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By | January 20, 2017

i’ve heard about this and i heard it sold out and I want to know who you killed to get this, honestly. (light music) On Cyber Monday, Kylie Jenner came out with a line of lipsticks that sold out in 30 seconds.

and got resold on ebay for up to ten thousand dollars. We decided to try them out to see if they live up to the hype. It’s Ladylike and we’re testing Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit. We’re going to be trying Candy K.

I’m surprised that candy isn’t spelled with a k. Line lips with liner, fill in with liquid lipstick. Remember that. Kylie said it. Kylie, I need more tips than just line lips.

also, how do you sharpen these things? You guys see, this is plastic so you can’t sharpen it and there’s also no turn thing. Now we’ve got this matte liquid lipstick. You know what matte means?.

It’s going to dry the fuck out of my lips. That smells like a lipsmacker. I wouldn’t say it’s too light but it’s not my style. I look like a Bratz doll. I mean, it’s a nice demure color this one. Am I doing it wrong?.

I feel like i did it wrong. Okay, it’s drying. Okay, it’s starting to look a little better. Oh, it’s getting darker. Wow, this stuff is dry. It’s puckering my lips almost.

cool though. Looks good. That’s all that matters. It’s not a very lifelike color. It’s a little like wax figure. It makes me look like an 18 year old billionaire.

So that’s all i care about. (light music) Yeah, I’m feeling like this is definitely the color of my skin. See, now it looks dumb. Does it look good?.

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Five years ago i joined duty right in this police station, sir. After that many subinspectors came and left. But you’re the first SI who wants to know something about this case. And on the first day of your duty. It’s a good thing, but I would like to give you an advise, sir. You must work slowly here.

This is a very dangerous area, sir. And the case you’re talking about doesn’t even have a file yet. This case is just a rumor, sir. Even I heard it as hearsay. It’s okay. Sometimes rumors are interesting. Tell me. This incident occurred 8 years ago.

Pigeon competitions are a common thing around here. And this murder was the reason of one such competition, sir. Pigeon competition? What’s that? I am sure you didn’t hear about it. But this competition is a common thing in this city. This has been going on for many years.

There are two types of pigeon competition, sir. One is the race to get home. In this, every competitor pitches in 5 10 pigeons. One day before the race, these competitors. .arrive at the race club with their pigeons. Every pigeon is tagged.

A secret coded ring is tied to the pigeon’s feet. Later all these pigeons are locked in a box. .and transported far away in a truck or a train. Owing to the distance of every race, different cities are chosen. Like Chennai, Delhi, Bhopal.etcetera. Then these cages are lined up.and they are all opened together.

No matter how far these pigeons are, but they fly back to their masters. And one that reaches first is the winner. Isn’t that amazing, sir? This competition is organized very honestly. There’s no gambling involved, but you do tend to make enemies. And enmity was the cause of that murder.

Even today people talk about closed doors about this murder. Who committed that murder? A well known don of this place, Kol velu. Maybe you heard his name. He rules the entire city. He smuggles red sandalwood.

He’s been a fan of this competition for many years. The murderer is from his gang. A 22 year old young man, who wasn’t even a gangster back then. He used to raise pigeons. He used to look after Kol Velu’s pigeons. One night some members of the other gang barged in.