Horoscope Daily Gemini 2016

By | December 1, 2016


Hi this is the weekly horoscope for Gemini for the week of august twentysecond 2016 alone my Gemmies if you would like a reading with me check out my store right there also show your love and make sure to like subscribe and share and also check out MinnowPond you can find his channel in the description box below right there make sure to like subscribe and share with work with him i know for a fact because I watches tutorials that he he has his weekly tutorials prerecorded and they’re up because I watched my weekly horoscope and also his monthly.

Horoscopes are already up as well and i watch that too so show him some love and make sure to like subscribe and share so Mars conjunct with Saturn and the 7th house not well aspected this week so there’s going to be difficulties with those in authority or difficulties with the men in your life especially if your natal chart if you’re Mars is afflicted then you’re definitely is going to be kinda elevated a little bit so be careful with this energy try to be passive if you can not try not to get into squabbles with others because others just seemed to be a bit more into their feelings during this time be careful of dominating men.

Dominating women with this energy on the twentythird it kind of goes into this as well The Sun moves into the sign of Leo into the sign of virgo into your fourth house so this is going to be with Mars and Saturn so there can be power struggles with the home or power struggles with uh the the bosses or the men in your life as well for some of you there can be problems with children or those that are younger than you as well because Mars in the seventh house and it deals with younger people.

Alright so there’s a lot of restless energy and impatience during this time Jupiter’s trining the ascendant in the first and fourth house expansion with business wanting to to socialize more with family members be more thoughtful towards family members i also with this energy moving can happen during this time or thoughts of moving can happen with this energy and you’re more open and honest with family man first Venus trining the ascendant in the first and fourth house this energy focus more on home may be cleaning or redecorating you have the energy now to.

Do that and you want to spend more time fixing the home with this energy on spending more time with family and you can be more patient and nurturing with a certain family members or even with children Venus s quadrant midheaven in the fifth and tenth house I feel like this energy you can be a bit picky who you allow into your inner circle with this energy I feel that when it comes to I feel that when it comes to certain things in your life at this time you’re looking for more of a connection with people then fake relationships so at this time I’ll other people trying to come into your life is a little bit.

Difficult I feel like you’re a little bit gunshy with Venus sesi quadrate midheaven and also at this time you’re not trying to make any changes at this time if it works for you you’re good with it okay I’m the first guy to come up with is the queen of cups follow your intuition with this energy also dealing with spirituality the three of coins again Jupiter trining the ascendant bringing financial growth to you with this energy the six coins talks of loans during this time and also good news with loans and I.

Also feel that at this time that you’re very generous with your things and helping others and giving out information the page of cups i feel also with this energy you’re dealing with children and this could be be more nurturing or a bit more giving with money to somebody that is younger than you this could be a sibling or this could be a friend that is younger than you also with love relationship this person is an onagain offagain relationship and this person on has one foot in the door and one foot out the door and.


Hi this is the weekly horoscope for a gemini for the week of august 15 2016 and Hello my Gemmies if you would like reading with me check out my store right there also show your love and make sure to like subscribe and share and also make sure to like subscribe and share or google +1 this tutorial or my friends tutorial Minnow Pond you can see his link in the description box below on this week I know he’s off next week minnow pond is offering discounts to his readings because he’s going to be going away for a week so if you want to get a reading in with him do it now before he goes on vacation so.

Check that out he’s a great reader he does the playing card to set of tarot cards which is cool so check him out give us a lot of energy again the description box below alright and let me see monday night the prayer sessions at 10pm if you want to connect with the energy to kind of give yourself a good boost of guidance and peace of mind and also check out your daily horoscopes for continuation of your full moon on reading on with the 18 so this week Chiron is in retrograde still forming a tsquare with the first fourth and.

Tenth house you’re faced with a time of on pain and healing unfortunately so you got to go through the ugly before you get to see the rainbow ok on on the one hand you may experience on painful situations which trigger memories of childhood and are going to open up wounds that you haven’t let go up so this is an opportunity for you to let go of past hurts because what happens when we let go of past hurts 1: i’ve done this many times it is like a weight off your shoulder it is the most beautiful feeling in the world ok and then to it kind of changes when you let go when you start letting go of.

Stopping you’re not allowing ego too blah blah blah it starts to change your situation around so situations in your life start to change because you’re restricting you know you’re not allowing certain energies near you I am the same way too i do not allow certain negative people around me I will not I will see them I will smile and be fake and that’s it and then I go home alright and I just don’t convert sometimes they try to beat me in conversation i excuse myself and go to the bathroom like I’m sorry got to go to bathroom because that’s how much i want my peace and my happiness.

Ok but some people you know cuz everybody’s in their feelings nowadays everybody’s got an opinion and everybody wants to talk up in this like em no no no no the lead block ok mute alright so you know just pick and choose your battles this week realize that you know this is an opportunity here this is more of an opportunity a great opportunity excuse me for you to figure out what it is that you need to work on because as you’re going through these conversations this weekend yeah they’re going to work.

You yeah they’re going to make you upset but try to be openminded tried to listen and try to make the changes that need to be made in order for you to grow ok and i know people are going to say some nasty things because everybody gotta say something nasty but at the same time try to listen through the nastiness and try to be more openminded to changing your habitual way of thinking changing your behaviour ok because when you do that your situations are going to change also.

Longstanding problems with family members on may be ironed out during this time problems can arise if you have been devoting too much time interest or energy on one specific area of your life on in excluding your other good all other goals this is a time for changing your way of thinking and being more adaptable all right on the eighteenth the full moon in the sign of Aquarius in the ninth i’m not the best energy i’m not the best aspect careful with those of you in social media.