Free Tarot Reading Love 2014

By | November 12, 2016

YEARLY FORECAST Angel Card and Tarot Reading Forecast for 2014 by Renee at Angelic Creations UK

Hello and welcome to Angelic Creations This is your yearly forecast with me Renee at Angelic Creations. Today I’ll be using the Gilded Tarot just there, and also the Doreen Virtue Healing With The Angels cards, just there. Okay so as you can see I’ve laid out the 12 cards around the candle indicating from the top, that’s January,.

And going all the way around through the year back to the end of the year, which is December there. On the left of the screen you have the Healing with The Angel cards, because the tarot cards are gonna symbolize to us the situation that’s going on in your life each month and then the hearing with the angel cause I’m gonna show you which angel it can help you through that situation and just you with whatever is going on there we have one angel cut here from the original angel cards that by.

Just checked it happy Tyler enjoy Drake which really really cute thank you cards with one word on the some contend that whenever first because that one is gonna be your overriding beam for the year let go ahead and do that no angel help keep it issue team for the year all uppity it trust Nico the angel.

Trust gonna help you all year long and interesting cuz it got a little unicorn their a and I’ll tell you the story about that later at the and and that quite significant because the what happened to my mail today and you’ll see what I mean later but the whole beam at this year’s to sort of just try everything find okay so let’s look at generally what is cannery.

Praying for you here oh wow okay so we’ve got three stored there which is very interesting because i three you so it can be a card stress so there’s a lot of mental stress going on there I and this is probably as christmases OVA the holiday season is over the fantastic celebrations have lifted it up joyfully and now back to reality that January and there is a statistic that says them.

The wanna be and most depressing days in the year is in January and it’s because I’ve all that nation has suddenly I’m 10 and and you having to deal with all those building need to pay maybe you overspend over Christmas and that the bid stressed a bit ahead stress there and in the way now let’s have a look at your angel card and remember that this is just too many readings I am.

Speeding through the card if you do you want a more indepth reading there are other options please the cotton candy creations website details will come below the screen and that this is just a taster what we do what I did okay but the to help P now beautiful angel contact to help you with your January it Angel Cotto on prayer not.