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By | December 30, 2016

Aloha and welcome to moonscopes astrology. i’m your host kg stiles. i’m here to connect you with your passion and what you love! This is an overview of your horoscope astrology forecast for June 2014 and includes details for the Gemini New Moon Astrology and Numerology on May 28th. In today’s forecast I’ll counsel you about how to make the most of the opportunities available during the month of June to experience success and happiness. This is a general forecast.

For the current astrological trends affecting everyone. if you have personal planets within 13 orb of an aspect then you will have a more direct personal experience of the celestial event. Life provides you with a perfect map to your success and happiness through your horoscope cast at the time of your birth. Your best timing and strategies for success and happiness are all perfectly outlined for you in your horoscope. If you know how to read the celestial.

Forces operating in your life as outlined in your chart you can experience supreme success in your life. I’d like to add that your definition of success and what it means for you is individual to you. Going after what society says is success will never bring you the fulfillment you desire in life. Your horoscope is Life’s strategic plan for your success and happiness. Through your horoscope you can understand your Life lessons and the skills you’ll need to master.

To experience fulfillment and enjoyment of your life experience. think of me as your special advocate sent here to help you read life’s guideposts and more easily navigate your way through the maze of challenges that occur on your life’s journey. Have you been wanting an opportunity to have me read your chart? On May 30th and 31st you can get 30% OFF a session with me by Subscribing to my Health Mastery Newsletter. This is a RARE Limited Time Offer. Don’t Miss Out Check it Today, so you can SAVE Big!.

So, let’s begin with your forecast. on may 28th we have the 7 gemini new moon Life offers you major upgrades in your social and communications networks, relationships and life skills! Are you prepared to interact with your life in a whole new way and soar? the onscreen link to access your Gemini New Moon Manifesting Meditation for Soulmate Social Networks Community: kgstiles /13144/ You now have an opportunity to be freed from previous caged experiences in your friendships,.

Social and communications networks and community life! you’re given the keys to let yourself out of recurring go no where relationships and social patterns. Will you have the courage to step up and seize the moment? This window of opportunity to change mental habit patterns in relationships and social circles comes online as Mercury enters its retrograde shadow on May 23rd at 24 Gemini until Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow on July 16th when Mercury reaches the degree.

Where it stationed retrograde on june 7th. The gateway to your Gemini New Moon experience opens around May 23rd / 24th when Jupiter at 19 Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio. This is the final 120 easy flowing trine between Jupiter and Saturn. It’s already happened twice in the past year. Your diligent efforts to realize a dream that you began last summer during the peaks of the Grand Water Trine between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is about to be realized.

Jupiter trine saturn won’t happen again for about 10 years, so make the most of the flow into manifestation available now. Especially with Mars recent station Direct you have the energy and support for easy forward movement and realization of your dreams! Jupiter and Saturn are also trining Chiron the wounded healer. Your wounds in these areas of your life can now become a thing of the past. You are supported to choose to move on and start new intimate relationships and associations with others who see and appreciate.

MAY 2014 ASTROLOGY Horoscope Forecast Passionate Rebirth KG Stiles Astrologer

Aloha and welcome to moonscopes astrology. i’m your host kg stiles. i’m here to connect you with your passion and what you love! This is your horoscope astrology forecast for May 2014 and includes astrology for the Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon on April 28th and the Passionate Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th. In today’s forecast I’ll counsel you about how to make the most of your opportunities to experience success and happiness. This is a general forecast for the current astrological trends affecting everyone. If you have personal.

Planets within 13 orb of an aspect then you will have a more direct personal experience of the celestial event. Before I start my review of the astrological trends for you I wanted give you a BIG warm thank you for helping me increase my subscribers! Thank you so much for liking, sharing and subscribing my tutorials. I really appreciate your love and support! And, as a way of showing my gratitude I’m offering you an opportunity to win a FREE reading with me this month. on the onscreen link to enter your name.

In the contact form on my website to win a free reading! details for entry are below this tutorial. And thanks again for liking, sharing and subscribing to my tutorials! May is a 5 month and always brings in change and growth when new horizons beckon you. Combining the number 5 with the Universal year we’re in 2014 which equals 7 the number of mystery and spiritual enlightenment equals the number 12 which a cosmic universal number of completion and wholeness. The 1 and 2 in twelve equals 3. 3 is a rock and roll, high adventure number.

There can be lots of drama with 3. it’s a number of communication and entertainment when feeling exhilarated is on tap. The number 3 is also the number of the comedian, so having a sense of humor this month is a very good thing. The number 9, is also strongly activated this month. 9 is another number of completion and symbolizes the humanitarian and philosophical, or higher mind. On April 28th at 11:14pm PT we have the Annular Solar Eclipse at 8 minutes 52 seconds of Taurus. Or essentially 9 Taurus. As the.

Taurus new moon crosses the face of its cosmic lover the sun the two are joined in a ring of fire, seeding new life. The Sun Moon conjunction symbolizes union of the Divine feminine and masculine, resulting in impregnation and release of the creative impulse to birth new life. You are on the threshold of your future Self. It’s a potent once in a life time opportunity in the collective history of humanity. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!.

All things related to taurus and its opposite sign scorpio prosper now! love, money, wealth, Pleasure, Sensuality, Sexuality. It is a fecund time for you! Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. What you love and gives you pleasure bursts forth as your highest priorities and values in life assert themselves for realization. Your dreams are your keys to unlocking the power of the Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon celestial event!.

I’ve posted a very special and extremely dynamic meditation ritual for you to connect with the pregnant potential available at the Taurus Solar Eclipse! the onscreen link to access it on my website for FREE! The power and majesty of the Taurus Solar Eclipse is amplified by Mercury the communicator as it conjuncts the Taurus New Moon and Sun. This means your will life force symbolized by the Sun, your conscious mind (Mercury).

And your emotional needs and instincts (the moon) are joining forces. The earthy energy of Taurus grounds you and you feel unified in your purpose. Now you can connect with a deep sense of purpose and well being that you haven’t experienced for awhile. Enjoy this time! You have an opportunity for a passionate rebirth within yourself that will manifest externally between now and the Scorpio Full Moon.