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By | April 3, 2016

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Two Square signs like Leo and Scorpio can make a good match, but a really challenging one. I mean, a Square in astrology that's a hard aspect, one that brings a lot of tension and conflict with it. And Leo and Scorpio are both Fixed signs, so they're both very stubborn. And considering Leo's flair for drama when it comes to expressing their feelings, plus Scorpio's a Water sign, so very deep, intense emotions and this sign tends to lash out with that Scorpion's tail when it's feeling hurt or betrayed well, the fights.

Between these two can be epic. SO if these two signs are to stay together longterm, they'd both better have a taste for drama, or for kissing and making up after one major blowout after another. The most famous LeoScorpio couple I can think of are the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, and I don't think there's a more perfect example of the strengths and challenges of this connection. I mean, they've been married forever, and I'm sure they'll stay together till the end there's that Fixed sign commitment and devotion for you. But we all know about.

Bill's cheating ways, and poor Hillary she's just been cast as this frumpy, unattractive wife with an allstar cheating husband, and she just puts up with his philandering for some reason. But I don't believe it I don't think she's a victim here at all. I think she's much more calculated than that. I mean, she's a Scorpio, after all. She always has a plan! And even when Bill does things that go against or outside her plan I'm guessing she has a contingency plan waiting in the wings, because that's just how Scorpios are.

Who Should Pick Up The Check On A First Date Microships Elite Daily

First dates are really interesting to me. It's like two people quizzing each other or testing each other but instead of getting a grade you get sex. I mean and potentially a lifetime full of love and happiness, but probably maybe sex. I'm gonna leave this right here and no rush. I hate when waiters do that. Who says no rush and doesn't mean actually rushing. Aren't we supposed to ask for the bill. Yes. I love asking for the check. It's one of my favorite things.

It's clich and the world needs to embrace clichs. That's really deep. Let me pay. Okay What What're you talking about I asked you out. Man always pays on the first date. No. No. Come on. I hate it that guys think they need to pay for dinner. Like what're you a struggling blogger. Struggling screenwriter. That's is the same thing. What Are you going to feel emasculated if you don't pay Uhh no. Ok. I make more than you. It's my treat.

Come on. You don't make more than me. I make 90k a year plus bonus. Investment banking sucks, but it pays well. Do you think that JayZ lets Beyonce pay for dinner I would hope so every once in a while. It's 2015. We might have a female president soon. We can at least split right This goes against everything I learned from Will Smith in Hitch, but alright yeah sure ok. Good So split it. Oh shit. Shit. The good old forgot your wallet move.

Shit. Uhh no. Well I no. I actually just got this new card wallet. I got a new card wallet. It's like a really thin little wallet that just holds your credit cards. It's really cool and trendy. I saw it in GQ France. GQ France edition. But it's thin. It's really thin so you don't necessarily know if you have it or not. So every time before I leave the house I do this thing. I do a pat down to make sure I have my keys, my wallet, and my phone.

How Bonobos Is Disrupting The Mens Fashion Industry Disruptive Elite Daily

So when customers first hear about the model they say, Wait a second, there's a store where I can't buy anything Music So I'm Erin Ersenkal, VP of Guide Shops and planning at Bonobos. So I think what's so disruptive and revolutionary about this concept is you got a retail store that's not your typical retail store. We carry one of everything you got on your website. So it's really a physical representation of our website. This really hasn't been done before. Music The early on as an online only business, we had many customers.

Coming to us and asking us to try on the clothes in person. Pretty soon we realized listen we got something here, lets set up some dressing rooms in our headquarters and see if we can make a bigger deal out of this. Hi, how are you I'm Jewlz. Welcome to Bonobos. So most guys hate to shop. So what we've done, we've said hey you know what, lets make it better, lets make it all about you and make it easy, hassle free, and pair you up with one of our guides.

Your chinos are slim. We've got straight legged, slim, and tailored in our cuts. This is in the middle. I think its perfect for you. We'll spend anywhere from a half hour to an hour really working with that customer to figure out what works best for you. And then at the end of it we'll place an order online and it will be delivered to you in one to two business days. It's free shipping both ways. It's a oneonone experience where you've got full access to all of the sizes and styles that we've got on the website.

