Horoscope For Today January 11 2016

By | May 14, 2016

Chinese Horoscope 2016 Goat

The Year of the Monkey begins the night of the new moon on the 8th of February marking the start of Chinese New Year celebrations around the world. As the Goat hands of the baton as year ruler, what sort of luck will the mischievous Monkey be bringing your sign Let's find out. Goats, stepping into Monkey year gives you a fresh perspective. When you look at things in a new light, you can soon see that there is a way ahead. How quickly you progress depends on how focused you are on reaching your destination.

This Week at UBC January 24 January 30, 2016

Welcome to This Week at UBC Should wine be made to age or made to drink Come find out at the Grape Debate happening this Friday on campus as part of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival Show your support for suicide awareness and prevention by wearing orange on January 27th, UBC's Suicide Awareness Day. For more information, check out the link below. Join the UBC Thunderbirds for their largest ever hockey game at the 2nd Annual UBC Winter Classic happening on January 29th. There will be music, prizes, and for more information or for tickets check out the link below.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope March 2016

The Rabbit comes in to rule the solar month on March 5th. The Rabbit carries pure wood energy, and the wood element is indicative of new growth in springtime. The midpoint of Rabbit month is Spring Equinox, and this year it falls on March 20th, in most places around the world. Throughout history, and across many cultures, Spring Equinox is a notable date in the calendar, and often celebrated. Check your animal sign Horoscope to get some clues as to what the month has in store for you. Goat, Rabbit month can be a time when your Goat personality connects easily with others.

Warm weather this weekend under cloudy skies

The first day of the year kicked off under a mix of haze and dust, while temperatures were bearable And with the three day weekend starting today, many people have hit the roads. On that note, let's check out the latest weather update and traffic conditions. Jeehyun Hello It's going to feel like late autumn tomorrow, with temperatures getting up to above the seasonal averages. here in the capital at least. with a high of 10 degrees Celsius in the afternoon Other regions should also have relatively mild temperatures in the afternoon but chilly a morning for some areas.

As Daegu will get up to minus 1, 2 for Gwangju while Busan and Jeju Island will wake up to a low of 6 and 8. Double digits for afternoon highs with Seoul's high topping out at 10, 11 for Daejeon and Daegu and Busan and Jeju Island will see a high of 14 and 15. For those of you traveling around the nation on this first weekend of 2016, volumes of traffic heading towards Seoul from Gangneung will be the most congested tomorrow. But at least the weather will be generous until Sunday with a high of 7 in Seoul. But.

Activity Planner January 2016

Welcome to the Activity Planner, your source for main events in Edmond this month! City offices will be closed on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Trash collection will be as scheduled. If you have a live Christmas tree to dispose of, drop it off at Mitch Park or Hafer Park by January 15th to be recycled. Trees will be chipped and free mulch will be available in February. Classes and exciting events are being planned by the Parks and Rec Department. Read about all of the action by downloading or picking up your copy of the 2016 WinterSpring.

Activities Guide. There are so many classes being offered at the Mac, including classes over dance, sewing, financial planning, pottery, archery, and more. Download your copy today! Dress warm and come see some majestic birds at Arcadia Lake's Eagle Watch event. Start at the Arcadia Lake Park Office and let them show you where to spot these eagles. You still have some time during the beginning of the month to go ice skating. What a great family bonding experience! Visit Mitch Park and the MultiActivity Center and learn more about the available classes.

And don't forget about that Activities Guide that you can pick up or download. Brrrrrrr! It's getting cold out there, but KickingBird Golf Club's doors are open for the toughest, most determined golfers. Are you an Iron Man Get a partner and compete in the KickingBird 2Man Iron Man tournament on the 23rd. Also, the Lighted Driving Range is open until 8 pm if the weather is above 50 degrees. After work, come on out and practice your swing even when the sun is down. Finally, the KickingBird Grill is a great restaurant to stop and eat during breakfast.

Or lunch. The KickingBird Golf Club is located at 1600 East Danforth. Find out more by visiting KickingBirdGolf. Now let's see what the Edmond Senior Center has scheduled for January. There's an educational program over hearing loss where professionals will give handson demonstrations on some of latest technology for the hearing impaired. That sounds excellent! If you're looking for a relaxing way to reduce stress, consider Tai Chi classes going on every Wednesday at noon. The Edmond Senior Center is located at 2733 Marilyn Williams Drive in Mitch Park. Seniors must be 55 years old or better to enjoy their exceptional programs.

Cancer January 11, 2016 Weekly Horoscope

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