Horoscope For Today Aquarius 2015

By | April 20, 2016

What People Think About Zodiac Signs Air and Earth Signs

I either love 'em or I hate 'em. gentle country music Gemini's are all the emotions all at once all the time. They're super mysterious. One minute, they are the happiest people ever. Twofaced. Sorry. Crazy. And the next minute, they have a different personality. But, I think that they are also super loyal. Very ambitious. Helpful. Gemini is the person at the bar, who if a guy is bothering you will, she'll throw a punch. Woman That's the one that's like the bull right.

I would say stubborn. Stubborn. Super stubborn. Oh my God. Yes. BFF. Very nice car. Oh yeah. They love flashy things. Like, Taurus's are very materialistic. They're pretty chill individuals. I'm just saying the Ford Taurus, it's very stable. It gets in a lot of fights. Dives in head first, yeah. They're the bull and they're like, goin' at it straight. I think they're super down to Earth. I either love em or I hate em. The most charismatic.

The best. I love libra's. Yeah. I love libra's too. My Mom is a libra and she's very, very critical, not just because she's Asian. They're just so charming. Libra's the kind of person that will like, fart in an elevator and then walk out as the door is closing. We're really indecisive and can be wishywashy. Very nurturing. Nurturing, That'd be my word. That's a great word. But, we're lovers. I thought it was the same word as virgin.

Perfectionist. Type A. Great listeners. I think virgo's are like the psychologists of the astrological wheel. Introspective. Detail oriented. Virgo's the kinda person who's gonna help you organize your house. They're triathletes. Aloof. Really like, let's go with the flow. We'll figure it out. Head in the clouds. Always seeing the bigger picture. Very, very in tune with their bodies. Aquarius is the kinda person that owns some kind of large reptile and just makes no, it's like not a big deal.

It's like I got an iguana. It's like who the f has an iguana Plain Jane. What My Mom is a Capricorn Oh, I'm sorry. And she's awesome. Can I use a lifeline No one ever says like, Oh, you're such a capricorn. I feel like capricorn's are really sad. I feel like they're, they feel like they're often overlooked. I feel they're very mysterious and even if they're having a really tough time in life, you more than likely won't know.

Aquarius weekly forecast 23 February01 March 2015

Hello Aquarius and Aquarius rising. Welcome to the week begining on the 23rdFebruary1st March. Dear Aquarius, during the week Venus and Mars is progressing in Aries and this is going to be a quite busy week for communication. Your communication with friends, relatives and siblings which you haven't seen in a while may increase this week. Agreements, contracts and signings can become on foreground and Mercury progressing in your sign has recovered so it will be supporting you. You can comfortably make new agreements and beginnings for new projects. Saturn progressing in Sagittarius.

Will be in positive aspects with Venus and Mars, so commercial opportunities may occur to develop projects you're working on, and you can make agreements. Opportunities for education related to your work or travel can come on foreground. Yes the Sun progressing in Pisces on the over hand is brightening your house of money. 0100 Ideals about money and desires are far too intense because Neptune is there. Just like the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune can cause you to act quite idealist it can also make you reach your desires. But from the beginning of the week there is a square between.

Saturn progressing in Sagittarius and the Sun so you can approach financial subjects more problematic. You have to act steadier instead of acting like a dreamer and act realistic and this is valid for every money relation. If you want to do investments or an important shopping then you have to act realistic here as well, especially in any cases regarding money. The first days of the week it's possible to feel restricted and insufficient. But towards the weekend this affects will decrease. Yes in the beginning of the week the moon will.

Be in Taurus and subjects related to your house, parents, mum and dad will be on foreground or you may want to spend time more at home. On the 25th February the moon is entering Gemini so social subjects and subjects of our kids, love and emotional life is becoming active. When the moon is in Gemini on the 27th February it will enter Cancer and on the weekend especially daily works will be in schedule. You might spend time with stuff which has piled you because you haven't been taking care of them, sort out your house,.

New moon in Aquarius 19 February 2015

Hello and Welcome to the week beginning on the 16th February22nd February. Dear followers this week in Aquarius the second the new moon of the year is rising. This is the second new moon and we will experience it in Aquarius and it's going to rise on the 19th February at 0147am 29 degrees in Aquarius. We can observe the Aquarius themes quite intense and Aquarius is a sign which takes attention on subjects related to society, organization, friends and projects and ideals for the future and In all of these cases there.

Can be renewing's, new beginnings and new attempts. Straight after the new moon the Sun and the Moon is going to enter Pisces so actually both the signs energies are going to be on foreground so this means that Pisces and Aquarius themes are going to be in our schedule. Mars is going to be 29 degrees in Pisces and besides the new moon. The moons manager Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius is going to make a positive aspect. However its energies are supporting new attempts, the new moons energies here in 29 degrees is showing.

That some stuff are concluding and coming to an end. 0135 So you have to close some stuff, to make space for the new subjects to occur. To make a new beginning you have to conclude and finish some stuff in your life, and in this period. Especially ones born on the last days in the Air group signs and the ones born in the beginning of the mutable group signs are going to be the ones getting mostly affected from the new moon. Ones born on the last degree in Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus and ones.