And then you can walk out of here hands free and they have one of the best customer experiences they've ever had in their life. And they come back. And we keep getting note after note after note from customers telling us its one of the best shopping experiences they've ever had. We're also able to offer that customer a size range that couldn't happen in a physical location if it weren't for this model. So, the guide shops have been really successful for Bonobos. So, we're taking that and applying it to our women's brand Ayr, AYR.

We think that it's going to be great for women as well. We're at 17 locations right now, we'll be at 20 by the end of the year. And to see the growth coming from a 450 square foot test to now 4,000 square foot store on 17th and 5th avenue we're really at main and main when it comes to retail in the United States. I think its just a great testament that this model is here to stay and we are continuing to learn every single day how to make that experience for the customer better.

How Girls Who Code Is Bridging The Gender Gap In Tech Disruptive Elite Daily

We've inspired a movement. Of young girls who are saying I want to do this, I want to change the world. And learn how to code. Hi, I'm Reshma Suajuani. I am the Founder and CEO of GirlsWhoCode When I go speak to a room full of girls I'll say how many of you have ever said, I hate math. Every hand is raised. And we would never say that if the question was, have you ever said I hate to read. I really believe this is the most important domestic issue of our countries time.

Girls Who Code is disruptive because we're really changing the face of the future of tech. We're educating these young woman to take leadership positions and engineering positions in these companies where woman voices currently aren't heard. I'm a sophomore at Columbia University and am now a TA at Girls Who Code. It's because of Girls WhoCode that made me decide to major in Computer Science. Talking to so many different speakers and going on field trips is what really made me realize that everything you do is involved some way, shape or form with computer science.

Here we have, for I in range five. print girls who code rocks. I think the fact that we don't have woman innovating and creating the next Facebook or the next Instagram or the next Pinterest is a problem. I am not joking when I say our mission is world domination. My name is Sophie Wallgren. And I am 17 years old. If I don't see a woman who is in technology, how do I know I can be that woman in technology I really needed those types of role models and that's what I am getting all the time.

At Girls Who Code. I didn't think I'd be able to teach girls things but here I am today and I am explaining oh ok so this is what's wrong in your code. I'm surprised by myself and as the years go by I think I'll notice the impact that Girls Who Code has had on me even more. I think in the next 5 to 10 years when our girls are actually in industry we're going to see big changes in the products and the culture of the tech industry.

Why AIM Was The Best Social Media Ever Gen whY Elite Daily

I took my away messages very seriously. I once made an away message I'm hot, wet, and steamyI'm in the shower. My first screenname was xohottybiscottiox. My first screenname was weirdalfan007. My first screenname was joemud22. I'd figure like Joe Dirt but I'm Joe Mud and I was the only one who thought it was funny. Another screenname I had was Nicholas10312 which is my zip code. It's amazing no one threw me in the back of a van, what hurts the most was that nobody wanted to. I remember when people would leave you'd just hear the door slam sound and so its just constantly all day trying to talk to people phew.

Trying to talk to people phew phew just girls slamming doors in your face all day. Sometimes you would put up your away message and you would pretend like you weren't there but you were, you were just creeping around to see who would message you while you were gone. I'm not ashamed to admit to you that I have changed my away message more than I've changed my underwear. I think it was cooler because you could see when people were online. Now everyone's always online. I think AIM, there was no profile, like my parents couldn't go on my AIM and figure out what I'm doing for the last five years.

DILF Disney Characters Id Like to Fck Gen whY l Elite Daily

I would go lesbian for Ariel because you know red heads are like fiesty. I've always been in love with Jasmine. She's rich, she's banging and she has a tiger. I always had a crush on Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. But, I was thinking today, I wonder if it was because she had a DUFF. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I've always had a girl crush on Belle. Just Jasmine. She's smoking hot. She got a nice Mediterranean complexion. Disney characters I'd like to fck. Number one the Cheshire Cat, from Alice In Wonderland.

Ariel from the Little Mermaid was hot too. I would have done breathing exercises for a year just so I could hold my breath long enough to bang her in the Pacific Ocean. Basically it would be me, her, a magic carpet ride and I'm just talking about cunnilingus. I would definitely have sex with both Eric and Ariel from the Little Mermaid if I could. And I would do it under water I would fck Jasmine right now. Ok, number one has to be Pocahontas because I know you guys see how flexible she is.

