, and I mean that in the best way. They both need that sense of surprise and anticipation. If things got too routine, too humdrum, they would get too bored especially Gemini. Now, of course, these two may or may not be.

A great longterm couple take a look at Seal and Heidi Klum. They seemed like a great couple an enviable couple, so connected and in love, but then it ended so abruptly! He's the Aquarius, she's a Gemini. I don't know why they broke up, especially after having so many kids together. But while they were together, they seemed so close and strange! In a good way! I mean, he supposedly proposed to her inside an igloo or something! But then there were rumors of cheating and who knows what, and of course, it didn't work out in.

The end. But Gemini and Aquarius can definitely be a great shortterm couple, or great friends, and they can also make it last partly because Aquarius is a Fixed sign, so there's that followthrough and determination, and because Gemini finds Aquarius's unpredictable ideas really interesting, enough to stick around and see what's going to happen next. Who knows, maybe Heidi and Seal will become friends in the end, because that's the really solid foundation between these two signs friendship. They just find each other fascinating, and they love to talk constantly and trade ideas and laugh and just stimulate each other's.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Gemini and Virgo are square, which is one of Astrology's hard aspects so this pairing can have some real friction, some tension to it. But it's not all bad. Let's look at a VirgoGemini couple from everybody's favorite 90's TV show, Friends Monica and Chandler. Right Monica Courtney Cox's character absolutely stereotypical Virgo. She's a neat freak, she's got incredibly high standards that she holds herself and everyone around her to standards that no one can possibly reach, except she, of course, comes close, since she's such a perfectionist. Everything in her apartment had to be just so, right.

Everything perfectly clean and neat as a pin. And when she put on holiday dinners, she had such high expectations, and everything always got royally screwed up by everyone around her who was just so not a Virgo. So then we have Chandler Matthew Perry's character. I mean, these two were a bit of an odd couple, don't you think She's a neatfreak perfectionist, he's this totally witty, sarcastic dude which is so Gemini, by the way. And he was, like, this manboy this perpetual child in a man's body. And Geminis are very playful and.

Young at heart, and often somewhat immature. But here's the connection between these two Both their signs are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known as the planet of communication. So they have this great mental connection. A real meeting of the minds. And if you think about it, Monica and Chandler were always talking and scheming and plotting together very mercurial, if you ask me. Plus, they weren't very touchyfeely, which is pretty typical for this pairing. They're more about that intellectual, mental connection than anything physical. And the way it took them forever to fall for each other, and then forever.

Again to declare themselves a couple I mean, how many episodes did it take for their closest friends to even find out they were together That's very typical of both of these signs. Virgo falls in love the way this sign does everything else slowly and carefully. And Gemini likes to keep all options open which in Chandler's case was about, maybe they were together, but maybe they weren't maybe they were just having fun. But in the end, of course, they committed to each other. In this particular match, it's Virgo who's.

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