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By | October 15, 2016

Craig: Glenda,hi, welcome to the InsideConnection. Glenda: Hi Craig: It’s nice to have you here. Glenda: Thank you. Craig: First of all, you’re a Gemini and you have Gemini rising makes you very social,talkative you like to read, you like to talk, you like to hang out with people, and it makesthe ruler of your chart mercury which is the mind you have mercury in Taurus. so you reallyfind for Gemini loyalty is very important to you, you are very loyal and wanna makesure that people around you are very loyal. Your chart says that you have a lot of friends,they could be girls they could be guys, it’s

something that, you know, you feel actually,really good about, not just a lot of friends but that they’re important to you becauseyou’re the one who, you know, facilitates friendship goes out there makes things happen. Glenda A lot of my friends have met my otherfriends and they’ve met each other and became their friends Craig: Ohhh, right, because as a Gemini you’re also a connector you are automaticallyable to tell people what it is that they have in common.Glenda: True Craig: How about this part of yourselfwhere, you know, you wanna have a little attention

put on yourself. Do you feel like you’ve gotthe attention you’re looking for? Glenda: If I go somewhere with my friendsit just happens that before you know it people are just talking to me but it is not becauseI am doing anything different. Craig: Yes, I know. you’re helpless toyour own charm and charisma.quot; Glenda: I am just being myself *laughter. Craig: It is because the moon is. It’s the ruler of your house of money and you havethe moon in Leo, so as like Leo is the lion, right, so this. you know you just noticeda lion right?. Glenda: Right, yeah. Craig: Okay so since you’ve got your moon

there and it’s a part of your femininity you’renoticed because even though you might say like okay, there’s a lion and the lion doesn’tsay well, I wanna be notice but you kinda notice it because the energy is so big.Glenda: Right, Okay. Craig: When you connect with that, whenyou understand that when you’re able to say like oh wow, it’s called an archetype or asymbol. When you’re able to say wow, okay I’m in Gemini and I understand the Geminilike the writer the reader. But a part of you is like the lion and when you own her,when you own her that’s when your career and you money and everything takes off.Glenda: Interesting. OK, that’s good to know.

Craig: So, relationship are you in one?Glenda: No, I wish! Craig: Yare right at a place where youcould meet somebody if you wanted to, you open up to it right now, you could definitelymeat someone . Glenda: I hope so, cuz it’s time! Craig: Well you know when you are attracted to men from a different, like background.Glenda I am starting to be, I am not sure why. That’s so interesting that you bringthat up. Craig: Yeah, because I see it in yourchart and you’re certainly become aware that you’re interested maybe in a spiritual personmaybe your person is either from a different

country or their back ground is from a differentcountry. Glenda: Right. Craig: So, knowing somebody that. that is different from you, that has a differentbackground because there is something for you to really learn there about culture and.sort of the philosophy of life? Glenda: Last Sunday I was hook up with friendsand went out for brunch and that was my topic that I would like to meet someone from a differentbackground. Craig: Well, you see then you are rightin the energy of your chart, which is really good. When we read someone’s chart and theysay over and over again, quot;wow that’s really

Gemini Predictions April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 Career Finance Money

Hello My Dear Gemini friends. This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria WithMy Special Readings for you for the Career Finance and Money for the Months of April,May and June 2014. The general environment is quite favorable whether you are in job or business or self employed. However, this just not means that there shallbe smooth sailing throughout these three months. You will have to focus on your goals, makea proper strategy and put all your energies on your work.

This is the only way to ensure regular progress. Of course, you should review your performanceperiodically and adjust your goals realistically. Another piece of advice would be to keep yourtemper in check. Whatever be the reason or situation trying to provoke you, you shouldstay cool. If you have recently been offered a new jobthen grab it with both the hands. If you are still looking for a job then thereshall be good opportunities, therefore, be hopeful and keep trying. However this is not right time to start anew business venture.

This is a general reading based on your zodiacSun Sign. To get a more specific and personal readingof your Job, Business, Career, Money and Finance, I suggest that you to contact us through email or telephone on the numbers given below. Also Visit our website With these words, I wish you a lot of prosperityand abundance in the months to come!.