I haven't met anyone that looks like Jasmine. No ones going to look that perfect in real life, ever. I've seen plenty of girls that look like Jasmine. I live in LA. I've met guys that look like Prince Charming, and they always end up being gay. I don't want to see Snow White getting gang banged by the seven dwarves, it's going to ruin that movie for me. And I like that movie. Cheshire Cat would just be nice, and be understanding. If you gave it a good fck. Fck that Cheshire Cat.

Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

So Capricorn and Aquarius are right next to each other in the Zodiac, which gives them a good dose of sexual chemistry, because that's always the way with two signs like this, that come one right after the other. Now, these two particular signs are kind of an interesting combination in a love affair. They're both ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of duty, responsibility, maturity, obligation. Both signs are really made for a longterm commitment, when it comes to love. So there's a really serious tone to this connection. Oh, my cousin,.

Sandy, she's a Capricorn, she had this Aquarius boyfriend for a long time I can't actually remember his name! Let's call him Ted. Sandy and Ted. Okay, so she was always a pretty serious person, you know, she always knew what she wanted to do when she grew up, and she was a business major in college, that kind of thing. She worked as an intern at this big company and worked her way up through middle management, that kind of thing just very Capricornian. So Ted, he was an Aquarian, and usually I think Aquarians are kind of,.

You know, they like having fun, they love mingling with the people but when a Capricorn and an Aquarius are together, they're really just so serious together! They commit to each other pretty fast, because they're both kind of built for commitment in a relationship. And Sandy and Ted, they actually worked out pretty well in lots of ways Aquarius needs lots of independence and alone time, and Capricorn is really hardworking and tends to stay pretty busy, so neither one faulted the other for how much time they spent working. They were.

Definitely not the most romantic couple around, and I think in the end, that's kind of what broke them up. I mean, there's a lot of glue there between these two signs like I said, they're both very loyal, and comfortable with a longterm, monogamous relationship but in the end, their connection is just a little bit cold, and it's ultimately more about obligation or responsibility than true romance. And romance is the sweet stuff! I mean, that's really a necessary component of a love affair, don't you think So yeah, Sandy and Ted ended up.

Breaking it off after quite a few years together. I think they hit that point where it was either get married and have kids, or go their separate ways. And I remember Sandy talking to me about it, she was very sort of systematic and logical about whether or not to stay with him but in the end, she really did want to be with someone who was a little warmer, you know, a little more passionate and romantic. So she ended it. I always thought she did the right thing. Ted was fascinating, and he definitely respected her, but there just.

Why Who Is This Is The Most Insulting Text Ever Gen whY l Elite Daily

Getting the Who is this text is obviously annoying because it means they didn't think you were cool enough to actually type your name into their phone. I get hit with the who is this text message all the time because i think a lot of people are trying to avoid me. I've definitely gotten the who is this text but I don't think I've gotten it because someone didnt actually know who I was. It was because they were just mad at me. My exboyfriend just hit me up with the who is this text.

I'm sorry but if you're trying that hard to pretend to be over me I probably just interrupted you from smelling one of my old hairbrushes When somebody sends me the who is this text I love to mess with them a little bit. We met at the bar 6 weeks ago, you got me pregnant and it's yours. The best way to respond to a who is this text is to send a picture of your private parts directly to that person right away If you hit me with the who is this text I'm going to play with you a little.

This is god. just want to let you know.I'll see you soon It's embarrassing to tell somebody you don't know who it is Truth is, I got a new attitude, and my new attitude doesn't fck with you. Oh yeah. I've definitely hit someone with the who is this text And it's the worst when they start to give you all these clues And you still can't guess by the 5th one, then it ends up being your mom. I don't believe the I got a new phone because you can connect to your cloud,.

Whatever that is. Walk into your house and it downloads everything from your old phone. So unless you got a 1999 flip phone, I don't believe you. So unless somebody took your phone threw it into the water, hacked into your icloud account and deleted all your information, that is not a valid excuse. I use the I got a new phone excuse like the race card, I never want to, but it's good to get out of bad situations. If anybody ever texts you and says who is this Just give up, they don't care about you.

