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By | June 22, 2016

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card All About the Devil, Tower Star Tarot Cards

Hi, welcome back to learning how to use the Tarot Cards, and we have three more Major Arcana cards that we need to learn about. Yes we do. Cool. Now, the card I'm going to start off with, I hope you're all sitting down, if you're on the computer you are, is the Devil. Ah, I know, take it easy, its okay, everyone looks at the Devil going Ah, and this is where the feeling with Tarot that it's the Occult, it's of the Devil and it's all negative and it's not. The Devil is making you look at your own demons. Making you look.

At yourself. And this is a card that I'm definitely going to read from the book about. It's time to confront your demons. Hell is our own creation. We do, we create our own Hell. We can not move forward in our lives without facing that which torments us. That can be negative emotions such as anger, such as fear, such as resentment, vengeance, jealousy. These are all demons, negative emotions which most of us have and actually we all have because we're human, but these are emotions that you can look at in relation to whomever you are dealing with,.

And heal yourself so that you can move forward. The Devil is a great card because it reminds you to look at yourself and look at the fear, look at the Hell that you're creating for yourself. It's a time for healing really, that's what it means. Okay, the next card is the Tower, and this is a pretty interesting card because everyone thinks, how great is that I'm going to be up on a tower. What it's telling you is that if you have a lot of material success in your life don't get smug and don't get compliant. Complacency is not a good thing.

Because sometimes people can ride high on their material successes that they have and feel very confident about it and that happens a lot when we look at history stock market crashes and things like that, I'm very wealthy. Well whatever you can have canned also crumble and that's what the Tower is, it can fall. Treasure everything you have, it's as fragile as a house of cards. It really is, so treasure it and don't be smug about it share your wealth, whatever you have. It's a check about where you are in life and am I happy with.

Who I am and am I okay with all that I have. And remember, true abundance comes from within and if you have a lot of material wealth it's always good to, it's kind of reminding you to share it all because when you give out you get more back, it's just the way the universe works. Okay, and now we're going to look at the Star. The Star means go for it. Reach for the stars, go for it, and look for the stars. And I'm going to read to you a little.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card All About the Empress Tarot Card

Hi, welcome back to arts and crafts and everything fun. I'm here with Marybeth Murphy and she's teaching us how to use the tarot cards. Next she's going to teach us about three more Arcana cards. These are the major Arcana cards and as I'm going through each of these Arcana cards I am using the book that comes with the cards so you can feel free to utilize that. Some people don't want to use the book but it's okay, because you're going to get a deeper meaning from the cards each time you use them, and eventually you won't have.

To use the book anymore but I've been using these cards for what, close to ten years and I still go back to the book now and again because sometimes I need a refresher on what the card means or I'm just feeling guided to do so. So be aware that your intuition is going to play a big part in this. Here we're going to look at the empress, and the empress is basically balance. It is how you'll meet your success, and what it says is in a true victory both sides will win, and so you're going to consider all sides when you.

Are on your road to success or whatever it is. It's that one will not be successful over the cost of another. The emperor is the opposite basically real, true masculine power and strength, and competitiveness. It's looking at the fact that there's one winner and one loser, and that's the way it is. It's kind of like, how competitive are you, and are you going to hit people up on your climb to the top or not. Again I'm giving you a very literal sense and these cards are developed over a long period of time so be aware of that. The next.

Card is the hierophant or the pope if you will, and that's really dealing with spiritual authority and awareness. I'll read to you a spiritual guidance and authority, a tradition instructor may be necessary at times to bring order from chaos. This card may also signify a serious change in relationships possibly. Be aware that it's really looking at spiritual guidance and awareness, and this is the pope card. So what's coming up next, Marybeth I'm going to be dealing with three more of the major Arcana cards. Three more of the.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card All About the Hanged Man Tarot Card

I, welcome back. I'm so excited to have Marybeth Murphy, our spiritual coach, here teaching us more about the Major Arcana cards. Okay, so now we're going to talk about the Hanged Man. I know, it's sounds horrible doesn't it, but he's not, he's cool, he's just hanging around, right, look at him, he's upside down, he's just hanging and he's hanging and the reason he's hanging is because he doesn't have to worry about too much. We always wonder if something happens wrong to us we're very so consumed about getting the other person.

Back or something like that, which, we are human, that's what happens. But the Hanged Man, it's basically saying, and I'm going to read to you a little bit from the book, it says Trust that all will get what they deserve. Sacrifices may be necessary and not all battles will be won. Some are not worth fighting and are better left off for gone. Self control may be necessary. So, sometimes we always wonder why things happen in life, but remember when one door closes another one opens. You don't have to worry about getting.

Back at somebody or making sure everything is fair and equal. The universe has a way of taking care of that and that's what The Hanged Man is around to remind us of. The next one is Temperance, and Temperance means just that, is that everything in balance. Everything in equal, equilibrium. Everything in moderation, you know they always say with diets the best thing to do is have whatever you want but just eat in moderation, don't binge on the chocolate and all that other stuff, but that's pretty much what its saying.

