Horoscope For Today October 16 2014

By | December 19, 2016

Interactive Discussion Session with VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal at MahaVastu Course September 2014

Audience (Lady): Sir, like both my kids are studying outside Delhi, so I have placed their photographs at different places in my home. Is it ok? VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal (KB): It would be good to remove some pictures from few sections, basically the Zones that have Negative Effects. Lady: Ok! KB: For instance, if you place the photograph of your child in the EastSouthEast Zone, it will increase the anxiety of a child, whereas, if your child’s photos are placed in.

The WestNorthWest Zone, it can cause depression in the child. Lady: Ok! Now, like in the Education Zone, i.e., the WestSouthWest, if I paste their pictures or certain things, that strengthen the zone, will it work for them (children)? KB: Yes, Of Course! Lady: Ok. For both of them? KB: Yes. Lady: Even if they are in separate cities? KB: Yes, definitely!.

Listen, the past three generations of an ancestral house, belonging to inlaws, in case of married women can affect you even today. If you have sold it out, then that would be a different case. But any ancestral house which is under your or your family’s possession, then that house will have good or bad effects on you for the coming three generations. Thus, I usually recommend not to sell your ancestral houseproperty. I generally advise people to maintain their ancestral house. Once, there was a rich business class family Delhi, who wanted to buy a new plot. They kept looking for it with ready cash in their.

Hands, but couldn’t find one. In addition to all these, there were few more problems in their house. They did the Vastu of their house, but still were unable to buy a new plot. Ultimately, they approached me and said, Sir, it has been one and half years now, but we are unable to find a plot. Our MahaVastu team was already working on the case, and there were few outcomes too. Then, I did intuitive diagnosis from which I discovered that there were few cracks on the South West walls of their ancestral house. I asked them, where is your ancestral house? They answered, Narela.I asked, how many generations.

Old is the house? They said, for the past four generations. So I told them to check the SouthWest Zone of their ancestral house in Narela, where some cracks had developed on the walls. But they confidently refused. I insisted and said, At least, go there once and check. And finally, when they went there, they found those cracks on the walls, like we often find in very old houses. As soon as they got those cracks repaired, within 40 days, they bought a new plot. These are little things which can work. Keep meditating. Gradually, you can develop the awareness that will start increasing, as you go through this course,.

Concentrate and meditate. This subject is quite deeper, just keep meditating and it will start downloading. Actually, the knowledge is already there with the Supreme Power (God). You have to just capture and download it in your mind. I can only provide you with the internet connection.

Horoscope for a Pisces Baby Parents

The sensitive Pisces baby needs a secure and nurturing environment to feel comfortable. Soothe her with soft music, gentle massages, and plenty of hugs and kisses. Your cuddly newborn will feel more secure if you carry her in a sling when you go out. Or even when you’re just wandering around the house. And as she grows, she’ll still crave lots of encouragement and affection. Pisces is a dreamer, so she’ll likely spend a lot of time in her own imagination. An artsy and creative career, such as film maker or photographer, would suit her well. It’s fine to encourage her fantasies, but try to keep her grounded in real life too. Enforcing a daily routine with some structure should do the trick. Her gullible nature may.

Let others take advantage of her, so be on your guard. And she’ll be loving and kind hearted and may want to take care of every underdog and outsider she comes across. Taking care of a family pet, or volunteering in the community should fulfill this need. It might even help her earn some loyal friends too.