We Got Married Season 4 4 Jong Hyun Seung Yeons Awkward First Meal Ep 263

LtigtThey finally arrive at a restaurant.ltigt I will enjoy the food. We got here right during lunch time. Did you get some sleep last night No, I couldn't. How about you I wanted to sleep early and went to bed at 11, but I feel asleep at like two or three. I went to my bed at eleven as well, but I couldn't get some sleep, so my lips are all. Are you wearing contacts No, these are my eyes. Your eye color is.ltbrgt Yeah, mine's light brown as well. This is my first time seeing someone with this color.

This is also my first time seeing a man with this eye color. You have beautiful eyes. You are beautiful , you have beautiful eyes , I fell in love with you. ltigtThere's someone else other than Song Jae Rim for romantic comments!ltigt I'm sorry, I usually can't hold back what I think. Wow, he really has his way. Jong Hyun must have really liked her. Are you checking the time No, it's all right. We still have lots of time. Eight minutes have passed I can just turn it off if it goes off.

I can just turn it off.ltbrgt Thank you. What's your favorite thing I really like dogs. Do you have any pet Yeah, the world's cutest dogs. Two of themltbrgt Me too. How old are theyltbrgt Three, and one. Mines are still one year old. Maybe ten months.ltbrgtOh, so they are new to you. Yes. What kind of dogs are they a White Pomeranian, and a Silver Poodle. Mine's a White Pomeranian and a poodle as well. I was really surprised. We even had the same kind of dogs. We had another thing in common.

We have similar eyes, and we have things in common with having dogs. It was fun to find those common things. What's your favorite food I really have an unbalanced diet. Since I started living by myself since I was young, I have this habit of not eating things I don't like. Which kind do you not likeltbrgt Oyster. But you are from the coast side.ltbrgt Sea slug, sea squirt. Many people tend to think that people from the coast side all like seafood. I like other seafood, but I don't like those slimy things.

Oyster's really good though.ltbrgt You like them All right, then, I'll try. I'll have some oyster. There's one wish that my wife wouldn't enjoy eating chicken feet. I really can't eat those. They are scary. Do you.by any chance. like chicken feet Yes, I do. Why are you laughing Because I like them too. ltigtThey have a totally different taste.ltigt Do you. by any chance, like chitterlings Yeah. ltigtHis world is collapsingltigt My favorite food is chitterlings. I'll try them on my way back home. I know this great place. I'll take you later.

We Got Married Season 4 4 Chef Henrys First Dish for Ye Won! Ep 263

There are too many. Hey this apple's gone bad. No, it's not. No, look!ltbrgt I mean, touch this. It's squeashy. You know, those food decorations This is meant for putting up on this counter. They are bad!ltbrgt No, they aren't! Gosh. I got an idea. I'll cook something simple with eggs. I need eggs, milk.ltbrgt Milk! Bowl. I need a bowl. You mean this Cheek in Korean sounds like bowl I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was trying to make this awkward situation better. Were you surprisedltbrgt Bowl, cheek, yeah. ltigtChef Henry's fancy skillsltigt.

Did you learn this as somewhere No, since I cooked for a long time. Being able to do this means that you are a great chef. Turn around that valve.ltbrgt Oh, right, gas. Gas. Gas. You know, I'm just trying to mend this awkward situation. ltigtHe begins his cooking showltigt Wow, you are really good. ltigtSkillfulltigt You just put two eggs there ltbrgtTwo eggs and some milk. I should put one more. ltigtAdding extra eggltigt Hey, where are you putting that in Oh, wait, wait. ltigtHenry added an egg to another bowl with eggshellsltigt.

You must have been nervous. I don't usually make this kind of mistake. Whatever. I was like what is he doing It was confusing. I was really nervous, and so I made that mistake. I must be stupid. I don't know why that happened. I think it's less awkward now. After I've done that Look, this one is amazing. Amazingltbrgt Yeah, I'll show you something. ltigtMy fancy omeletltigt Wow, he's great. ltigtPutting all his effortltigt Wow, you are good. It doesn't look pretty. I screwed it. Why It looks fine. I'll make you another one.

Since Ye Won doesn't know much about omelets, it's all right for him to just. It looks like this, but. It looks great. I can't even make this one. You've done a great job.ltbrgt Really All done What's the name of this dishltbrgt Omelet. Oh, omelet. Next time, I'll cook you another one. I can do it much better. How does it taste likeltbrgt It's delicious. He was cute. It was just a plain omelet. But I wanted to compliment him so much. I wanted him to know that I was being sincere.

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