Born in the first period in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius are going to be getting affects from ne new moon. Straight after the new moon, Mars and Venus is going to enter Aries and there are rapid energies supporting initiatives. The Fire elements are very intensifying and we are going to experience it in our lives. So in the new moon specially cases especially about society and cases to affect society such as technology and internet cases can occur and start some moves in these areas. Aquarius an innovative sign and resists the.

Aquarius weekly forecast 1622 February 2015

Hello Aquarius and Aquarius rising. Welcome to the week beginning on the 16th February22nd February. Dear Aquarius, the Sky is showing important signs again for you this week. In the beginning of the week on the 17th February the moon is going to enter your sign, and on the 19th February at 0147am 29 degrees in Aquarius a new moon is rising. A new moon rose again the previous month in January in your sign and this month again a new moon is rising, so actually in your sign this period new changes.

Can happen with the moons energies. You can start new beginnings and make new attempts. 29 degrees in Aquarius is the last degree of a sign and straight after the new moon after 2 minutes the Moon and the Sun is going to enter Pisces. Actually this is a new moon which keeps both signs energies inside itself. Before you make new attempts you might need to end things in your life and you may need to close and finish some subjects within this new moon. So because of this before the new moon in the first days of the week you may.

Be spending these days taking a look through your life and questioning yourself, you may value and decide on what you want to continue in your life, what you need in your life and what you don't need in your life and start the new moon with much more fresh energies. 0131 It's going to be an important new moon and straight after the new moon Mars and Venus is going to enter Pisces, so energies and motivations are extremely high and communication in your life is going to increase. So your.

Daily life can become pretty creative and there may be a communication jam. There could be travelling and get together quite a lot with people around you. The Sky is also showing that commercial activities can appraise. Mercury progressing in your sign is supporting you and mentally you are very powerful, very creative and able to produce original ideas. Mercury is making positive Aspects with Saturn in Sagittarius. You can comfortably perform your ideas and they may be permanent. Especially on projects you're working on you can convert your ideas comfortably into more practical values and get support from your society.

Aquarius weekly forecast 612 April 2015

Hello dear Aquarius and Aquarius rising welcome to the week beginning on the 6th 12th April Dear Aquarius it's an extremely active week for you. The Sun and Mercury is progressing in your sign so in your daily life especially activities related to communication can increase. If you are getting education in any subject in this period getting information and sharing these with people there are suitable conditions to question. There are activeness in especially cases in internet, it and social media. In these areas you can meet commercial opportunities or make.

Works for private reasons and you can appraise this week to go on a journey. Jupiter after the 8th turning moving forwards is going to present you more supports. Especially in any kind of cooperation and relationships you will see more benefits from Jupiter. Because Retrograde was in place for a while some things may have slowed down but now it's recovering and it's possible for you to see your luck much clearer. 0104 In the first two days of the week the Moon is going to be in Scorpio and you will focus.

More on your career so in the first two days of the week your career, work, missions and relationships will have priority for you. From the 8th in the middle of the week you can lead onto more social subjects or focus on activities you are going to do with your mates. From the 10th the Moon is entering Capricorn. Towards the weekend and on the weekend your will to stay in the background may increase, there may be a short break or a holiday or you may be alone and prefer to stay alone on the weekend. On the 11th Venus.

Is going to enter Gemini. Aquarius until the 8th May Venus is going to be in Gemini. Because it's an air group sign it's going to support social subjects while Venus is in Gemini and in this period you can take place in extremely social activities. Some opportunities can occur in your love life and your continuing relationships can be more decent. Your creativity may increase whilst Venus is in Gemini so both in your work life and in your artistic works which you're interested in you can express yourself much better. Finally about.

Aquarius weekly forecast 2329 March 2015

Hello Aquarius and Aquarius rising, welcome to the week beginning on 23rd 29th March Dear Aquarius, it's an efficient week on your behalf. The Sun is progressing in Aries so especially subjects to do with communication seem pretty dense. In this week you can make much more active works in subjects like social media, press, publishing and the internet. Subjects like some agreements, contracts and cooperation's can also be on foreground. You're in a suitable period to sign stuff and start any kind of work. Because the Sun progressing in Aries has a positive triangle.

Aspect with Saturn progressing in Sagittarius and this is pointing out that you can take some steps for your ideals and targets regarding the future and also that you can sign contracts or agreements. Venus throughout the week will be progressing in Taurus, and whilst Venus is progressing in Taurus it's going to be supporting you in subjects to do with your family and house so happiness can increase in subjects to do with your house and home. 0101 You can embellish your house, income from decorating your house, occupying with the houses refurbishment or from estate works,.

Subjects related to estate and earthy subjects and some financial supports can be on foreground. Venus throughout the week is going to be making a positive aspect with Neptune in Pisces. So it will be supporting your areas of money, it may be possible to receive financial support from your parents or a member of your family. Yes in the beginning of the week the Moon will be in Taurus. On Monday you can spend time more to subjects related to your house and especially on Monday you can spend time to subjects to do with your family. On Tuesday.