Have what you want in life but temper it, temper it with balance. I'll read to you a little bit from the book, it says Moderation in all things. Having achieved many material and spiritual goals, knows a time of equilibrium. Appreciation of simple pleasures. Any sense of balance. Okay and the final card right now is Death. Now everyone gets so upset with the Death card, and that's the thing about Tarot, is that it's basically misunderstood on a lot of levels, it's like dark and of the Occult and all this horrible stuff and.

It's not. Basically these cards are so old and they've been handed down for thousands of years, so and you can see in these particular cards very Renaissancey. So Death is made to look at something, and she is, she's a woman who is at her deaths door and she's pale and ghostly like. Basically what's telling you is that, do you have any regrets. If you were to die tomorrow, are you going to be happy with your life, are you going to look back and regret thing that you did or did not do. So that's what Death is telling you,.

How to Read Tarot Cards Cards Five Six in Celtic Cross Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and I'm with expertvillage. Now we are going into numbers 5 and 6 of the Celtic cross and what there positions mean. Position 5 is your recent past in this case it is the lovers card. Your recent past being the foundation for the next card which is your number 6 card the two of staff of somebody who is in control of there environment. Once again you have number 5 position being underneath your 1st position and that is your recent past and then you have number 6 position which is front of your.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card All About the Hermit Tarot Card

Hi, we're back here with Marybeth Murphy, learning how to use the Tarot Cards, and of course now we're going to learn three more of the Major Arcana cards. Right, we're moving through. The next card I have is the Hermit, and the Hermit pretty much means, it doesn't mean that you're never going to meet anybody, and you have no friends. It just means going within. Sometimes, in our very crazy world that we live in, we are always running around taking care of other people, and taking care of others needs, and we don't take time out.

For ourselves. So, what this card is basically telling you is to go within. Go away for awhile, whether it be a vacation or a retreat, or just take a day for yourself and go walk in the woods, and don't stay too long, don't become a hermit, don't stay too long, but going within find out what you need to find out about your life, where you're going, what you need to discover, whether dealing with a particular situation or something else in your life, and come out with the right information. So, that's the Hermit Card. The next card.

Is the Wheel of Fortune. Yeah, and I'm not talking about the game show. But, it is, I mean, everything comes from something, so I'm going to read to you a little bit about the book, but the Wheel of Fortune is pretty much, what comes around goes around, it's the wheel, it's always changing, it's always going, it's never stopping. So, and basically what this says is what you lose on the swing you'll gain on the roundabout. Life always sends us challenges and trials to overcome. You can't have good without bad, or light.

Without darkness. That's pretty much what it tells you, and do not dwell on the misfortune, in fact think of it, I always say we don't like the gift wrapping, but there's always a gift, and sometimes it's something that can show up in your life that's very negative, is usually your biggest opportunity to learn and grow about yourself and there's a gift in there, if you really try to find it. I know it's challenging, but that's what it is, it's life. It's not a dress rehearsal, it's only one shot. It's true. So, sometimes.

When you have misfortune in your life think about it, maybe this card can help. Wheel of Fortune, that it's going to change, you're not going to stay in misfortune forever. And, the final card here is Strength, and it pretty much deals with, kind of like with the Wheel of Fortune, it's strength, it's your inner strength. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger, and we all have a good source of inner strength. Sometimes we lose it because of life's challenges, but remember the only person that can fix something, is yourself.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Death Tarot Card

Hi. I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. I'll be talking about the next card which is the death card. As you can see there is a skeleton in this card which shows that everything is very dissatisfactory. You just don't know what to do now next. This relationship has never showed any kind of happiness, or any kind of smile. But then at the same time, the sun is rising. So that means there can be another relationship coming back into your life. If you have been in a past relationship, that relationship comes back or there is another.

How to Read Tarot Cards Major Arcana in Tarot Cards

Hi I'm Suzanne Diamond I'm a psychic and representing expertvillage. In this segment we go into the major arcana, what it is verses the minor arcana. What are going to go into the first ten major arcana. The major arcana is important and when you see major arcana in more particularly when you see a number of major arcana in your reading it is like a sign to you to pay attention to what is going to happen in your reading. Whether you are reading two weeks into the future or you are reading two months into the future because the major arcana encompass.

Everything that each of the minor arcana represents that being your emotion, your material aspects of your light, the battles that you might have the world and the your spiritually all of those in a nut shell. All the major arcana represents and now we would go into the first ten major arcana's. Your first card which starts off as you notice on zero is the fool it has to do with exuberance, starting off on a journey, general youth. Your second card which is number one is the magician card has to do traditionally with as above so below.

