Horoscope Daily Telugu

By | December 31, 2016

Eyes twitching Humankind, who are thinking of past and living in present Always has a great interest to know their unseen future If you believe that, this vast universe, nature, humankind and all are guided by a transcendent power Should also believe that, the same power would lead past, present, future.

By observing, controlling and guide at the same time Intelligence and facilities because of that intelligence are driving away the man from nature Because of that, man is unable to catch the signals of nature, which shows the changes But the living beings which are living very close to nature are responding to those signals Before the occurrence of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes Rats, birds would respond at first.

We would have heard about their migration to other safe place In the same way for man, his body always pass many signals about future Among those, twitching of body parts is also a signal According to this science has suggested that, Left side twitching is good for women And right side twitching is good for men It seems, when Sita Devi crossing the Lakshmana Rekha to give alms to Ravana, who came like a sage.

One poet wrote in ramayana that, her right has twitched It seems, the future disaster was made known before According to Medical science Many kinds of changes in human body are made known by this twitching of body parts or eyes Sometimes nerves, muscles would receive the signals from mind unknowingly and respond, this is told by medical science.