In the afternoon the Moon is going to enter Gemini and more social subjects are going to be on foreground. Your love life, subjects about children, activities needed creativity and more fun subjects for you will take more place in your schedule in the middle of the week. From the 27th March the Moon is going to enter Cancer and it will be possible to focus more on your daily works, you may be entering a busy working tempo but until the weekend you will manage a lot of stuff. Dear Aquarius, yes the weeks general energies are.

Horoscope for an Aquarius Baby Parents

The restless Aquarius kid can be quite rebellious, so start child proofing your home now. Keep him busy and out of trouble with toys, books and outdoor activities. Aquarius loves sunshine. He'll want lots of freedom. So when he gets older, give him space to explore and develop his individuality. Your little wanderer will also be very social, so he'll probably have friends all over. Encourage his amicable personality and love of group activities by enrolling him in a team sport. And let him make small decisions, like which outfit to wear, or which.

Aquarius weekly forecast 915 February 2015

Hello Aquarius and Aquarius rising. Welcome to the week beginning on the 9th February15th February. Dear Aquarius, while Venus and Mars is progressing in Pisces its bringing up financial issues to the foreground, and you may find some chances in these areas. We can see that you will lead your energy into subjects related to earn money. Mars is increasing the struggle in this area and time to time it can produce spending's and you can make spending's but Venus is in a supportive position and very powerful and as well as increasing your income it can create new resources and create.

Financial resources. Yes on the beginning of the week the moon will be in Libra and on Monday while the moon is in Libra we can observe that communication is increasing in your daily life, especially communication with foreigners and subjects regarding international subjects. After the 10th February the moon is entering Scorpio. Until the 12th February on the evening the moon will be staying in Scorpio so it's going to be bringing work and specially career related subjects upfront. You can focus on your career this week while the moon is in Scorpio and because Venus and Mars is making positive aspects specially.

On the 11th February in your career and income coming from your career there will be pleasant developments, or there may be opportunities. You can take advantage from communication with women, especially in work related to females or artistic work will be supporting you. Dear Aquarius, yes another important development is Mercury recovering during the week. Mercury is going to turn moving forward in your sign and the movement is beginning in 1 degree in Aquarius on the 11th February and going to progress in Aquarius until 13th March. Obviously this is showing that this is a period that you can advantage from Mercury.

Extremely pleasantly. Your mental activities are going to accelerate and while mercury is in Aquarius you can create extremely interesting different and original ideas. Communication in your daily life will increase and opportunities to travel and for education will appear in your life and also new work opportunities and commercial chances can appear. If there are subjects you have postponed, it could be any work agreements or contracts which you postponed while mercury was in Retrograde now you can make your way quite fast so you can make new agreements and contracts. Together with Mercury progressing you can do rapid.

What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility Air and Earth Signs

Lively music Sexy but scary We are great at sex, and we are, like, pretty fun to date. Scary, I'll give you the scary, absolutely not. I would date andor hook up with one, but I don't see much more. I know some people will say they wouldn't a Gemini because we're flighty and we don't commit. See, I feel like I'd be continually insecure, just like in a perpetual state of insecurity. I feel like a hipster Gemini. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God, that's so hot.

Voiceover Oh, my first crush was a Taurus. I don't think I could date them just because I know how stubborn they are. If you're trying to date them and expect compromise, it's never going to happen. I think they're great, I think they're persistent and focused and really supportive. They're super down to earth. I'm into it, if this is a precursor, I'm like, give me more Taurus, please. Yes, I think that's like the wife material right there. Very like balanced, probably good.

For dreamy signs like ours. Libras sounds to me like the kind of person that's like, okay, so we're gonna split the cheque down exactly. I fall in love with Libras so easily because they're just so charming. You said Beyonce's a Virgo, right laughing Absolutely. Virgo won't put up with your shit. They're really good conversationalists. They almost seem unattainable. I think Virgo would get tired of me real quick. I think they're the ideal person to have a family with when you're ready for that.

But in terms of like having casual fun and you're just kinda dating, whatever, I don't think they're the ones for that. I imagine an Aquarius opens their bed side drawer and there's like an array of toys and they're like, whatever you want. Oh, my God. Oh, I think they'd be good in bed, too. Yeah. I'm attracted to them, like, just right off the back because they're so creative, and I'm like, oh, my God, I love this, but like they're too aloof for me.

Confident and grounded and know what they want. Who's that girl you like hook up with and she flits away, and you're like, oh, man, I really liked her. Yeah, but she was always meant to get away because she's kind of like a figment of your imagination. I would love to date a Capricorn because I think they would be very appreciative of the affection I'm giving them because they're usually over looked. Capricorn man seems boring, but Capricorn woman I would definitely date because I bet she's secretly in charge of everyone.

I find Capricorns to be hilarious. They're just too committed to a plan and I think that life is a journey and I think everyday is different. I like schedules, so if you're gonna plan my day out and say, hey, this is where we spend time together and I'm all for it because I like organization. Meeting every new person is a challenge that's about finding the qualities in each type of person that are for you. They're really close to Christmas, like actually really close to Christmas.

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