Your second high priestess has to do with intellectual matters. The empress which has to do with all aspects of motherhood, mother earth, and motherhood in general. The emperor card which has to do with ruling and dominance. The hierophant card which has do with religious interchangings. Your six card is the lovers card traditionally having to do with relationships in particularly love relationship and everything that encompasses. Then we have the chariot card which has to do with just that it is movement card. Moving from one aspects of your reading to the other in which ever speed generally fast. Then we have the star card.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card All About the Lovers Tarot Cards

Hi, welcome back. I don't know about you, but I am ready to learn more about the Major Arcana cards. Okay, and we're dealing with three more, as I said there are 22 in total. So, right now we're going to be talking about The Lovers, guess what that's focusing on And yes, as someone said before, they're naked , because these are, as you can tell, very renaissance pictures and they did depict naked people during that time. But it's dealing with relationships and everything that involves relationships. I'll read a little bit to you.

From the book, It's fulfillment through a relationship, love of one creates passion for others, and it's material happiness and security through a relationship. So that's the lovers. The next is the Chariot. Now, if you look, she is leading a chariot, and that's what that's about, is being leader. Horses will only go where the reigns take them, and basically it's being a leader for your group, with the love and respect you should be giving a group when you are leading. I'll read that a little bit to you Horses.

Will only follow the reigns if they want to, leadership of a team, collaboration and compromise. A victory obtained by working with others, not against them. So it's working with everybody involved. So again, it can go with a business sense or something else too, sometimes family issues come up in this card. The last card we're going to talk about in this segment is Justice. And someone mentioned Justice looked very boring but, oh this is Justice, I apologize. Justice is not supposed appear very excited, but it's really dealing with.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Lovers Tarot Card

Hi, I'm Anubha Gupta, on behalf of Expert Village, I'll be talking about the next card, which is the Lovers card. As this card says that there is only love, there is only emotions. If it si coming for your marriage relationship, you are very commited to that person, but then there has to be somebody interfering and trying to ruin your relationship, so you have to be very careful once this card is coming. And if you are not married that means there has to be somebody entering into your life and that person will be a soulmate. As.

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card What are the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

So, now we learned about the Minor Arcana cards. Now it's time to learn about the Major Arcana cards. Right, and there are 22 Major Arcana cards in total. If you look at the top of each card, in this particular deck they are numbered, and it begins with zero, and each one of them will have a number on top. So, again, this is in this deck, it might change from deck to deck, pretty much not because they're pretty set on what the Major Arcana are in each deck. We'll just focus on three of them right now. The first card.

Is call the Fool, and it's really, it's being foolish, and its really not looking at what's in front of your face. Sometimes, if you notice the picture on here as well, is that the dog down here is trying to get his attention and he's just looking off into oblivion, not paying attention, he's being very foolish, the dog could represent something pretty important in someone's life about the attention that needs to be paid attention to. So, the pictures will tell the story too of what the card is, and that's not only in the Major Arcana, it's.

Also in the Minor Arcana. The next card is the Magician, and knowledge is power. If you look at him he's got all the elements around him of what he's trying to conjure, if you will, but it's basically knowledge is power. Now, the book that comes with the deck, gives a written meaning of each card. So, in this particular case I'll read it. It says knowledge is power and empowerment through the understanding of our own abilities and the world around us. Intelligence and initiative , and that is the Magician. The next card is called the.

High Priestess, and basically she looks very, very regal. The High Priestess is a Queen but it is really your own female intuition. It's dealing with the ultimate female of knowledge. Most females in todays societies are credited with a lot of intuition and that's pretty much what the High Priestess is. It talks about female intuition, spiritual awareness, and acceptance of life's mysteries and that is what female intuition is, really. So, those are the beginning of the Major Arcana and we'll look at the other cards in just a moment.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Magician Tarot Card

Hi, I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village, I'll be talking about the next card which is the Magician card. As you can see an infinity sign which shows that there is infinite relationships in this persons life. Everything is on his disposal, everything is around him, so financially he has to be very secure, so you are going to get into a relationship with someone who is very secure and very satisfied in his life. This person will value you, he will respect you, but he'll be very practical. For him work is priority and then comes relationships.

Guide to Reading Tarot Cards The Hermit Tarot Card

Hi. I'm Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. Now I will be talking about the Hermit card. As you can see there is an old man. This person is not very happy he's at all satisfied from his life. That means that your relationship is getting into problems, you are not happy with it. There has to be some kind of lovehate relationship that is because of the snake. You like this person, you love this person a lot but at the same time you're very insecure with that person because you don't see that kind of commitment from his side. As was as.

There is a lamp which shows that you are planning to get into more relationships, you are planning to enter into more things. So if you are talking about your spouse or any person that you love, that person, if he has this kind of character sketch, I'll say that you shouldn't get into this kind of relationship because it doesn't head anywhere. But at the same time, if you are talking about just the relationship, that means that there can be some kind of isolation that you get into. So you better be very cautious when this card is out.

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